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20. I Still Got It!

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Mickey's POV
I wonder how Gerard is doing. Is he doing well enough to go to school? I'll go check on him. 
I was walking to the basement door when I turned the knob and noticed it was locked. This is unusual. He must be feeling really bad. He must have put lock so no one can go down there and check on him. I'll just go pick Jade up. 
"hey Mickey" Jade said through the phone. 
"hey gorgeous, Want a ride to school?"
"sure, by any chance, have you seen Eddie?"
"no why, is something wrong?"
"oh no, just wondering. She probably went to school early. I'll be waiting for you Mikes. Love you"

Jade's POV
I clicked the phone without waiting for his reply. I'm just too nervous. Where could my sister be?
"Gee, please reply to me as soon as you get this message" I sent a text to Gerard. Hopefully he knows where she is. She didnt come home last night. I wonder where she could have gone. I hope mom doesn't find out, it was really hard to come up with an excuse of why she didn't come to dinner last night. Oh god. 


During nutrition, I was walking towards the tree when i noticed everyone was there but Gerard and Edith. 
"hey Jade, where's Edith and Gerard?"
Emma said concernedly
"I was hoping you guys can tell me that..."
"so..are you saying you haven't seen them at all?" Ray said. 
"I haven't heard of Gee since yesterday after lunch. He didn't even wait for me." Frank said looking down at the ground. 
"Edith wasn't there for the last period either" Bob said. 
"what in the world is going on? Gerard was gloomy yesterday. He was on the roof smoking. I wanted  to go up and talk to him but he said he wanted to be alone." Mickey said pulling at the grass
"Edith was in her bed all afternoon yesterday as well. She snuck out of the house later. I thought she was going to Gee's but I guess not.."
"people! What if they broke up!?" Emma said sounding very worried. 
"that's impossible!! They are inseparable!" Bob said very serious. 
"are you sure about that?" we heard a voice coming from behind Ray. 
"Victoria, take your slutty ass out of here okay!" Frank said angrily getting up with Emma. 
"why should I, I'm just here to speak the truth. I saw Eddie last night, she was by the corner. Kissing other guys."
"I don't know who you are but I will not tolerate you talking about my sister like that!" I noticed everyone got surprised when I got up and screamed at this Victoria girl. It's not a usual thing I do to act this way. 
"oh, so you're her sister. The smart one, I've heard a lot about you. You know?"
Mickey got up to defend me. 
"we don't care what you heard of Jade, just leave us alone okay?" Mickey stepped in front of me. 
"I'm not here to talk about her anyway. I'm just here to tell you that Eddie was drunk last night. Her and Gee broke up. Trust me. I know what I'm talking about when it comes to Gee."
"of course you do you whore! You're obsessed with the guy!"
Frank said stepping forward. 
"shut up you midget! Take your annoying ass back to where you were standing, next to the ex-whore of the school"
"listen you moron, I was never the school slut. I might have flirted a little but I didn't sleep with the whole football team!"
I saw when Victoria slapped Emma and Frank was ready to throw down this bitch when Ray held him back. 
"you did not just do that!" Emma regained strength and punched Victoria in the face, causing her nose to bleed. Thank god there wasn't a teacher around.
Victoria got back up on her feet. 
"listen you outcasts, I will get you all! You hear me!" she stormed out and ran to the restroom. Emma grabbed Frank and started kissing him. They fell to the ground. All of us were chanting Emma's name. 
"damn Emma! I never knew that side of yours!" Mickey said helping both of them up and patting Emma on the back. 
"well, I was like a little bully back in middle school. I can't believe i still go it. Yay!" Emma jumped up and down and all of us, even some people we didn't know, cheered her on.  

