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12."will you go to the Halloween dance with me?"

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A/N: effin sorry if you find and error. i forgot to edit it  

Bob's POV
So the dance is a week from now. And I still don't have a date! What will I do?! I have history class next. The only thing that keeps me from sleeping in that class is Linda. Out of the guys, she's my best girl-friend. The guys don't really know about her but it doesn't matter. When I'm not with them, Im with her. She's really cool. She's cute too, she has blonde short hair with a pink streak on her bangs and has a lip piercing like me. She's a punk girl. She's awesome. 
"sup Linda" I sat down next to her. 
"hey Bob, how's it going?"
"boring, are you gonna go to the Halloween Dance?"
"nah, you?"
"no, I don't have a date."
"me either. Hey, you wanna ditch this class?"
"sure, let's go."
we got out of the back door and took out our fake hall passes out. We walked around and then we went to the back of the one of the school bulidings to smoke. It was a chill period. 

We headed back in the building because the bell rang, it as time for Lunch so Linda left with her group of friends and I went to the tree. The only one there was Eddie. 
"hey Eddie, why aren't you with Gee?"
"oh i dont know, I didn't find him so I just came straight here."
"oh okay....listen Eddie, can you help me on something?"
"anything, what's up?"
We both took a seat beside the tree. 
"okay so...I want to go to the Halloween dance but, I don't have a date."
"well, do you have anyone in mind?"
"no...I was hoping you can help me.."
"well, my sister doesn't have a date.."
"what? I thought she was going with Mickey?!"
"she is?!"
"she didn't tell you?!"
"no! I had no idea! Haha well, do you talk to any girl you feel comfortable with?"
"well, only you and Emma."
"oh c'mon, there has to be someone else."
I thought for a second. I have no idea who. Then I remembered there was Linda. What the fuck!? I can't believe I didn't remember about her! I just hung out with her! I'm stupid.
"well, there's this girl in my history class called Linda, I don't talk about her much with the guys though. She's really cool though, we have so much in common."
"then why don't you ask her?"
"the problem is that we only talk in history class, what if things are awkward?"
"things become awkward if you make them awkward you know?"
"hmm, that makes since. Okay, then I guess I will ask her. Thanks Eddie."
"no prob, anytime."
"but can you help me if things get awkward?"
I heard someone coming. It was Gee. 
"we'll talk later okay?" she said and got up.

Gerard's POV
when arrived at the tree, I heard Bob and Eddie talk about something and immediately ended it when I go there. What were they talking about?
"hey babe" she said giving me a hug. 
"where were you today in passing period?" she said. 
"I went to the restroom. What's up Bob?"
"the sky haha. Where are the others?"
"I have no idea."

Little by little, everyone arrived. It was weird that no was here early. It was a fun lunch today. We all talked and laughed at the stupid football players. Then one of them called Eddie, it was that jock, Brian. 

Eddie's POV 
Why in the world is Brian calling me. 
"I'll be back" I told Gee. He looked jealous. Cute. The others just stared as I walked over to Brian
"what's up Brian?" I said, putting my hands on my hips. 
"do you know the Chemistry homework?" 
What do you care?
"it's page 23 on the workbook."
"okay thanks."
I was starting to walk away when he called me again. 
"Eddie, wait up!"
I walked over to him. 
"what is it?"
"would you like to be my date for the Halloween dance?"
"oh I'm sorry I have a date already"
"who is it?
"It's Gerard Way, do you know him?"
"yeah, of course I know him."
He glanced at Gerard and gave him a mean look. 
"well, do you want to hang out later?"
"no can do, Gerard's my boyfriend. I'm sure he wouldn't like that."
He whispered fuck to himself. 
"are you actually going out with that outcast? C'mon you are too pretty for him."
he grabbed me by my waist an I immediately pulled away. 
"well, I might be but I rather go out with him than a jerk like you. I swear, the next time I hear you talk shit about my BOYFRIEND, I will kick your ass."
I stomped on his foot and walked away. I made sure he was looking before I kissed Gerard. I then, turned back around and flipped him off. It was good that he was still staring. He then just turned around and passed the football. 

