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14. Frank, what did you do?

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Edith's POV
I was early to school today. I don't even know if Gee was here or not. The only thing on my mind right now is studying for my Chemistry test.
I walked over to the library. Only the nerds were here. They all gave me a weird look so I just sat at the far table at the end. 
I was studying when I heard someone say hello. 
"good morning Eddie" Victoria said sitting down at my table. 
"good you mind if I ask what happened to you?" she looked terrible! Not like the usual looking whore she is but, this time she looked sleepy, exhausted. She came to school with sweat pants. Something was wrong. 
"it's because last night I was trying to study but I didn't get the chemistry shit and..."
Her eyes started to fill up with tears. 
"Vicky what's wrong?" I said walking over to her kneeling down so I can see her face. Of course I didn't actually care. I just don't want to be rude. 
"I didn't get the part Eddie! I'm not the Black Swan!" she sobbed and hugged me. Crap. I guess its time to tell her the truth. 
"ooh, crap. I'm so sorry." 
"do you know who got the role?" she said letting go of me and looking at me straight in the eye. I took a deep breath. 
"yes I do... I got the role."
She started to sob again, this time even louder. She got her stuff and left the library. This bitch better not do something stupid. I went back to my seat and went back to studying. 

10 minutes passed and I couldn't focus. I was just thinking about Gee, my test, the role, and Vicky. I decided to get my stuff and go look for the guys. 

Victoria's POV
I ran outside of school. I could hear a few people call my name and say "what's wrong." 
I ignored it and texted Carlos from Ballet. 
"hey Carlos." as I waited for his reply, I went to Starbucks and ordered a latte. 
"sup hot stuff"
"are you busy right now?"
"well now, no. Why?"
"can I go over your house?"
"well, I was planning on going to school but if you want to have some fun, my parents aren't home ;)"
"ok I'll be right over."
Of course I didn't want to have fun, not right now. But I needed someone to talk to and I most certainly didn't want to be in school. I didn't want to see Eddie's face. Carlos might be cocky but he's a good listener. 

I knocked on his door and he answered. He looked more hot than ever. 
"Vicky, what happened to you?" I didn't answer him and just walked In to his house.
"what role did you get for Swan Lake?" I said walking back and forth in his living room. He took a seat on his couch. 
"the Prince. Why?"
"AHHHHH!" I screamed and I couldn't take it anymore. Eddie is the main character and with Carlos on her side!? I'm going to ruin this bitch!
"whoa Vicky! Why are you so angry?" he came to hug me and I just cried on his chest. 
"Eddie has the main role!"
"she's the Black and White Swan?"
"yes! Do you know I have been dying to get that part!"
"she's pretty good though."
"shut up! No she isn't" I continued yelling 
"okay calm down, she isn't. What are you gonna do?"
"i dont know. Eddie isn't a bad person so I don't want to do something mean. What can I do?"
"do you know who is the under-study?" he said
"oh shit! I just remembered I am! This is perfect! A day before the performance, you should take her on a date and make her stomach sick so then I can dance!"
"perfect plan." he sounded sarcastic. I don't care right now though.
"I could also take Gee from her. I'm sure she likes him. You can see it when she's with him."
"are they friends?"
"yeah, it bugs me."
"who's this Gee?" he said pulling away to look at me. 
"oh, his name is Gerard. He's my ex and I'm trying to get back with him."
"and you're here with me?"
"oh c'mon, it's not like if you don't use me either."
"I still like you though"
"I like you too"
We kissed roughly and he picked me up and we went to his bedroom. 


