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17. Unexpected

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A/N: just so some people won't be confused, sometimes I'll be adding a narrator/third person POV Because, sometimes I think it'll be easier if I add it. If you guys don't like it just tell me. I won't add it :)

Emma's POV
"hey Eddie" I texted Edith after I took a shower around 12pm. She didn't text back so I figured she was still sleeping. She came back late from the dance yesterday. 
I was getting ready when I heard my phone ring. 
"hi Frankie" I said nervously. 
"hello MJ, how are you this morning?"
"I'm good thank you. And you?"
"I'm perfectly fine. I can't wait to see you."
"I can't wait either."
"well, I'm just calling to tell you that I love you and I'll be at your house around 1:30 is that fine?"
"its perfect. I love you too Frankie. Bye."
I clicked. I fell on my bed sighing while last nights events came rushing to my mind. 
Me and Frank had left early from the dance to go talk. He took me to the beach again. We sat on the sand for a while without talking. I think we were both shy.
"so Emma, I brought you here because I want to confess something to you" Frank finally said braking the silence. 
"what is it?"
"well remember that summer night at the party?"
I perfectly remember that day
"yes, what about it."
"that kiss...that kiss..made me realize..that I really like you. I had liked you for quite sometime before that but It was always in my sub conscious. I never really paid attention till we kissed."
I just stayed silent looking at Frank. He then looked at me and we locked eye contact. 
"I would have said something earlier but, you're popular and stuff and why would you like a guy like me? I was afraid of getting rejected. You don't have to like me back, I just want you to know.." he looked away and just looked up at the stars. 
"Frank, believe it or not, I like you too and a lot" he quickly looked back at me in shock. "I had liked you before our kiss too but never actually said anything cause I was also afraid of your rejection. After the kiss, I wanted to tell you that I liked you but you drifted away from me. I thought you felt awkward."
"I drifted away because I thought you didn't want to be friends anymore since, you know, I'm Frank."
"haha. Frank, you might be an outcast or what not but, I don't care. People have told me you would ruin my reputation but I could careless. All I want is you."
Frank just looked at me. I thought what I said was too corny but I don't care. 
"I never thought we would have this conversation Emma. I never imagined myself in this position. Emma, remember that night we were here?"
"well all I want to say is that, I had fun and I would have gone further with you because I love you. I love you as a best friend and a lover. Trust me, it didn't feel like lust to me, I actually meant every move and touch I did."
"I had fun too and I love you Frank. As a best friend and lover. And...I would love to go all the way with you too."
We both leaned forward at the same time and kissed. It was a quick kiss but, we both knew after that kiss that we were meant to be with each other.
"Emma, would you like to be my girlfriend?"
I was brought back to my senses when my phone vibrated by my stomach. 
"hey Emma, what's up?"
It was Eddie. She finally texted back 20 minutes later. 
"how would you like to go on a double date with me?" I replied. 
"who's your date??"
"you'll see. So are you up for it?"
"hell yeah! I'll text you back when I get Gee's answer"

Eddies POV
I wonder who could be her date. It better be someone who treats her right. I called Gee and after 3 rings, he answered
"hey Eddie"
"hey! Are you busy?"
"no why?"
"Emma said if you want to go on a double date with her"
"who's her date?"
"i dont know, she didn't tell me."
"sure, anything that'll make you happy."
"thank you Gee. I love you."
"love you too"
"start getting ready. Come to my house as soon as your done!"
"okay sugar. Bye"
"bye. Love you!"
"love you too!"

I hung up and got off the couch to go get ready for my double date. 

