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21. Kiss and Tell 

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Edith's POV
We all, some how, were able to ditch school. It was amazing that we didn't get caught. We went to buy some liquor and and some expensive wine. Emma, since she's like a fucking rich girl and has 100's in her wallet, bought it for "the lady's"
While we were at the wine shop, the guys were somewhere else renting movies. It was only Jade, Emma, and me. Jade was somewhere talking to some women about wines. Nerd. 
"so what happened?" Emma asked me while we were looking for the best wine. 
"what do you mean?" I replied 
"why were you sad yesterday?"
"well, remember how I told you me and Gee were trying to hide our relationship from Vicky?"
"well, she found out yesterday."
Emma stopped what she was doing and she almost dropped her tasting cup of wine. 
"are you serious!? What happened?" she said
"well, I guess she got jealous and she started telling me that she had sex with Gee a few weeks ago. The saturday that he worked."
"girl, and you believed her!? What were you thinking?!"
"I know! I can't believe myself either! But how in the world did she know that Gee worked that day?"
"oh, you have a point." 
Emma kept looking around but then she stopped to look at me
"oh duh, I know how she found out!"
"her friend Natalie, she works as a cashier at the farmers market. Oh lord, how can I forget."
"that explains a lot."
"yeah it does, so why did you runaway?"
"well, I was depressed and I went to get waisted with alcohol. I was buzzed when I found Gee. I remember I started running and then everything went black. Then all I remember was that I woke up on Gee's bed."
"oh really?! Did he take advantage of you??"
"of course not you idiot!" 
I flicked her forehead. 
"ouch. I was kidding. What happened?"
I sighed with a smile. 
"oh my god, you didn't! Eeeep!!"
She squealed loudly and it made some people turn their heads towards us. 
"shh, I did. And it was amazing!!" I whispered to her. 
"oh god, I'm so happy for you!!!"
"we also had...oral sex" I whispered even softer, "can you believe it?! I had fun. It was amazing."
"ooh girl, were you good? Did he tell you?!"
"yeah, he said I was good and he was like AMAZING!!"
"oh goodness, I think I just jizzed!" 
"eww gross! But you have to keep this to yourself okay!"
We ended our conversation because Jade arrived. 
"hey! We should buy this one! I was talking to this lady over there and she said this one is the best!"
"okay that's great! Let's head over to the register."
Emma, with her fake ID, bought the wine and we headed to Franks house. 

Gerard's POV 
Frank and I were looking for movies to watch while Mickey, Bob, and Ray went to buy Food for our little get together. 
"dude, I can't believe it."
Frank said walking towards me. 
"I can't believe everyone, including I, thought that you and Eddie broke up. That's the stupidest thing ever. It's like saying I walked on water!"
"that'll never happen." I said looking at him confused. 
"exactly! You and Eddie are inseparable!"
"thanks, you know, I feel like we grew a special connection. Something that only I and her could feel."
"what do you mean?"
"well, i dont know if I should tell you.."
"dude c'mon, you already started" Frank shoved me. 
"fine, fine. Just cause you have been my best friend since the 6th grade and we share almost everything."
"okay what is it?!" Frank said impatiently.
"Eddie and I had sex yesterday."
Frank's jaw fell to the ground.
"no way dude! How'd it happen?"
"well yesterday, I was depressed because we didn't talk at all, Victoria had said something that made Eddie pissed off and sad. I was smoking on my roof top and ran out of cigs so I decided to go buy some. I then saw Eddie, she was buzzed. She ran away from me when she noticed it was me. Then she fell to the ground and passed out. I took her to my place and she woke up after like an hour and then we talked about what was going on an BAM! It happened!" I didn't go much into detail because It'll just take too long. Frank stepped closer and whispered close to my ear. 
"was she a virgin?"
I looked around to see if anyone was listening. 
"wow dude, how do you feel?"
"I feel good. She told me she's glad I was her first."
"are you glad?"
"of course, I love her. I just wish she was my first" I bowed my head remembering that night I was in the spider's web. 
"it's okay man. Just take it as if you were a virgin. Forget that bitch, she's worthless" Frank gave me a hug. 
"thanks man, you're a good friend."
"you're welcome best friend." Frank said letting go and giving me mischievous smile.
" was she?" 
"Dude! I'm not gonna tell you that! That's between me and her!" I shouted and a few people turned. 
Frank raised and eyebrow at me. 
I grinned. 
"she was amazing. Best sex I've had in my life!" I whispered and Frank started to laugh. 
"but you have to keep this to yourself! No telling Emma."
"I promise. Was she better than Vicky?"
"way know how, Vicky is known for giving good blowjobs?"
"everyone knows that!" Frank said as we walked to the cashier.
"well, Eddie was way way way WAAY, better then she was"
"dude, she sucked you up?! Damn!"
"yup, but please don't say anything"
"bro promise"
"bro promise"
Frank and I did our promise hand shake we made up in the 7th grade. 
"what movie are we watching?"
I said as We got in the car. 
"Terminator 2"
We blasted on some music and headed back to Franks place 

Franks POV
When we arrived, Emma and Eddie were inside just chillin.
"hey, MJ" I walked over to her and kissed her. 
"hello Frankie, can we talk?" Emma signaled me to the kitchen and I followed her. Eddie and Gee just looked at each other confused. 
"what's up?" I said taking hold of her hands. 
"okay well, I'm not suppose to tell you this cause I promised Eddie I won't but I want to tell you so badly because you're my boyfriend and I love you and you're my best friend and I trust you." she gave me a quick kiss. 
"okay..what is it?"
"did you know Eddie and Gee had sex?!" she whispered. 
"Omg girlfriend, I just found out" I sound exactly like a Girly girl. 
"Gee told you?!"
"yeah, when we were at the video store."
"oh my gosh, aren't you so happy for them!!"
"yeah I am babe, are you ready for me?" I pulled her closer to me by her waist and nibbled on her neck. Of course she knew I was fooling around. I'll only do it when she's comfortable. 
"ooh Frankie, not now!"
She pulled me away and just stared at Gee and Eddie. 
"aren't they just cute together? It looks like sex brought them even closer. It's written all over Edith's face that she feels secure with him and the way he looks at her says he truly loves her. Their meant to be." Gee and Edith were wrestling around on my couch. 
"yeah, they look perfect" I held Emma tighter in my arms. She looked at me with a smile. 
"I love you Emma"
"I love you Frank" I Kissed her deeply. We stayed like that for a while till we were interrupted. 
"hey you two! Knock it off!"
Mickey, Ray and Bob entered from the back door. Gee and Edith soon came in the kitchen as well.
"t'sup guys" Gee said. 
"hey, we bought the food and beers" Mickey said. "where's Jade?"
"she went home. She couldn't stay" Eddie replied.
"why?!" Mickey widened his eyes.
"I'm playing with you, she said she'll be right back."
"oh...okay. I got scared."
Everyone started to laugh. 
"hey Frank, Christa is coming over if you don't mind" Ray said opening a beer can. 
"it's cool. Any girl that means a lot to one of you is welcome."
"alright thanks man. Well, if you guys don't mind, I'll go pick her up" Ray said walking out the door. 
"I'll go with you!" Mickey shouted and ran out the door as well. Now it was only Bob, Gerard, