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16. Finally, The Day Of the Halloween Dance Is Here: part 1

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A/N: I'm making this in two parts because it'll be too long if it's together. Please enjoy :)

Gerard's POV
The Halloween dance is here. Eddie and I ditched school today to go buy are costumes. We forgot to buy it earlier. 
"have you found your costume yet?" I called Eddie while I was looking for mine. 
"yeah, but I don't know which one to get" she came out of the dressing room to show me what she had on. 
"should I get the sexy Ms. Clause or the old lady one."
" You look good in the sexy one."
She looked amazing. It was short and it went well with her figure. 
"well, thank you. But I don't feel comfortable in it."
"take whatever you'd like sugar."
"hmm, ok. But you help me. I'm gonna try in the old lady one."
10 minutes later she came out looking old. 
"haha that ones cute" I said grinning. It still went well with her curves. 
"yeah, I like this one better. Do I look good in it?"
"you look good in anything." I got up to stand with her in front of the mirror. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck. 
"what about your costume?" she said turning around to look at me. 
"I have it already."
"are you gonna try it on?"
"ehh, I'm too lazy."
"does it fit you though?"
"I'm pretty sure."
"okay, but If it doesn't fit, don't come crying to me."
She kissed me and giggled. 
"let's go sugar."
"okay, let me just change."

Ray's POV
I wonder why Eddie and Gee didn't come to school. It kinda feels lonely. There is no one cuddling during Nutrition or lunch and it feels weird. 
After school I waited for Christa outside her class so I can talk to her. 
"hey Christa" I said as she walked by me. 
"oh Hey Ray, what's up?"
"nothing, just waiting for this lovely girl."
"who could that be?"
"you of course" I gave her a kiss in the cheek and she blushed. 
"are you ready for tonight?" I grabbed her hand while we walked to the front gate.
"yes, I can't wait to see you in your costume."
"I can't wait to see you in yours" I winked at her and she giggled. We arrived at the front gate, Gee and Eddie were there. 
"I'll see you later Ray"
"bye Christa"
"are you guys official?" Gee asked
"yeah. She's beautiful"
"I'm happy for you bro" 
"thanks man. So why weren't you guys in school today?" we were walking to the parking lot where the others were. 
"we went to buy our costumes. We forgot." Gee replied. 
"oh I see. What are you guys gonna be?"
"you'll see" Eddie replied and started to laugh and made Gee laugh as well. 
When we got to the parking lot, Frank, Emma, Jade, Bob, and Mickey were there. 
We all exchanged hellos
"who's ready for tonight!?" 
Bob shouted and the guys, including Eddie shouted. 
Frank and Emma were the only ones that didn't. I wonder why. 
"so the one who is always screaming, isn't screaming today?"
I said looking at Frank who looked sad when I said it. 
"i...don't feel like screaming" Frank said. I decided not to question cause i know something was bothering him so I just nodded and gave him a pat on the back. 
Eddie, Gee, Mickey and Jade drove home on Gee's red corvette while Bob, Frank, Emma, and I drove to Franks place to do who knows what. 

Franks POV
Everyone left my house around half hour ago. The dance starts in about 1 hour, and I haven't gotten ready. Should I even go? I don't think I'll be having any fun. Since I won't be with Emma. I knew I should have asked earlier. 
I decided to get off my bed and get my butt into my Toast costume. 
I was wearing my black jumpsuit that I had to wear under the toast costume when someone rang the doorbell. They rang a 3rd time and I went to open. 
There was no one home apparently. 
"hey Frank" Emma said. She looked stunning. She was a pink crayon. 
"Emma, what are you doing here? Aren't you going to the dance with Erik?"
"I blew him off. I figured out that he was gonna try to get in my pants after the dance. So..if you don't mind, could I go as your date?"
"of course you can Emma. C'mon in. Nice costume by the way."
"thank you. Is that your costume?" she asked me looking up and down.
"um no, I have to put on my toast. I'm going to be toast."
"haha that's cute. Cause I was about to say, you're showing everything." she looked down at my area. 
"ooh, I'm sorry." I looked at the mirror that was behind Emma and my face was red. 
"it's okay" she giggled and her face turned slightly red. 