Eddie's POV
I literarily woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside Gee's window. I had a great night and this was a great morning. I went over Gee to reach my phone that was on his side of the bed. 11:44am. Wow, we're late for school. I Woke Gee up with kisses. 
"Gee, wake up! It's 11:44." I whispered and gave him one last kiss on the lips. 
"hey beautiful, how are you feeling?" he said holding me in his arms. 
"I'm feeling great. Still no regrets"
"I'm glad to hear that. This was the best night of my life!"
He screamed and I covered His mouth.
"Gee, be quiet! You don't know who's home!" 
"no ones home. Mickey is at school and my parents are in a business trip. We have the house to ourselves!" he got off bed and stretched. 
"Gee, you should put some cloths on." I said looking down at his member. 
"why should I?" he leaned forward to look at me. 
"because then I'm gonna want to rape you." I got off bed to look for my cloths. 
"who said I won't enjoy it?" He walked over to me grabbing me by my hips. 
I couldn't help it. I want him again. 
"Let's have another sesh?" I said to him.
"sure, I would love too."
"I can tell. You have a situation." I felt it pressing on my leg. 
"oops, sorry."
"it's okay. Do you have some shorts and a tee I can borrow?"
"yeah In the closet."
I grabbed some boxers and his iron maiden shirt and went to the restroom. 
"extra toothbrushes are in the cabinet!" he yelled from his room. 
I was brushing my teeth when he walked in only in those tight boxers. He has a fit torso.
He started to brush his teeth when I finished. Before I left to go back in his room, I grabbed his ass which made him jump. I laughed walking into his room. I walked in remembering last nights events. I can't believe I did this, he's the only person I've actually truly loved. Even after.... Henry. Before Gee, I went out with this guy, Henry back in LA. At that time, I really liked him. We were perfect for each other. Everyone saw it. Everyone said we were going to grow older and get married. I loved Henry and he loved me too, or that's what I thought. 
My memories were interrupted by a squeeze on my butt. 
"you owe me" Gee said winking.
I just laughed. 
"do you have another condom?" I said rubbing on his lower abdominals as I hugged him from behind.
"let me check" he kissed me deeply before turning to his desk to check. 
"dammit, I don't. Fuck!"
"it's okay, next time. I'm not in the mood so much anymore."
"yeah me either. Want to go eat breakfast?"
"sure. Can we go to Denny's?"
"anything you want Pretty Girl"
We got ready and headed to Denny's to eat. 

After Denny's it was like 1pm. If we were to be at school, we'd be having lunch right now. 
"let's go to school!" I said as we were walking back to the car. 
"are you serious?!" he said to me
"yeah, we're having lunch right now at school."
"oh fine."
We drove to school and the lady at main office shook her head as we got our late passes. 
We walked to where we usually hang out and once Emma saw us and pointed, everyone came running towards us and gave us big hugs. 
"what's all this about?" I said as we all headed back to the tree. 
"well, first of all, we didn't hear from you guys since last period of yesterday, and then Mickey and Jade said you both looked gloomy yesterday at home and you guys don't come to school today?! We actually thought you guys broke up!" Frank explained the whole thing quickly and had to catch his breath. 
"wow, well nothing happened and we are here and we're still together. You're questions have been answered." I said looking up at a smiling Gerard.
I actually think Sex did us a favor. It brought us closer, like now we have a connection thats only understandable between us. 
Gee grabbed my hand. For some reason, i know he was thinking the same thing I was thinking about. A connection between our minds. 
"I was worried about you Eddie, you're gonna have to explain why you left. You owe me one. Can you believe how hard it was to convince mom that you were just sick?!" Jade said 
"I'm sorry for making you go through that Jade. I owe you one"
"well you guys missed the most amazing part of the whole thing.."
Mickey said nodding. 
"what is it?" Gee replied. 
Everyone looked back and forth at each other and started chanting Emma's name. She stepped forward and bowed in front of all of us. 
"thank you, thank you, I'll take it from here" she coughed and continued, "so, we were all having and argument about why you two were missing. By the way, you two owe me an apology because you almost gave me a heart attack! Anyways, then the slutty bitch Vicky comes along and starts all this crap about you two, Saying you guys broke up and blah blah blah and then she started making fun of us. She then called me a slut and Frank a midget. And then I said I wasn't the one that slept with the whole football team. And the unexpected happened, she slapped me! Can you believe it!? And so there I was, I gathered all my strength and punched her in the face! Making her nose bleed!!"
Emma acted out the whole thing. She's really good at acting. 
"damn Emma! I love you! Give me a hug!" I got up and gave her the biggest hug I have ever given her. 
"THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!" Gerard said getting up and when I let go of her, he hugged her and spun her around. 
"put me down! I'm getting dizzy..."
he let go of her and she almost fell. Frank caught her though.
"we should celebrate! After school, lets go to my place and create the biggest party in the mother-fucking world!!" Frank shouted and all of us chanted Emma's name. It created chaos. 
Gerard and I owe Emma big time. 
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