Gerard's POV
I took a quick shower and put on my David Bowie shirt with my dark grey skinnies, combat boots and leather jacket. Eddie loves it when I wear these skinnies and boots. I was ready in about half hour. I was at Eddie's in less then 10 minutes. 
I knocked on her door about 2 times until she answered slipping on her jeans. 
"oh great, you're here." I walked in and stood in front of her. 
"um, Eddie?" I tried not to look. She only had on leg in. 
"oh Gee, like if you've never seen a girl dress before."
"well, If you don't mind, whatever."
As I passed her into the kitchen, I smacked her ass. 
"I'm gonna get you for that"
"I'll like to see you try." I was at her fridge looking for the cookies her mom makes. They're delicious. 
"do you really want to go down that road again Gerard"
I closed the fridge door and she was just standing there with only underwear. 
"what happened to your pants?" again I tried not to look. She had sexy legs. 
"I took them off. I didn't like them. Im gonna go look for another pair. So tell me, do you really want to go down that road?"
"this time, I'm ready."
I picked her up from her legs, making her wrap her legs around me and I tackled her on her couch. I started to tickle her. 
"ah-ha! You're ticklish!"
"no I'm not! Gee stop!!" she could barely say the sentence from all the laughing. 
"It's your weakness isn't it?"
I continued tickling her. Her shirt lifted up and I stopped tickling her. 
She looked up at me grinning. 
"now it's my turn bitch!!"
"no no wait..." I lifted her shirt once more right under her breasts. 
"you have a tattoo?" I said shockingly 
"oh, yeah i do. I forgot to tell you."
This girl keeps surprising me. Talk about turn ons. 
"what does it say?" I asked her tracing my index finger over it. 
"it's the meaning of my last name in Greek, beautiful."
"that's pretty cool. Your are beautiful Edith."
I kissed her, still on top of her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I sunk down, right on top of her. I'm pretty sure she felt my situation because she kept pressing on it. 
"Edith I think you should change" I said between kisses. 
"what If I don't want to" she said and squeezed me tighter between her thighs. I slipped my hand down her thighs and gently messaged them. She moaned and squeezed me tighter down on her. I really want her badly, but I can't. 
"Eddie, I'm sorry. I don't want to do this like this." I pulled away and just stared at her. Still in the same position. 
"don't be sorry Gee. It's not your fault. I shouldn't have caused you to get a situation."
I giggled. 
"it's okay. To be truthful, I really want you, but I don't want to take your virginity just like that. If I am going to take it, then I want it to be special."
She grinned and kissed me. 
"thank you Gee, for looking out for me and loving me the right way. If there is anyone in the world that I want to have sex with for the first time, it would be you."
"I love you Beautiful"
"I love you Handsome"
I got off Edith and she got off the couch and walked to her room. I sat back down on the couch. 
Moments later, she came back out with dark grey skinnies and combat boots. 
"look! We're matching!" she was standing in front of me pointing at her legs and feet. 
"now my outfit is ruined" I said laughing. 
"I made it look better!" she stuck her tongue out and sat down next to me turning on the tv.
"what time is the date?" I asked her. We were watching Finding Nemo
"like at..6 I think."
"it's 1:34" I said checking my phone.
"i know"
"why am I here early?"
"because I want to spend time with you before we go" she scoot closer to me to cuddle and I held her in my arms for the rest of the afternoon watching movies. 

Franks POV
I was at Emma's around 1:35. I got out of my car to wait for her outside her house. I texted her saying i was outside. A little while after, I see her come out of her house and she's running towards me. She jumped on me and greeted me with a big hug and kiss. 
"hi Frankie!" she said when she pulled away. 
"hi MJ, ready for the first part of our date?" I opened the passenger seat and she got in. I ran to the drivers seat. 
"hell yeah! For the second part, we're having a double date" she said as I got in the car.
"with who?" I started the car and started to drive to our destination. 
"Gee and Eddie"
"did you tell them about us?"
"no, cause I want it to be a surprise" 
I looked at her with a smile and when we got to a stop, I kissed her lightly on the lips. 
"I love you Emma."
"I love you too Frank"

