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11. Jade's date

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Jade's POV
Damn it! I can't believe I woke up late. Edith forgot to wake me up! Damn her! I threw on anything I found. I just put on some black leggings that are probably Edith's for her Modern class and a Christmas over-sized sweater and Edith's violet converse. I don't match at all. It's awkward to wear a christmas sweater when it's almost Halloween. I didn't even do my hair! I look like a mess. 

I was walking to my locker when I noticed for just a second, someone had just left the hallway and turned right at the end of it. I didn't mind it much. When I opened my locker, a note fell. I picked it up and it had Mickey's name on it with a cell phone number. Was it Mickey the one that just put this in my locker? If so, that's so cute! I have to go look for him during passing period to ask him If it was him. 

It was time to go to nutrition and I was looking for Mickey. I found him talking to Gerard. 
"hey Mickey!"
"oh hey Jade, you've met my brother Gerard right?"
"yeah, hey Gerard."
"please, call me Gee."
We shook hands once again. He really is a gentlemen. 
"kk, Mickey can we talk?"
"sure, I'll see you in a while Gee."
"okay" he winked at Mickey. 
"don't do that! It's weird!" Mickey said annoyed. 

Mickey's POV
I wonder what she needs to talk to me about. I'm kinda nervous. We stopped in front of a water fountain. 
"what is it?" I said. 
"did you put this note in my locker?"
"oh, umm, no..what does it say?"
I took the paper from her and saw that it had my name and my cell phone number. It's obvious, it's Gee's writing. Prick. 
"oh, hahaha I'm sorry, my brother did that. He can be a little stupid sometimes."
"oh it's okay. Well, since I have your cell phone number now, can I text you?"
"sure anytime"
"kk. So I'll see you later today?"
"yeah..oh wait! Do you wanna hang out with us?"
"right now?"
"um, I rather not." she said and it made me confused. 
"why not?"
"cause my sister is there, and things will be awkward..."
"oh c'mon! It'll be fine."
I dragged her with me and took her to the tree. 

Jade's POV
Oh gosh, it's going to be so awkward. Edith and I find it awkward to be with our boyfriends cuddling in front of each other so we avoid that. In this case, she has a boyfriend. I hope she doesn't get mad.  As we were getting closer to the tree they hung out at, I saw Edith and Gerard being all cuddly and stuff. Eww...
"oh gosh" I said. 
"what's wrong?"
He said with a confused look. 
"you'll see."

Mickey's POV
When we got to the tree I said hi to the guys and was about to introduce them Jade, but then fell an immediate awkward silence, created by the two sisters. 
They just stared at each other and all of us just stared back and forth at them. Edith looked like she was about to create a cat fight. Jade just looked like she was saying "please dont be mad". None of us even dared to say something. Until Edith broke the silence 
"hi Jade."
"hi Edith"
"what are you doing here?"
"Mickey invited me to hang out with you guys today. I hope that's not a problem."
"not at all." and Edith backed away from Gee. Gee looked a bit awkward and confused. 
That scene i just saw, was creepy. They were staring at each other right in the eye, without emotion. Like robots. I'm sure the others thought the same. 
For the rest of nutrition, we all just laid on the grass. No talking, not even Gee and Edith talked or cuddled. All we heard was Emma and Frank laughing because they were tickling each other. It was very awkward. Edith looked a bit pissed off. All she did was play with the grass or just sometimes look at Gee and smile. I could hear Gee whisper to her what's wrong once in a while but all she did was shake her head with a faint smile and started playing with the grass again. Jade just, sat there. Staring blankly at the grass and sometimes looking around, as if she was looking for a way out. Ray and Bob left, they got bored. This nutrition was just awkward. 

