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16. Finally, The Day Of the Halloween Dance Is Here: part 2

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Gerard's POV
Everyone agreed to meet up at the parking lot. When we arrived there, Frank and Emma were there already. 
"hey guys. You guys are Mr. and Ms. Clause?"
Frank said grinning. 
"yeah, isn't it cool?! Hi Emma!" Eddie said, letting go of my hand to hug Emma. 
"what are you wearing?" I said. 
"I'm toast! It's badass huh" 
"yup! I just want to eat you!" Eddie said and then turned to Emma again.
"I thought Emma was gonna be with Erik?" I said to Frank. 
"she blew him off"
"why?" I leaned on Frank's car next to him. 
"because he was trying to get in her pants."
"oh" I signaled Frank to follow me so we can talk in private. Emma and Eddie were just talking about how cute they both look in their costumes. 
"what's up?" Frank said trying to cross his arms. After failing to do so, he just put his arms by his sides. I just laughed. 
"when are you gonna tell Emma that you like her?"
"i dont know, things are difficult right now"
"how dude!?"
"i dont know, I just, I'm nervous"
"of what?! She obviously likes you!!!"
"i know, but we don't exactly know that. She's way out of my league and she can find anyone she wants."
"you have a point. But you'll never know if you don't try. Just look at me and Eddie."
We both turned our heads to look at her. She was laughing to something Emma was doing. 
We both giggled. 
"you two are right for each other you know that?" Frank said patting my shoulder. 
"thanks. And you and Emma are right for each other too! You have to tell her sooner or later before someone snatches her."
A car entered the parking lot. It was Bobs shaggy old car. 

Eddies POV
Bob parked next to Gee's car and Frank and Gee walked over to us. 
"hey guys..." Bob and Linda said awkwardly. Gee and I started to laugh since we remebered the dare. 
"can I have your picture so I can show Santa over there what I want for christmas?" Frank said to Bob making everyone laugh. 
"oh shut up. I'm gonna get you back Eddie and Gee"
Gee and I just cracked up. It was hilarious. 
I turned to Gee and hugged him. 
"I love you" I whispered in his ear. 
"I love you too"
I watched as a car came in through the other side of the parking lot. It was a small Honda. 
It was bumping music really loud.
The car parked and 2 girls came out of it. 
1 of them was Victoria. 
I soon fell relieved I got the old lady version of Ms. Clause because Vicky had the sexy one. It wasn't sexy on her though, it was slutty and disgusting. Her boobs and ass were hanging out. 
"hey Gee?" i said in his ear. We were still hugging. 
"hmm?" he said. 
"I'm glad I bought this costume."
"why so?"
"because I just saw Victoria wearing the sexy one."
"ha! Slut. But it looks way better on you. That's a fact." he held me tighter to his body. 
"thank you." I whispered and buried my face in his neck kissing it. 
"your welcome pretty girl."
"everyone! Let's get the fuck out of here and enter the party!" 
Frank shouted and all of us entered the dance doing the "cha cha cha"

Inside, we all danced our asses off. Frank and Emma got a little too out of control. Especially Frank, he went around bothering everyone! He even pushed one of Vicky's friends into the punch! It was so funny!! 
"ooh! This is my favorite song! C'mon Gee let's go dance!" we had been sitting down for a while. They were playing "Fences" by Phoenix. I don't really listen to Indie, but this is my favorite indie Band. 
"you listen to Phoenix?" Gee asked surprised. 
"yeah, they're pretty cool."
Gee was a pretty good dancer. Well, for a guy. He's got good moves. 
After that song, many of Gee's favorite songs played so he told me to keep dancing with him. 
"alright lady's and gentlemen, this goes out for the love birds." The DJ said and they started playing all these love songs. Gee stared at me deeply and held me by my waist. Leading me onto ballroom dancing. 
"wow, you're really good." I said
"yeah i know, my mom made me get lessons when I was small for this one wedding."
"that's pretty cool. It's sexy"
I gave him the flirty smile he said he loves and then we kissed under the disco ball. 
"I love you Edith Lynn."
"I love you too, Gerard Way."