Gerard's POV
I can't believe my eyes. Did he actually grab my girl?! I'm just glad she backed off and I don't know what she told him but it sure made him mad. I love that she came to me and kissed me and flipped him off. I know she really likes me. 
"what was that!?"
"ugh! He is so stupid! He asked me for the chemistry homework and then he asked me to the dance and then I said I had a boyfriend and then he started talking shit about you so I just told him off and that's when I came to you. Gee I love you!" she grabbed me by my shirt and kissed me roughly. It made me fall to the ground and she was on top of me. I can tell she was crying. I completely forgot about the guys until they all started clapping. Eddie got off me and looked up with tears. 
"that was a beautiful scene!" Ray said. 
"damn Pretty Girl, you are hardcore!" I heard Frank say and got up to tackle Eddie. 
"that little bastard is stupid" I said helping Eddie get up after Frank got off her and went to tackle Emma. 
"someone got jealous though.." Mickey said laughing. 
"aww Gee, you got jealous?" and now Eddie was tackling me. 
"yeah, I don't want to loose you."
"you really think I'm gonna leave your rear end for that jock?! Please!" 
We all laughed and headed to 8th period because the bell rang. 


Franks POV
Lately I have been hanging out with Emma a lot. I thought it was going to be awkward after the other night, but it's the opposite. It kinda actually brought us closer. I like that. 
It was after school already and I told Emma to meet me by the football field. I told the guys they can go ahead without me. It was weird that they didn't question me. The only one I told the truth to was Gerard. He has been my best friend since the 6th grade. I trust him with everything. 

I was sitting down smoking a cig when Emma came by. 
"hey" she said sitting next to me. 
"hey beautiful."
"why do you want to hang out here?"
"i dont know, as long as I'm with you, I don't care where I'm at."

Emma's POV
Okay so, me and Frank are not together. We're not even dating! Where did all this flirting come from? Yes I love Frank, and I love that he flirts with me. But does he really mean it? Or is he just playing with me? I know Frank can easily sweet talk a girl and make them fall for him. It sure won't happen to me like this. I will only tell him the truth if he shows me he really means it. 
"so MJ, who was that boy you were talking to?"
"who, Erik?"
"yeah, Is he your boyfriend?"
Frank sounded concerned. What does he care. He might have seen me and Erik in the dark hallway, where people go make out and stuff. We weren't making out though. We were just exploring. Besides, I would never do that with Erik, I love Frank and Erik can go to hell. 

"no, of course not."
"then why were you with him in the dark hallway?"
"we were just exploring.."
"yeah exploring each others mouth!"
"Frank, I'm not like that. And who was that girl you were talking to by the restroom. Yeah that's right, I saw your flirty smile."
"Helen? Are you kidding me?! C'mon Emma, I don't go that low."
That's true, Helen is kinda low. 
"then why did you have that.."
I was interrupted because Frank kissed me. 
"what was that?" I said pulling away. 
"listen Emma, I don't like fighting with you. Let's just forget the whole thing okay?"
"you started it!"
"i know, i know" I said looking away. 

Franks POV
Here goes nothing.
"Emma its because.."
"Ring! Ring"
My cellphone when off. Great. 
"oh I'm sorry MJ, I have to take this."
I got up and walked away and stopped at a distant I knew Emma won't hear. It was my mother. 
I walked back over to her once I was done with the phone call. 
"I'm sorry Emma, I have to go. My mother needs me"
"it's okay. What were you gonna say?"
As soon as I remembered, I lost my balls, again. 
"oh uhh...I'll tell you another time. Right now it's not the time. Do you want a ride home?"
"oh okay. Yes please."
Me and Emma walked to my car. I was gonna tell her how I felt. Till that stupid phone call interrupted me. Fucking great. 