Eddie's POV
"Jade, does this costume look weird?" I said while I was looking at myself in the mirror. Jade was in the background changing into her costume. 
"no, it looks adorable."
"thanks. I just kinda feel weird"
"because I look like an old lady!"
"isn't that the point?"
"well yes, but I'm young"
"it's okay. It's Halloween. All though, you don't need a costume. You're scary enough."
"well, why are you trying to look pretty? Isn't Halloween suppose to be for ugly witches?"
Our argument was interrupted by the doorbell. 
"i'll get it." 
I walked over to the door and looked through the peep whole. It was covered. This is unusual. They rang again. I went to get a knife from the kitchen just to be safe. It's Halloween of course. I opened the door and I didn't recognize the person so i pulled out my knife. 
"Eddie! Calm down! It's Mickey!" I had the knife right I front of his stomach. Gee just looked scared. 
"crap, I'm sorry. Don't cover the peep whole next time! I didn't know who it was. What are you
"See Gee! It told you not to cover the peep whole!" Mickey said shoving Gerard. 
"I should have remembered its my girlfriend who I'm dealing with."
Gee said looking at me.
"oh, I'm aqua man. Looks good doesn't it." Mickey said answering my question and posing. 
"ehh, I guess." I giggled. "I'm kidding. It looks good. C'mon in."
they walked in and I closed the door behind them
"oh, Hello Gee. Sorry I haven't greeted you properly." 
"it's cool. You look adorable in your costume." we hugged and I squeezed his rear end again. 
"you look hot in yours. It shows off your fit body." he then grabbed my rear end as well. 
"thank you." I gave him a light kiss on the lips. 
"hey Mickey, what happened to Sally and Jack the skeleton?"
"oh, we decided to be super heroes instead"
"oh right, I saw the costumes, they didn't look so cool."
"yeah i know, thats why we didn't by them."
"super heroes are better. Well, make yourself's comfortable. I'll be back."
I headed to my room to check if Jade was ready. She's gonna be wonder women. 
"Jade you ready?"
"yeah, I'm just fixing my hair."
"damn, i know your my sister but you look hot!"
"eww, well thanks. Who was at the door?"
"Mickey and Gerard."
"oh my gosh, are you serious?!"
"do I look good?!"
"didn't I just say you look hot!"
"ugh i know. But I'm nervous."
"does somebody want to look good for somebody?" I said mockingly walking to her. 
"um, well no duh!"
we both laughed and I walked back to the living room.
"is Jade ready?" Mickey said looking anxious. 
"calm down. She'll be right out."

15 minutes later she walked in the living room. 
"hey guys"
"hi Jade" Gee said grinning and looking at Mickey and Jade back and forth. 
"thank you Mickey"
I held Gee's hand tighter and leaned on him, resting my head on his shoulder. 
"our kids grew up so fast" I fake sniffed. 
"I know." Gee got up, whipping a fake tear and hugging both Jade and Mickey by the shoulders and kissing Mickey and Jade on the cheek. 
"let's go have some fun kids! C'mon sugar!"

Bob's POV
I was just staring at myself awkwardly in the mirror. I can't believe I was dared to be a girl for Halloween. This feels weird. 
I literarily stared at myself for about 25 minutes till I decided to head out to pick up Linda. 

I drove over to Linda's because I didn't want to look like a transvestite and make the neighbors start talking. 
I texted her saying I was outside her house. 
About 5 minutes later, a dude came out.
The dude knocked on my window and I lowered it. 
"can I help you?" I said a bit scared. 
"dude, it's me Linda" I was terrified. Her costume looked so real.  
"why are you dressed like a dude?"
"why are you dressed like a girl?" she said getting in my car.
"touché. They dared me"
"they dared me too."
"really? Who?"
"your friend Gerard."
"what the fuck!? Those idiots."
"who dared you?"
"his girlfriend."
"oh, that explains a lot."
"they teamed up. Idiots. I'm gonna get them."
"I'm with you" 
We high fived and drove off to school

Ray's POV
I got ready right after I left Franks. This costume took forever to finish. I'm a zombie and I wanted my scars too look real. 
Christa texted me saying that she was ready so I finished up and headed to her place. 
She lived about 20 minutes away walking. So I took my parents car. I didn't feel like walking looking like a zombie. 
I knocked on the front door and her Father answered. 
"hello sir, is Christa here?" I wish I wasn't dressed like a zombie. Her father is pretty strict. I remeber the day I came to meet her parents. I barely came out alive. 
"and who are you?" he said looking at me confused. 
"it's Ray sir. Your daughters boyfriend?"
"oh that's right, nice too meet you again Ray. C'mon on in."
I can't believed he smiled. 
"oh hello Ray, nice costume" Christa's mother was always so nice to me. She greeted me with a smile. 
"hello Miss. thank you."
"I'll call Christa."
Her mother went up stares and moments later, she came down with Christa. 
"hi Christa"
"hi Ray" 
She looked amazing. I had no idea she was gonna be a zombie as well. 
"I'll see you later mom. Bye dad!"
They said bye and we walked to my car. 
"I like your costume" I opened the door to the passenger seat. 
"I like yours too"
I got in my parents car and drove off to the dance.
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