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13. Boring Saturday

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Edith's POV
I woke up feeling very excited. I was hoping Gee and I could go to the mall and buy our costumes today. I got off bed and texted him. I waited about 5 minutes for his reply. He didn't text back. I checked the time 10:17am. Maybe he's still sleeping? I went to brush my teeth and take a shower and get ready. The whole process took me about 1hr. I checked my phone again and still no reply. I was getting kind of worried and pissed off. Why isn't he replying? I went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. I saw my sister with that idiot smile you get when someone special texts you. I figured she was texting Mickey. 
"morning" I said getting some cereal. What's up with people not replying to me this morning?
"I said morning!"
"oh sorry, didn't hear you." she set her phone down beside her as I took a seat across her. 
"texting your boyfriend?" I said teasing her. 
"he's not my boyfriend! We're just friends."
"yeah sure, isn't Mickey suppose to be working?"
"no, they gave him the day off today."
This was really weird. Gee usually doesn't work Saturdays. 
"I'll be back" I said. Leaving out the front door to go to the Market where Gee and Mickey worked at. 
My sister just mumbled a goodbye. 
When I walked in the Market, I looked around for Gee. I found him in the cereal section fixing some boxes. 
"why didn't you tell me you worked today?" I Said frightening him from behind. He turned around to face me. 
"well good morning to you too."
"sorry, good morning. Why didn't you tell me you worked today?"
"sorry, I just got the call this morning. It was unexpected. They gave Mickey the day off."
"apparently, him and Jade have been texting all morning. They're going on a mall date."

Gerard's POV
Hearing Eddie made me startled. Hearing her pissed off made me scared. I sure don't want to get hit in the balls again. 

"oh right, he told me about the date."
"I was hoping you and I could go and buy are costumes as well" she said leaning on me and tracing a finger on my chest
"Edith, not now. I'm at work!"
I whispered to her. It took all i got not to kiss her and hold her in my arms. 
"oh sorry, got a little carried away. You look so cute with your uniform." she hugged me by my waist. I felt her hand slip down my butt and she squeezed it. 
"Edith!" I whispered again. 
"sorry! I had to do it. What time do you get off work?"
"Iike at 3"
"okay, I'll be waiting." she winked at me and turned around to walk away. I had just enough time to slap her rear end. 
"Gee!" she said covering her butt with her two hands.
"you do it to me, I'll return the favor." I winked at her and carried on with my job again. 

Edith's POV
Okay so now my Saturday is ruined. Gee is working and I have to wait for him till he gets out. In the mean time, I'll text Ray. 
"hey RayMan"
"hello :)"
"are you busy?"
"no why?"
"do you want to hang out or something? In fucking bored!"
"wheres Gee?" 
"working :/"
"oh I see, okay then. Meet me at Mickeys."
"okay :D"

I went back home to tell Jade I will be leaving with her. Luckily, she was already heading out. 
"how do I look?" she says posing for me. 
"you look great!" she was wearing denim shorts with red Floral tights and combat boots and a Brown jacket and a black tank top. 
"so why are you coming with me?"
"Ray told me to meet him at Mickeys."
"who's Ray?"
"oh one of the guys. I'll introduce you guys."

We got to Mickeys around 12:43pm. Ray and Mickey were waiting already. The minute Mickey laid his eyes on Jade, his eyes opened wide. 
"wow Jade, you look pretty as always." he said blushing. Can't believe he still had the balls to say it. 
"thank you. You look great too."
"so...where are we headed?" Ray said getting in the driver seat and us following. 
"well, me and Jade are going to the mall."
"okay, we'll got there too. Dont worry, we'll give you guys your space." Ray winked at them. They both blushed. 

When we got to the mall, Ray and I split while Mickey and Jade went costume hunting. Holding hands. 

"what do you want to do pretty girl?" 
"ehh, i dont know. Anything I guess."
"okay. I know where to find that."
He grabbed my arm and dragged me to the arcade. Fun. 
"you brought me here?" I said. 
"what? You don't like video games?"
"do I?" I scoffed and ran right into the arcade. 
Ray and I had so much fun. We played mortal combat, we danced, we raced, we did all sorts of things little kids do. We spent most of our time there. We also went to the photo booth. We took stupid funny pictures. We decided to get them enlarged and we each got one and to post it on our rooms. It was labeled as "Boring Saturday" it really contridicts itself. We stopped to get some ice cream and talked about life. 
"so, how are things with you and Christa?" I said taking a lick off my vanilla ice-cream.
"we're pretty good. We're dating now."
"ooh, nice. How'd it happen?"
"well, Friday after school, we went to the movies and we had so much fun. We then went to eat and afterwards, while we were in my car, we just looked right at each other and kissed. That's when we both decided to give it a try and started dating."
"aww, that's so sweet."
"yeah, how are you and Gee?"
"we're great. I really like him and I think he really likes me." 
"he does."
"how do you know?"
"well, other than the fact that he told me, you could see it in his eyes. The way he looks at you. Every time he's with you, there is this spark in his face that says it all."
"wow, he's the best boyfriend I've ever had."
"I bet your the best girl he's had."
"why do you say that?"
"again, you could see it In his eyes."
"was it like that between him and Victoria."
"it was, but different. With her, it looked like he liked her a lot. But she'd sometimes ignore him. So he slowly kinda started to loose feelings. But when he saw that incident, he freaked and lost it. He said he would never find a girl like her and all that jibberish."
"but don't feel sad, he likes you a lot more. A million times more!!"
He wrapped an arm around my shoulder. 
"hey look, here comes Mickey and Jade" he said pointing at them. 
"hey guys" Mickey says. 
"ready to go?"

We all left to Mickeys house. The ride home was silent.  But it was pleasant. The Strokes were playing in the Back ground so it made nicer. 
when we entered his house. I noticed Gee was sleeping on the couch. I kissed him on his nose and it made him get up. 
"afternoon" I said kneeling down beside the couch. 
"I thought you were gonna wait for me?" he had sleep eyes. 
"oh I'm sorry, I went to the mall with Ray, Mickey and Jade. I guess time flew off our hands."
"it's okay sugar. I'm just happy to see you now." we both got up an he hugged me, picking me off the ground and spinning me. 
"I missed you" I said. 
"I missed you too" we kissed for a while then we headed downstairs to the basement with the others. 
The rest of the afternoon, we spent it watching movies. Frank and Emma came by around 7pm. Me and Jade convinced our mom to let us sleep over. So we went home to get our stuff and head back. This Saturday wasn't boring at all. What's better than to stay over at a friends house and create a little slumber party? You call that boring? Check again. 
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