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15. The Day Before the Halloween Dance

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Franks POV
It's the day before the dance, and I don't have a date. Well, I haven't asked Emma. Why? Because I'm stupid! Why didn't I ask earlier! I'm an idiot. I hope she doesn't have a date yet. I will ask her during Nutrition. 
I walked in to English and I noticed Victoria talking to Eddie. Great. I took my normal seat and I noticed Vicky looking at me. 
"hi Frank."
Why in the mother-fucking world is she telling me hi?
"hi" I didn't want to be rude so I  said hi. But I just glanced at her and rolled my eyes. I'm pretty sure she got the idea I didn't want to talk to her because she didn't say anything anymore. 
Class started and Eddie passed me a note. 
"this bitch xD"
"i know right? Lol"

After class me and Eddie went over to the tree and we were the only ones missing. Even Emma and Jade were there. 
"hey guys and Jade." Eddie said. 
"hi girl who unfortunately is my sister." Jade said back an they hugged. They have a weird bond. 
"what's up hippo and lady's"
I told Gee and the Guys. Gee just rolled his eyes and turned to Eddie, who immediately started to cuddle. Everyone seemed to be with a partner, Eddie with Gee, Mickey and Jade, Ray and Bob, and Emma and i, were not together talking. Since she was just looking at me smiling, I went over to her smiling and gave her a hug. 
"can we talk?" I said, pulling away so I can see her beautiful eyes. 
We walked over to the next tree so the others won't hear. 
"so Emma, do you have a date to the dance?"
"yes. Why?"
 My mind and heart just blew up. I can't believe she has a date 
"oh just..wondering. Who are you going with?"
That bastard
"oh, okay."
"who are you going with?"
"umm, I'm going with Bob"
"no you're not!" I heard Bob say. Little sneaky bastard was hearing our conversation. I grabbed Emma by her shoulders and we backed away, further from the guys. 
"okay fine, I'm not going with anyone. I don't have a date. And I was hoping you could come with me but I guess not."
"I'm sorry Frank. You should have asked earlier." the way she said it made me know that she was mad. Exactly why? She walked away. 
I walked over to the guys. 
"what did she say?" Gee said. Apparently they had heard the whole thing. 
"she's going with Erik."
"Erik Randal?" Eddie said sitting up looking a bit angry. 
"yeah! Can you believe it??" 
"you fucked up dude" Ray said. 
"i know." 
The bell rang and Gee and Eddie walked to class, Ray and Bob went to class, Mickey and Jade went to class and I'm here all alone, without Emma to walk with. 

Emma's POV
Is Frank really asking me to be his date A DAY before the dance? Is he stupid or is he stupid!? I can't believe him. That's why I'm mad at him. I hope he go the idea when I walked away. that I think of it, I would love to go with Frank. It gets me mad that he is barely asking but, he at least asked. I dont know what to do. Should I go with Frank?
"hey Emma" I heard a voice behind me. It's Erik
"oh hello Erik"
"are you ready for tomorrow?" we got to my locker and he faced me. 
"yeah, I guess."
"okay cool. Wear something sexy." he smiled at me and stared at my breasts. I was wearing a low cut shirt. I knew I shouldn't have worn it. And now I know I should be going with Frank. Frank respects me. Erik is just looking for someone to get sleep with. Asshole. 


Eddies POV
it was the end of the day already and I was going to the schools parking lot to wait for Gee and Frank but I saw Emma walking towards the back gate. Doesn't she always ride with Frank?
"Emma! Wait up!"
"oh hey Eddie? Where's Gee?"
"do I always have to be with him?"
"no, but you guys are always together haha."
"true. Where you heading?"
"Home. Why?"
"you're not leaving with Frank?"
"no,we're kind of mad at each other."
"why what happened?"
"well, it's more like, I'm mad at him. Remember when I told you I like him?
"well, I was expecting him to ask me to go to the dance with him but he barely asked today!"
"I'm sorry but, that sucks why?"
"because! First of all, it's a day before the dance and second, someone already asked me and I said yeah cause I was so pissed off!"
"i know I'm sorry! But I'm gonna ditch Erik because all he wants is to sleep with me."
"really? Talk about being desperate."
"what are you gonna do about Frank then?"
"well, I want to go with him."
"why don't you go say something then?"
"because....i dont know"
"Emma, you have to go say something."
"shh! Here comes Frank."
We were close to his car. I think we were walking towards it unconsciously. 
"hi Eddie"
"hello. Where's Gee?" 
"I thought you would know?"
"well I dont. Umm, I'm gonna go look for him."
I thought they needed some time alone. Emma pinched me when I walked pass her. I tried not to say ouch. 