Emma's POV
I was surprised when Frank took me to the arcade. 
"you're bringing me to the arcade?" I said surprised.
"yeah, what's better than to be at the arcade with my best friend slash girlfriend?"
I grinned and we both ran inside. We played for such a long time. We usually spent our time playing air hockey. The looser had to buy the other an ice cream cone.
"what kind of ice cream do you want?" Frank said taking his wallet out.
"I want a 3 scoop ice cream. Vanilla, rocky road and strawberry."
"coming right up loser"
"you Outta talk" I laughed and took my ice cream. 
"hey, I texted Eddie to meet up here at the mall is that okay?" 
"yeah babe. What are we gonna eat?"
"i dont know, we should decide when they come."
"what time is it Emma?"
"and at what time are they suppose to be here?"
"around 6 maybe."

Eddies POV
Gerard and I left the house at 5:30 and arrived at the mall at 5:45. We walked around for a while just enjoying ourselves. 
"do you know where their at?"
Gerard said buying a coffee. 
"i dont know. I'll text her right now."
She replied 3 minutes later. 
"she's at the ice cream shop. Let's go"
"wait! I'm tired..." Gee said not wanting to get up. 
"c'mon you hippo! I'll make it up later" I winked at him and he immediately got up. 
We were walking towards the ice cream shop when I saw Emma and Frank. 
"hey Frank, hi Emma" I said as we Sat next to them. 
"hey" they both said. 
We just sat there in silence for a few seconds. 
" the double date off?" I asked. 
"what do you mean?" Emma said. 
"well, why is Frank here and not you're date?"
Emma and Frank looked at each other and tangled their hands together. 
"Frank is my date" Emma said neutrally. 
"how did this happen?" Gee said sitting up. 
"well, we're a couple now." Frank said grinning at us. He said it tall and proud. 
"that's great dude!" Gee got up to give Frank a hug
"Emma I'm happy for you!" I also got up to give her a hug.
"you have to tell me how it happened later okay?" I whispered in her ear
"of course. You're like my best friend. I tell you everything." she whispered back. 
"aw thank you Emma. I love you"
"I love you too."

We pulled away and we saw our boyfriends mocking us. 
"oh I love you Emma!" Gee said mockingly.
"I love you too Eddie!" Frank said with a girl voice and they started fake crying on each other. 
"oh shut up you guys. Especially you Gee, you don't want to go down that road." I said holding his hand. We were walking towards the front door of the mall. 
"after today, I think I do" 
"oooh!" Frank and Emma said laughing. I just started to feel a bit embarrassed. 
"Gee, what happens between us, stays between us okay?"
"like that Eddie? Alright, I got you" Frank said. We all just laughed. 

We got to the parking lot and then Frank started,
"so what do you guys want to eat? What are we going to do?"
"we should go out for pizza." Gee said. 
"I feel like eating Chinese." Emma said. 
Then I came up with a great idea. 
"why don't we buy pizza and chinese and have a little picnic?"
"at this time?" Frank said looking at me. 
"well yeah, it'll be fun."
"okay, sounds good. Well, since I came up with the double dating crap, I want to have a picnic where Frank asked me to be his girlfriend." 
Frank looked at Emma with a loving expression and kissed her. They are so cute. 
"sounds great" Gee said looking at them and then back to me. 
"I'm glad I have a smart girlfriend like you"
I kissed his nose and rested my head in his shoulder. 
We all got in our cars and drove to where ever we were going to buy our pizza and chinese food. 

We arrived at the beach around 9. So I had to inform my mom I was going to be home late because I was on a double date. She was so happy for me and Gerard so she doesn't really care at what time I get home when I'm with him. 

This night was really fun. We laughed and played around in the sand. We went skinny dipping and it was so funny and embarrassing. The guys, including Emma, weren't embarrassed to just let everything hang loose. In my case, I was a bit shy so I just stuck to Gee most of the time. I wasn't too shy with him. I was comfortable. He respects me. Thank god Frank had blankets in his trunk. It was freezing outside. We laid there looking up at the sky, talking, laughing, and cuddling. 
This night was unforgettable. 
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