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19. Teenage Dream

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*sorry I didn't post this up yesterday, I had to edit it. Please still enjoy after the long wait :)

Gerard's POV
"Gerard, are you okay?" I heard my brother say coming from the stairs.
"how do you know I was here?" 
"you're always here smoking a cig when something's wrong."
"you know me too well"
He stepped one foot on the roof.
"no, Mickey. I want to be alone."
"alright man, I'll be in my room if anything"
He closed the window and once again I was alone. 
My cig was dead and gone now, I climbed down my roof onto the front porch to the liquor store to buy another pack of cigarettes. 
As I was approaching the store, I saw this person with an oversized hoodie asking everyone that passed by to buy them liquor. 
"hey please buy me some liquor. I'll give you the money."
They said to me grabbing my jacket. I stopped to look at the person. The person seemed to recognize me so they started to run. 
"hey wait up! Wait up!" I called out. 
Oh no, I recognize that butt a mile away. Edith. 
I chased after her. She was running pretty fast, until she fell to the ground moaning. I caught up to her. 
Edith passed out in my arms, she was dead drunk. I picked her up and carried her to my place.
I set Edith down on my bed comfortably and covered her with my blanket. She was freezing. I didn't realize I had teary eyes and tears running down my cheeks until I walked in the bathroom to wash my hands. My face felt numb. I was sweaty and tired. 
I walked back in my room and Edith was still passed out. She had sweat on her forehead. I touched her forehead and she had a fever. I took off her oversized sweater and pants so she can cool down a little. She was left with a tank top and underwear. 
I went to my kitchen to make the remedy Mickey always made me after a hang over. That shit worked so well. It took about 45 minutes to make and once it was done, I walked in my room and Edith was sitting up, holding her knees to her chest, faced burried on her knees. She was crying. I set the glass cup down and she flinched. She looked up at me and covered herself with the blanket. 
"go away!" she screamed. 
"Edith, it's me, Gerard."
"Gerard.." she uncovered herself and ran up to me and hugged me. She started sob on my shoulder. 
"Gee, I swear I thought I had gotten raped. I didn't recognize your room and when I noticed I was only in my underwear, I wanted to kill myself. I didn't recognize you either. I'm sorry Gee, I'm sorry"
She continued to sob and with every word she said, she tightened the hug. 
"Eddie, it's okay. You can cry all you want, but why are you saying sorry?" she was literally on me, I was carrying her from her thighs because she had her legs wrapped around me. I set her down on the bed and I sat right next to her. 
"Because of what I have done, I'm sorry Gee, I want you to know that I love you and you're the only one that I love and....I'm sorry for believing Victoria." she finally looked up at me with teary eyes and I felt my face go cold. 
"what did she tell you?"
"she told me you had sex with her and you missed her. Basically, you cheated on me...and...I believed her because she knew that you worked that one Saturday I spent the day with Ray and it was so weird to me that she knew and when I came home and I found you sleeping, I knew it was from work but then..I thought what if it was because of something else."
I took a deep breath to calm myself down. I've had enough of Vicky's bullshit. 
"Eddie, promise me, you'll never believe her again. She's just trying to ruin you. Us. She's a lying bitch. Please don't ever believe her." I didn't realize I was holding her hands tight till she started sobbing again and trying to escape my hands. 
"Eddie, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that, I'm mad. I can't believe she told you that. Edith Hailey Lynn, the most beautiful girl I have ever dated, I want you to know that I love you with all my heart and you mean the world to me. Victoria is the passed and all that's on my mind is you." 
I grabbed her by her waist and climbed on top of her kissing her passionately. I want to show her that the only person I love and desire is her. She seemed a little tense at first but she got the hang of it. She parted her legs so our parts can be touching. She pulled away and kissed my neck. She moaned and breathed heavily. She took my face in her hands
"Gerard, I love you." she kissed me deeply. 
"I love you too Edith." I said as I pulled away.