Gerard's POV
Well, the bell rang and Edith got up quickly and just walked off. I hope I didn't do anything wrong. I ran to catch up to her, she was walking pretty fast. I caught up to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. 
"what's wrong sugar." 
She sighed. 
"oh nothing."
"then what was all that about?"
"it's just, ugh!" she stopped and turned around to hug me.
She looked up at me and I kissed her. We just stayed there kissing for like 5 minutes. We were already late for class. 
"you don't know how much I wanted to do that." she said braking the kiss to catch her breath. 
"and why didn't you do so?"
"cause my sister was there!"
"what about her?"
"its cause, we have this 'eww' feeling when one of us are with our boyfriend in front of each other. I find it weird and 'eww' when she's with her boyfriend and she finds it weird when I'm with my boyfriend. So that's why I was kinda pissed off."
"oohh...Hahahahahahaha" I laughed so hard, I think I snorted. 
"don't laugh Gee! It's not funny"
She slapped my arm. 
"oh Gosh, that's the funniest thing I have heard in my life!"
"oh shut up!"
"I'm just kidding babe, but that is weird and funny. But that's no reason for you To get pissed off."
I kissed her cheek and grabbed her hand. 
"yeah it is!"
"tell me why then.."
"cause...I wanted to cuddle with you so badly" she turned away blushing. 
"oh Pretty Girl, you make me laugh." I gave her one more kiss in the cheek and we both walked to trig class. 

Mickey's POV 
Why was Edith mad? This was really weird. 
"what was that?!" I asked Jade. She was still sitting on the ground so I helped her up. 
"thank you. It's because, we dont like being around each other when one of us has a boyfriend because we find it awkward and weird so thats why I didn't want to come, but..." she trailed off "...but i couldn't say no to you"
My heart jumped a little. 
"oh...well...if you would have explained to me, I wouldn't have brought you. We could have gone somewhere else."
"well, I didn't want to be rude and take you away from your friends."
"but I hang out with them everyday, its not everyday where I hang out with a pretty red-head like you." I turned to her and smiled. I can tell she was blushing. 
"well, thank you."
"your welcome. So I'll see you after school for coffee and tea for the lady?"
"sure. Bye Mickey." she waved goodbye and walked off. 
"bye Jade."  

Jades POV
Oh goodness, he called me pretty red head! This is like a dream come true! I would have never thought I would talk to him or he would flirt with me!! I can't wait to see him after school!


Last period ended and I tried to hurry up so I can meet Mickey at the front gate. That's where I always saw him. I was at my locker when I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and found Edith crying. 
"Eddie, what's wrong?!"
"oh Jade! Im sorry!"
She hugged me and sobbed on my shoulder. 
"why are you sorry?"
"cause I was being mean to you this morning! You can hang out with us anytime you want!"
She continued sobbing. 
"oh Eddie, don't cry for that! It's okay. It passed already." Eddie can be a little too emotional sometimes. 
"no! I was being a bitch and I shouldn't have! Let's brake that rule we have! It's stupid an annoying." she was referring to the awkward boyfriend moment one. 
"okay fine, are you sure? You're the one that created it."
"yes I'm sure! I don't care anymore!"
"okay then. Well, I have to go."
She was clinging to me too hard. I had to gently push her off. 
"let's walk together to the front gate yeah?" she said grinning with teary eyes. 
"sure." I smiled at her and we locked arms. 

When we got to the front gate, i saw Mickey(which made me jump a little from the inside) and Gerard. 
"well well, are the two sisters okay now?" Gerard said and took Eddie in his arms kissing her forehead. 
"yes, I guess." I grinned. 
"well, we have to go." Mickey said taking my hand. Oh gosh. 
"see you later Jade!!" I heard Eddie say and again, Gerard winked at Mickey. 
"DUDE!!" he said and Gee just laughed. 

Gerard's POV
"are they a couple?" I asked Eddie. We were walking towards Franks car.
"I think they are trying to be haha"
"they look cute together. They're both so mature looking. It's disgusting." 
That just made Eddie crack up. 
"oh god, yeah." she said. 

When we got to Frank's car, Emma and him were there already.   Are they like together? They've been together a lot lately. 
"sup hippo" Frank said lighting up a cigarette. 
"why do you call me hippo?" 
"I dont know"
I rolled my eyes and said hello to Emma. 
"hi Gee!" She was always so cheerful.
She greeted Eddie with a big hug and we all got in the car. 