Bob's POV
Okay, Linda's house is just a few houses down. I'm just Gonna head over there and ask her if she can smoke for a while and then I'll ask her to the dance. Great plan. 
I knocked on the door and her mother answered. 
"yes how can I help you young man?" her mother said in such a sweet voice. 
"oh, I'm looking for Linda. Is she here?"
"yes, I'll call her right out."
She closed the door and I could hear her mother say, "Linda! Sweetie! Someone's here to see you!"
Moments later, Linda appeared at the door. 
" do you know I lived here?"
"I saw you going in this house one day. I live just a few houses down. Don't worry! I wasn't stalking you! I'm not a stalker!" I said nervously.
"hmm, okay. So what brings you here?"
"well, I wanted to ask you if you can hang out for a while.."
"hmmm...yeah sure. Let me just ask my mom."
She closed the door again and a couple minutes later she came back out with a sweater. 
"let's go." she said and walked In front of me. 
We went to the park, we talked for a while. Again, we had so much fun and laughed a lot. This girl is amazing. 
It was 5:34pm already and we were heading back. When we were close to her house, I asked. 
"so Linda, would you like to be my date to the Halloween dance?"
"wow, sure Bob."
"okay, awesome."
Then there was an awkward silence. 
"I'll see you tomorrow at school" she said and went in her house. 
I finally have a date. Thank god!

Linda's POV
That was weird. I never thought Bob Bryar would ask me to the dance. I'm glad he asked though, I really wanted to go, and what's better then going with a guy like him? He's really fun and cool. Not to mention, cute. I'm sure we'll have a good time together. 


Victorias POV
I was lying on my bed, listening to music when my mom came in. 
"Vicky! Vicky! A letter from your Ballet class came!"
I got up quickly and snatched the letter from my mom to read it for myself. I hope I got the Black Swan role. 
"what does it say?!" she said over-excitedly. 
"I didn't get it.."
"I'm not the black swan!"
"what did you get?!"
"I'm corpse de ballet!"
"well, it's not to bad Is it?"
"of course it is! It means I don't have a main role! Do you know being the Black Swan is my dream!?" I handed the letter to my mom and I started to cry. I through myself on my bed. How could this be? I know I did good! Who could have gotten the role of the Black Swan? It wasn't Eddie, she said she knows she didn't do good. I dreamt of being the Black Swan and being the main spotlight. 
"wait Vicky, it says you are the under-study for the black and white swan!"
"really?!" I checked over the paper to see if she was correct. She was. I have to take down who ever has my part. 

Eddies POV
I had the best afternoon with Gee, we went to see a movie. Then we went to the park to eat ice cream. He was so sweet all the time. We laughed and played tag. It was funny. 
When we got close to my house, he asked me something that made me jump a little. 
"Eddie, so...are you planning on going to the Halloween dance?" he said as we walked on the sidewalk. 
"I wasn't planning on going.."
I said it in a casual tone. I was expecting Gee to take me. Will he finally ask? Yeah we are together but he didn't ask officially. 
"well, I was hoping you could come with me.."
"well, If I have to go with you then I rather not"
He looked at me confused.
"I'm kidding Gee! You know I would love to go with you." I kissed him in the cheek and he started smiling.
"well, It would be my pleasure to take the most beautiful girl in the world to the dance as my date."
Then he kissed me on my lips. His lips tasted like cherry? He probably used my Chapstick. 
"what are you gonna wear as a costume?" I said. 
"i dont know yet. We should match though."
"we should, how about we both be Santa Clause and Ms. Clause!"
"on Halloween?"
"well, that's why its called a costume isn't it?"
"alright fine." we arrived at my door and we kissed goodbye. I watched him walk off. His rear end is so fit and cute.
I checked the mail and there was some bills. I came across some letter, from the ballet school. I walked in my house and just waved hello to my mom and sister who were in the living room playing video games. Or at least my mom was trying too. I went to sit in y bed and opened the letter. 
"Dear Ms. Lynn,
       Congratulations! You have been picked to take the main role of the black ad white swan! We were thrilled with your performance and it's the best we saw for the part. Thank you for auditioning. 

Fort's School of Fine Arts

I can't believe I got the part!! 
"I got the lead role! I'm the Black and White Swan!"
I jumped up and down and gave my sister and mom a big hug. They were very happy for me. I'm just a bit worried, what will Vicky do when she finds out I got the lead role?
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