Victoria's POV
The DJ just put on lame songs. For the love birds? Who the hell believes in love? I got off the dance floor and a few guys were trying to dance with me. 
"Brian, can you leave me alone? I don't want to dance slow songs."
"whatever then, you like the grinding don't you?" he wrapped one of his arms around my waist an the other beneath my butt to pick my leg up
"of course, when they stop putting this crap, let's dance." I licked him from his neck up to his ear. Brian loves that. 
"hmm, I can't wait." he then started to nibble on my neck. I was looking behind him when I spotted Gee dancing with someone. I tried to move a little to see who it was. 
"Brian get off me!"
"why what the fuck?"
"just wait!"
I moved so I can get a better look. He was kissing her! Who is this bitch trying to take Gee from me?
They pulled away and as soon as I saw her face, I wanted to rip it off. 
"what?! Natalie! We're leaving!"
She was nibbling on Erik's neck in the corner. 
"what!!" she called out. 
I signaled her to look towards Gerard and she immediately let go of Erik and ran to me. 
"let's go!" I said angrily and I dragged her out of that place. I thought you were my friend Eddie. 
How dare you. I'm going to ruin you two. 

Franks POV
Emma and I were having such a good time. We danced, we ate, we fooled around. We acted like a couple. We soon got tired and went to sit down. 
"are you having a good time?" I asked her handing her a cup of water. 
"a blast!! Thanks so much for bringing me Frankie, or should i say, for accepting my request of bringing me."
"it's my pleasure MJ"
We both took a pause to drink water. 
We both said it at the same time. 
"you go first" she said. 
"okay, can we talk?"
"funny, I was gonna tell you the same."
"funny, well, can we talk in private?"
"do you mind if we leave though?"
"not at all. Let's go."

Bobs POV
Me and Linda frequently got good and bad comments. Some said we had the best costumes and others just laughed at us. We didn't mind though, we eventually got use to the costumes and enjoyed the night. 
It was time to vote for the best costume. 
Apparently, we got voted so we had to step on stage. 
There was us, the transvestites, there was Ken doll, with the box and everything, Link from The Legend of Zelda, and a cup of water. The cup of water literally had water inside it. It was pretty cool. I wonder who will win. 

Rays POV
"what a night right?"
Christa said sitting down. 
"yeah I'm tired. Had fun though?"
"of course, I spent it with you"
"I'm glad we spent it together. It was a fun night."
"do you know what time is it Ray?"
"oh okay. I'm hungry. But I don't want this crappy food."
"wanna go out somewhere and get burgers?" 
"sounds fun"
We left without saying goodbye to the others. I'm sure they won't mind. 


Mickeys POV
Jade and I were one of the few still on the dance floor. Everyone was either just chilling out or they were leaving. It was getting late. It seems that Ray and Christa left already. Also Frank and Emma. The only ones left out of our little group was Bob and Linda, who were gobbling on all the left over food. They were so happy they won the best costume of the night. Eddie and Gee were just sitting down. Eddie was kind of falling asleep on Gee's shoulder. He kept poking her stomach so she won't fall asleep. And then there was me and Jade. We didn't talk. She rested her head on my shoulder while we slow danced. I decided to brake the silence.
"hey Jade, are you tired."
"no I'm good." she said between a yawn. 
"you're yawning."
"i know I'm sorry. I guess I am tired but I don't want to stop dancing with you."
I just smiled and continued dancing. I'm glad my mom forced me to take ballroom dancing lessons when I was small. They came in handy. 

Gerard's POV
There was still a few people slow dancing. I can't believe Bob and Linda won the costume contest. They're costumes are pretty cool though. Thanks to me and Eddie. As I poked Eddie's stomach once in a while so she won't fall asleep, I watched Jade an Mickey dance. They looked tired but seemed to enjoy themselves. I signaled Bob to get the DJ to make the scene more romantic. It took him a while for him to understand what I was saying but as soon as he understood, he headed to the DJ to give him the message. He put on the most romantic song I have ever heard. He turned on some lights to add some flavor and voila, a Kodak moment. 
I saw Jade look up at the lights and back at Mickey. They looked at each other for a moment, and then,kissed. It's was surprising but expected at the same time. I know I'm a guy but, that kiss looked so romantic. I sound like Eddie and Emma when they are talking about a chick flick. I'm just happy Mickey and Jade are together. They deserve each other. 

Third person POV (narrator)
Gerard watched as Mickey and Jade danced. He didn't want to ruin the moment but soon they would be the only once on the dance floor. Gerard didn't want to question his brother at the moment so just signaled him it was time to get home. Gerard carried Eddie bridal style back to the car and they all drove home. They were the lasts ones to leave out of all the guys. Everyone had a good time. It was the best Halloween dance they had experienced. 

*sorry for not updating earlier. :(
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