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18. Icky with a V

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Franks POV
Monday morning, I was walking to my locker when I found a note posted on my locker. It read:
"I love you Frankie...

She's so adorable. I got the note and opened my locker to take my English book out. I heard foot steps at the far end of the hallway. I turned to look to see who it was. I met with those evil hazel eyes. 
I ignored her and continued with my life until I heard her talk. 
"don't act like if you didn't see me Francisco Iero."
"what the fuck are you talking about. Francisco? My name is Frank okay. Get it right" I shut my locker hard and she flinched. I just walked away. 
"Frank! Frank! I need to speak to you!"
"I don't care what you have to say you whore!"
I turned the corner and didn't look back. I really don't want to talk to that bitch. 

Victoria's POV 
Well, if Frank won't talk to me, I guess I have to find out if Gee is really dating Eddie another way. I will ruin them no matter what.
I walked in English class and found Eddie talking to Frank. 
"and then I saw that one dude.."
"Hi Eddie! Can I talk to you about something?" I interrupted Frank as he was talking. He just gave me a disgusted look. 
"oh umm, sure. In a minute." she replied. She turned back to Frank. 
"so you were saying?" Frank started to speak again. I decided to interrupt once more. 
"it's important Eddie..."
Frank looked really bothered. 
"we'll talk later Frank."
She got up and I lead her outside of class. 
"what's so important Victoria?"
She had a bothered tone in her voice but a casual look in her face. It honestly confused me. 
"well, you know how Swan Lake is  coming up right?"
"well can you help me on some parts of the dance because I don't get them and they are important."
"well, sure. I could try but shouldn't you ask the other girls that have your part?"
She's trying to rub the fact that she is the main swan in my face. You freaking bitch. 
"yeah but you're better then them so I thought I could learn better from you" I smiled at her and she smiled back. 
"well, when do you want to practice?"
"can it be this Saturday?" 
She thought about it for a moment.
"this Saturday I can't, I have to go somewhere. I'm sorry"
"we can try Friday after school?"
She said with a sympathetic look. 
"that'd be better. Thank you Eddie. Should we do it at school or somewhere else?"
"i dont know what do you think?"
Should we do it in school? Hmm...
"yeah in school."
"okay so I'll bring my stuff and you too right?"
"yeah, thanks Eddie"
"no problem. Let's head back inside, we're late"

Eddie's POV
Fuck. Now I have a dancing session with the slut that wants to ruin me. I have to put on an act around her though, or else there would be questioning on why I hate her. I sure don't want that. 

It was time for Nutrition and Frank and I were headed to our usual spot. 
"what did she talk to you about?" he asked as we walked to the tree. We were walking with locked arms and trying to keep each other warm cause it was so cold. 
"she wants me to help her on her part of Swan Lake"
"are you gonna help her?"
"well I don't want to be rude."
"hmm. When?"
"Friday after school"
"is it okay if we stay with you?"
"Yeah its fine" 
"we don't want the devil to eat you alive"
I laughed a little.
"okay now go to your other half, mine is waiting." 
I let go of Frank and we went opposite ways to go hug our other half: Gee and Emma. They were the only ones there at the moment. 
"Gee! Hug me, I'm cold!"
I ran to Gee and wrapped my arms around his waist under his Denim jacket. I looked up at him and kissed his nose. 
"hey handsome. Are you cold?"
"not anymore. You're here to warm me up now" 
"ooh. So glad I can. let's sit." 
"no the grass is cold for my ass"
"it's okay, I'm here to make it warm too"
I gently tapped his ass with my hand. 
"does yours need to be warm?" he asked an did the same thing I did to him. 
"yes." I grinned at him and kissed him. 
He sat down criss-cross-apple-sauce. 
"can I sit on your lap?" I asked him. 
"sure. Come here." he grabbed my waist and I sat down comfortably on his lap. 
"t'sup guys." 
Mickey arrived hand in hand with Jade. 
"are you guys finally together?" Frank asked in surprise. 
"since when?!"
"the day of the dance" Mickey answered and looked at Jade with a happy expression. 
"what in the world?" Ray said coming up behind them. 
"yeah! That's what I said!" Frank replied to Ray. 
Bob came along with Linda by his side. 
"are you guys together too?!" Frank asked again. 
Bob and Linda looked at each other in disgust. 
"hell no!" they both said at the same time. 
"Frank, why are you surprised?" I said looking at him. 
"because! Everyone is becoming a couple!" 
He turned to Emma and kissed her. 
"that was random" she said. 
"I just love you so much" he said and tackled her to the ground. 
"Frank! Careful! She's a girl!" Gee called out. 
"my girlfriend is strong unlike you!" Frank called back out. 
Gee just rolled his eyes and turned to me smiling. I smiled back. 
"our 1 month anniversary is coming.." he said. 
"i know. Im so happy to be with you Gee."
"I am too Eddie. You're the best that has ever happened to me"
"you're the best that has ever happened to me too. I can't wait for Saturday" 
Then I remembered. 
"crap! Gee, are we still gonna hide it from Victoria?" 
Gee's face expression went dull and pale. 
"i dont know, do you want too?"
"well, i dont know either. I have a dance session with her Friday after school and I was hoping you could stay with me. Frank and Emma will be there too"
Gee thought about it for a moment. 
"yes, I'll stay with you." he said it so coldly. 
"Gee, you don't have too"
"but I want to, you're my girlfriend and I want to be with you where ever you're at"
"but If you don't feel okay about it.."
"no, I'll pull through. I'm gonna be 
There okay?" he kissed me gently but I could feel his lips shake. 
"are you sure?"
"yes I'm sure sugar, now lets go to class, the bell rang."
I got off Gee's lap and he got up as well and we walked to class, trying to keep each other warm because it was too darn cold. 