When we got to Emma's and Eddie's, we all got out of the car. 
"I'll text you later sugar." we kissed and she smacked my ass. 
"what the fuck was that?!" I said blushing. 
"i dont know. I like your rear end." she laughed so hard and buried  her face in my chest. 
"what if I did the same to you huh?"
"I'd kick your ass!"
"I would like to see you try Pretty Girl!"
"you don't think i would? Fine, I dare you to slap my ass."
I hesitated for a few seconds. I don't think she'll do it so I lightly smacked her. 
She gasped 
"oh he'll no!"
And she kicked me in the balls. Thank god it wasn't to hard though. 
"fuck!" I said and fell to the ground. She got on me and she slapped me lightly and kissed me. 
"I told you i was gonna do it!" 
"ok, I believe you know."
She got off me and helped me up. 
"I'm scared of you now" I said
"you should be"
Frank an Emma were just laughing so hard Frank fell and brought Emma down with him. 
"I'm sorry Gee. Did it hurt that much?"
"no, but it did hurt."
"I won't do that again. I was just playing around, I won't kick your ass if you slap mine."
"okay, good to know."
She kissed me once more and left. 
Emma was still here and she got in the car. 
"you're not going Emma?" I asked. 
"no, Im gonna hang out with Frank for a while." Frank got in and said,
"wow dude, Eddie's hardcore."
"yeah i know. It's cute."
"of course it is hippo"

Frank dropped me off at my house. I noticed my car was missing. What the hell? I didn't put much attention to it. Probably Mickey took it. I had a good time today. Even though I got kicked in the balls. It was pretty good. I love my girl. 

Mickeys POV
I took Jade to this nice coffee shop a little outside of NJ. We had to go by my house real quick to get Gee's car cause it's too far for walking. I wanted this to be special. 
I ordered coffee and I ordered her the best tea in the house. She loves it. 
We talked about many things. About our favorite colors, favorite food, hobbies etc. she's so fun to talk too. She's so sweet too. We had so many differences though. But you know what they say, opposites attract. 
"so you and your brother are in the same grade?"
"yeah, but he's suppose to be a senior. He just repeated junior year."
"oh okay, it kinda seemed weird to me that he looks older and is a junior. He's the oldest right?"
"yeah, by 2yrs." 
"oh okay."
"you guys look alike in a way."
"you and Edith look alike as well"
"really? Me and her don't see it"
"we don't see it either"
we both laughed. 

We spent like about 3hrs just talking and laughing. It was really nice. We were heading home like around 8:30pm. 

When we got to her house, we both got off the car and I walked her to the front door of her building.
"I had a good time. Thanks Mickey."
"I had good time too. Your welcome."
Then there was silence. 
"so listen, would you like to be my date to the Halloween dance?"

Jades POV
My heart jumped a little. 
"yes, of course."
"okay great. Do you have a costume already?"
"no, do you?"
"no...Ooh! I have and idea, why don't I be Jack the skeleton and you be Sally?"
"sounds great!"
"the dance is next week, so...would you like to go shopping for it this Saturday?"
"sure, that'd be nice."
"okay. Bye Jade."
"bye Mickey."
we hugged and i gave him a kiss in the cheek.
"goodnight." I said. 

When I walked in my house, my mom was watching a scary movie. 
"where were you all day?"
"oh, i had a date." I said with a grin and sat down next to her. 
"oh! Who is it?"
"you would not guess!"
"tell me tell me!" she was jumping up and down on the couch. She can be a little too childish. 
"Gerard's brother!"
Her face automatically lid up and she got up and started dancing a waltz
"why are you dancing?"
"because both of my girls are dating gentlemen"
"how do you know he's a gentlemen?"
"because he's Gerard's brother."
She froze and opened her eyes and closed them again to keep on dancing. 
"oh mother, I'm going to bed."
"goodnight sweetie!"
She continued dancing and humming a song called "La melodía de Terry" Spanish for "Terry's melody" 

When I walked in my room, I found Edith sleeping. She still had her phone in her hand. I got it and noticed it had a new message. I decided to open it. She wouldn't mind. It read, "goodnight sugar, sweet dreams. I love you xoxo"
Her and Gee are so cute together. I think Gee has been the most pleasant and sweet out of the guys she has dated. It looks like he really likes her. The way he stares at her and respects her says it all. She finally found someone that loves her. I'm happy for her. 
I put the phone down on top of the little table she has next to her bed. I changed quickly and made sure to put the alarm on and went to sleep. This day was the funnest I have had in a long time.  

Note: if anything, the song that Edith's mom is humming is a real song. If you guys would like to hear it, just google it or something but put It down in Spanish. 

My mom actually likes that melody. It came out in one her favorite childhood shows. It was called Candy Candy. It's an anime. It's a really good show. 

So how's the story so far? :D
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