"Gee, let's go all the way, no regrets, just love"
"we can dance, until we die, you and will be young forever!"
Eddie and I sang along to Teenage  Dream by Katy Perry. We both laughed. 
"Gee, I'm serious, I want to go all the way tonight."
"Eddie, you don't have to do this.."
"but I want to. I love you enough. You're the one that I want. Even if we don't end up together and get married, I want you to take my virginity" Eddie grabbed my hand and we both grinned. 
"let me look for a condom." I got off her and looked through my drawer. Thank god I found one. I love Eddie enough and I want her tonight as much as she wants me. 
I went over to her and kissed her again. I traveled my hand through her body, touching her left breast, down her stomach tracing her tattoo and down to her hips. She sat up and this time she was on me, with her legs wrapped around my waist. She wrapped her hands around my shoulders. I pulled her shirt off and grabbed her bra. I unhooked it with one hand while my other hand was in her ass. She was sucking on my neck which totally turned me on. She took my shirt off and she lied on her back. She unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants. 
"I like your boxers" she said pulling at them. I was wearing those tight boxers that show everything. I got off her so I can slip the condom on. I got on her again and she opened her legs so I can lye on her. 
"are you sure you want to do this?"
"yes Gee"
I started kissing her and I went in on her. She gasped and gripped the flesh on my back. I moved my hips slowly so she can adjust to my size. She moved along with me, leading me on. 
I was enjoying this and I'm sure she was enjoying it too. She gasped a little sometimes. She pushed me on my back and now she was on me. 
"are you sure you haven't done this before?" I asked. 
"yes. Do you not believe me?"
"no it's just that, you're so good" I grabbed her hips tighter and she went faster and deeper. I moved my hands to her ass and massaged them. She had such a fine ass. I sat up, her still on top and I started playing with her breast. From what I see, she looks like a C. I sucked on her nipple for a while and that made her go faster and moan a little. I pushed her back down so she was on her back and I went faster on her. 
"oh, Gee" she kept moaning. I like to know she is having a good time. Now when she grabbed my ass, i know she was doing it on purpose because she laughed a little. I didn't mind though. 
I was reaching my climax and that's when I started moaning. We started to kiss and I couldn't stand It anymore. I went even faster and deeper and since I wanted to stay quiet, I bit her lip. She didn't seem to mind either. She gave one last moan and then that's when I stopped. We were both breathing heavily. 
"wow, you're really good Edith."
"you are too. I enjoyed this so much."
"no regrets?" I asked looking at her. 
"no regrets." she said. 
We kissed and I went down on her. I pulled the covers over me so I can have a little more privacy. We're alone but, I feel better if I'm covered. She moaned and gasped a few times and pulled on my hair gently, showing me that she enjoys it. 
"is this your first time doing that?" she says as I came back up. 
"yeah, how was I?"
She pushed me on my back and returned the satisfaction. 
She pulled out my condom and went down on me. I can't believe this is her first time, she's a natural. She's so good that I can't believe I'm gasping. I'm not gonna lie but, I enjoyed Vicky, she was good too, but Edith is way better. And, there's no regrets. I was coming and she pulled out And i came on her chest. I gave one last sigh. 
"ahhh, Edith"
She came out of the covers and smiled to me. She lied down next to me and we just cuddled for the rest of the night. 
"Gee, how are you feeling?" she said, tangling one of her fingers on my hair. 
"amazing, you?"
"more than satisfied. I'm glad we did this"
"me too."
"still no regrets?" she asked looking up at me.
"of course not. I love you Edith."
"I love you too Gerard"
"I'm sorry it's not so romantic though, I wanted it to be really special." I said to her making circles on her stomach with my index finger. 
"its okay, all that matters is that we showed each other how much we love each other tonight"
"true. You're amazing by the way"
"thank you. You're amazing too"
"goodnight Eddie"
"goodnight Gee"
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