Emma's POV
Great. Eddie left me alone. 
"well, hello Emma"
"hi Frank."
"Do you want a ride home?"
"no thank you..."
"are you sure."
"yes. Can we talk Frank?"
"yes. But you have to let me take you home."
I just rolled my eyes and got in the passenger seat. 
"shoot" he said looking At me while getting comfortable. 
"I'm sorry for getting mad at you."
"it's okay, I figured you were mad so I left you to yourself."
"well, thank you for doing so. Have you found a date to the dance?"
"no, I'm telling you, I'm going alone."
"ooh, okay."
"why do you ask?"
"no, just wondering."
He started the car and just looked out the window. I'm such a bitch. Why didn't I tell him I would go with him? It's pride. I hate myself for it. 

Eddies POV
I walked around school for awhile looking for Gerard. I looked in his 4th period class, but he wasn't there. I went to his locker, but he wasn't there either. I heard a couple of voices by the boys restroom. 
"no Victoria! I said no!"
That's sounds like Gee! I didn't want to interrupt them so I hid behind the corner of the girls restroom. 
"but Gee, I want you back! I'm sorry for what I did!"
"don't call me Gee! I told you that millions of times!"
"okay I won't but please Gerard, let's go to the Dance together."
"no, I have a date."
"oh really? Who's the whore?"
"she's not a whore! And..and you don't know her!!"
"fine, but I will find out do you hear me!"
Silence fell. I decided to take a peek. Vicky was pushing Gee to the lockers and she was forcefully kissing him! It took so much for me to not go out there and rip her guts out!
"get off me you whore!"
"you know you liked it. See you later Gee!"
Gerard went around the corner of the girls restroom. He didn't notice me though. But I did notice he had  tears running down his cheeks. 
I looked back to were the incident had happend to see if Victoria was there. She disappeared. I went running after Gerard. 
"Gee!" I screamed. 
"don't call me that I said! Leave me alone!" he didn't even turn around.
"Gee.." I grabbed his arm and he turned around too look at me. 
He gave me a big hug once he noticed it was me. 
"Gee, calm down. It's okay. Don't worry." I was stroking his back. 
"were you watching?"
He held on to me tighter and sobbed on my shoulder. 
"let's go" I grabbed his hand and took him to my house. I dont know if Frank and Emma left but I don't care at the moment. All I care about Is Gee right now. 
When we got to my place, no one was home. Thank God. I told him to sit in my bed and I will get him some water. 
I was heading to my room when I passed by my restroom and noticed Gee washing his mouth. 
I decided not to question him. I just stood there at the door. He turned around and took the water from my hands and went to sit on my bed. I walked in my room and closed the door. 
"can you put lock?" he said "i dont want your sister to walk in and see me like this. I giggled a little. 
I sat down next to him and put my hand on his knee. 
"do you want to talk about it?" I said. He just shook his head. 
"it'll make you feel better."
"I'm sorry you had to see me cry like that"
"it's okay, but why exactly did you start crying?"
"cause, my wound is still healing. Every time I see her, it opens a little. I hate her so much for what she has done. She's evil and what she did today opened my wound. Fuck! I probably sound like a whimp. I'm sorry you're boyfriend is a such a whimp. 
"Gee, I don't care if you're acting like a whimp right now. Real men cry and this understandable. She cut you hard and the wound is taking time to heal. It's okay. You are lucky you found yourself a good healer." I smiled at him. 
"and who's that?" he said with a grin. I cupped his face. 
"me" I smiled before kissing him. 
We stayed there kissing for a while. It felt nice. I'm glad I can help him. I love helping those I love. 
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