Eddies POV
I was heading to the tree during Nutrition when I noticed Bob was the only one there. 
"what's up Bob." I sat down next to him on the grass. 
"the sky." 
"what happened with Linda?"
"shes my date to the dance" he said with a shy smile. 
"Bob! That's great! I'm so happy for you! How'd it happen?"
"thank you, well, I asked her if she wanted to hang out for a while and so we did. We were having so much fun so I figured I should ask her when we are leaving and so I did."
"that's so cool! Well done Bob!"
I gave him a high five and then hugged him. Then I heard a cough. 
"oh hey Gee. It's not what it looks like okay. It's just a friendly hug." Bob said pulling away. 
"hmm, I'm watching you Bryar. Hey sugar" he helped me get up and I gave him a big hug. 
"Hey! I missed you!" I gave him a kiss. "I have good news!"
"what is it?"
"so my ballet class is performing Swan Lake and I got the main role!"
"that's great Edith!"
He picked me up and spun me in the air with our lips attached. 
"I want you to go watch me." he put me down and we held hands. 
"of course I will."
"what's going on?" Frank said putting Emma down from a piggy back ride. 
"Eddie got the main role to the performance she is doing. Swan Lake!" Gee said looking at me so happy. 
"Eddie that's great!" Frank and Emma came to tackle me down. 
I heard Ray in the back ground asking what happened and Gee told him. I couldn't really hear what was going on because Frank was kissing me all over my face and Emma tickling me. I was trying to push Frank and Emma away. Emma soon got off but I still couldn't get Frank off. I tried once more but that's when something that wasn't suppose to happen, happened. 
"FRANK!!!" I heard everyone say. 
I finally pushed him away and yelled at him as well. 
"Frank! Why did you do that?!" 
"I'm sorry!!! I was so excited I didn't know what I was doing! It just came! I'm sorry, it was friendly, nothing more! I swear!"
Frank had kissed me. It was so weird. Gee and Emma were the most shocked. They just looked at each other with wide eyes, with their jaws on the floor. Frank soon just started laughing on his own. I thought it was funny too so I started laughing. Ray and Bob were already on the ground cracking up. Then Mickey arrived. 
"what's going on?"
"dude....your...LATE!!!" Bob said between laughs. 
I looked at Gee and he looked a bit pissed off but wanted to laugh. 
Emma laughed a little. 
"Emma, Frank didn't mean it."
I said walking over to her. 
"Don't talk to me you whore!" she said walking away. Oh god, is she really mad? She then turned back.
"kidding! It's okay. I'm sure Frank didn't mean it. Right Frank?"
Then I turned to Gee.  
"yeah?" he said it so casually it bothered me. 
"Gee.." I said raising an eyebrow. 
"what?" he looked so innocent. 
"c'mon" I took his hand and took him behind one of the buildings.
"Frank didn't mean it okay?"
"oh please don't tell me it bothered you.."
"a little.."
"will this make it better?"
I started to kiss him on his neck. 
"I think maybe." he said and placed his hand on my neck under my hair and kissed me a bit rough. I squeezed his butt and giggled a little. He also squeezed mine with his right hand. 
"let's go" I said pulling away but resting my forehead on his. 
"no, let's stay here." I didn't argue and did what he told me to do. He kept his hand on my butt and I held him by his hips. I brushed my hand to his skinny jeans and tugged the zipper just to tease. He broke the kiss and looked at me kind of shocked.
"I'm kidding" I said and started laughing. He blushed and lowered his head so it can rest on my shoulder. I can feel him smiling. I just hugged him by his waist. 
The bell rang and then he looked up at me and kissed me. 
"let's go" he said, still blushing and we held hands to third period. 


After school, I saw Victoria by my locker. I haven't seen her all day since the incident. I sure didn't expect her to be by my locker. 
"Vicky?" I said standing behind her. She turned around to face me. 
"oh hey Eddie, I just came to apologize for what happened earlier. I shouldn't have ran off like that. I'm sorry, I'm glad you got the role. There couldn't be anyone better than you. Here."
She handed me a video tape
"what's this?"
"It's your audition tape plus a note from Ms. Joyet. You are amazing."
"I had no Idea they were recording us. Thank you Vicky. You are a good friend." 
Yeah right bitch. 
"aww, thank you Eddie. I love you!" she gave me a big hug and I hugged her back. 
"I love you too"
Victoria's POV
As I was hugging Eddie, I noticed Gee coming towards us. We made eye contact. I smiled at him but he immediately walked away. Like last time. I didn't tell Edith though. I want to find out for myself why he is avoiding us when we are together. 
"I'll see you later Eddie."
"later Vicky."

Gerard's POV
Fuck. Edith was with that bitch again. I'll just wait for her outside the gate. 
5 minutes later and I saw her short figure come towards me. 
"hey Pretty Girl"
"hey hippo"
"seriously, first Frank, now you?"
"I'm sorry, I heard Frank and I thought it was funny so I wanted to call you that."
"it's okay. Hey, can we talk?"
"sure. Where?"
"hmm, let's go to the Forest. Where I took you last time."
She smiled wide. 
"okay" she said gripping my hand harder. 

We had to pass by my house real fast just to get my car and 30 minutes later, we were there. Sitting under the sunset. 
"what did you want to talk about Gee?"
"about what happened today"
"what do you mean?"
"why did you tug on my zipper?" I felt my face turn hot and she just started to laugh hysterically. 
"oh, i dont know. I just wanted to tease you that's all."
"did it bother you?" she turned over to look at me. 
"no, You...just caught me off guard. I got a little situation after that if you know what I mean. That's why I rested my head on your shoulder...because I got shy."
She laughed again
"aw, it's nice to hear I gave my boyfriend a little situation."
I blushed again and she kissed me on the cheek. 
"Edith? Can I ask you something but please don't get offended."
We were facing each other. 
"anything. If it does get me offended, i know you didn't mean it and that's all that counts."
Ok here it goes. 
"Ok, well. First of all, I love you. I'll put it out there just in case...are you"
Her smile faded away. 
"Gee, of course I am. I'm not some kind of whore. I plan on loosing it to someone special."
She looked away to look at the sunset for a moment and then turned back to me. 
"are you?"
Now this is a question I didn't want to answer. I hate myself for bringing this topic up. 
There was silence. 
"who did you loose it too?"
"this is the worst part. Vicky.."
"oh my goodness, really?? When?"
"after 6months of being together. That's why finding out she cheated on me hurt me even more."
"do you regret it?"
"yeah, I wish I would have waited for the right person. But you know, I'm a teenager and a dude so, I got lost in the moment."
She didn't say anything after that. She just kissed me softly on the lips. I think that's the way she likes to comfort me. It really works. We stayed there till it got dark. We didn't talk much afterwards, it wasn't awkward, it was pleasant. We just talked about the stars and how nice it was up here. I kept thinking to myself. I fully regret loosing my virginity to that whore. I wish I would have waited for someone special like Edith. 
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