Gerard's POV
Edith and I walked to our 2nd period class when we were stopped by my worst nightmare. 
"Eddie, you didn't tell me you were going out with Gerard. What happened to the other guy you were dating?" Victoria said with an evil smile. 
"oh um, I broke up with him. I'm going out with Gee now."
"someone has game" she winked at Eddie and looked at me head to toe, with the same grin she gave me the night she took my virginity. 
I felt Eddie tighten the grip on my hand. 
"well, this was unexpected. Can I talk to you Eddie? In private?"
Eddie looked at me and gave me a kiss and followed victoria to the girls restroom. I walked in class silently and took my seat. 
Well, our secret is out. I can't believe it lasted about a month though, I thought it would last less. 10 minutes later, Eddie walked in. She looks sad. Something's wrong. 
During class, there was an awful dull vibe. Eddie and I hardly talked. If we did talk is because either I or her needed help on a problem. 
After class, she didn't wait for me. 
"I'll see you later Gee" 
She got her stuff and walked out. Like nothing. 
Is she mad?
What is going on?

I didn't follow her. I went straight home. Maybe she's mad. I'm going to give her space. She'll probably get over it. I hope so. I dont know if she realizes this is hurting me. I know she's hurting, but i dont know why. It feels like someone just stabbed my heart deep with all they've got. Coming from Eddie, it hurts so much. I don't want to go back to what I use to do when I was depressed. I don't want to waste myself in drugs and alcohol. It was hard to get out but I pulled more than half way through. 
I laid in my bed for what seemed like hours. I checked the time and it was 8:36pm. There was total darkness, except the moonlight that came through a creek from my curtain. I checked my phone and I had 5 new messages. But none were from Edith. They were from Frank, Ray, Bob, and Emma. 
I didn't bother to look at them. I don't want to know what they have to say. Pissed off, I through my phone to my closet. Thank god it didn't brake though. I looked through my desk and found my last cig. I got out of my room through my window and walked up the stairs that lead up to the roof to smoke my cig. I'm gonna have to buy another pack. 

Edith's POV
I can't believe what I have done. Why did I let Vicky get To my head? I'm so stupid 
"so you're going out with Gee?"
Vicky said with a serious face
"yeah. Is there a problem?"
"no, not at all. Just that...i dont know if he told you. I'm his ex, and We were gonna get back together. He asked me the other day.."
"oh really.."
"yeah, we had sex like a few weeks ago. Don't you remember that one Saturday he went to work?"
How does she know that?!
"how do you know that?"
"I'm telling you, the day you were hanging out with Ray, we had sex. He told me how much he loved me and how much he missed me. He also said he enjoys having sex with me..."
I slapped her so hard, it hurt my hand. I walked away and didn't turn back to look at her. I heard her laughing though. All I know is that she didn't tell on me but I saw a big red mark on her cheek. She just covered it up with make up so it wasn't so visible. 
I heard a knock on my door. I Through the blanket over me so it won't seem that I was crying and just sleeping. 
"Eddie, honey, are you okay? Dinner is ready if you want to eat."
I took a deep breath. 
"no mom, I'm not hungry. I just want to be alone. And please don't ask me what's wrong, I don't want to talk about it."
I heard her sigh and she just closed my door. I continued crying. Could Victoria be right? How in the world did she know Gee was working? I did find him tired when I arrived at his house. I mean, it's obvious, he was working. But could he have been tired for something else? All these questions were overwhelming me. I snuck out of the house. I'm pretty sure my sister saw but she didn't say anything. Cause she knows even if she tries to stop me, she won't be successful. I left to hurt myself, in other words...get waisted. I use to do that a lot back in LA with Annie, when one of us was depressed. I don't have anyone this time, I'll just enjoy it on my own. 
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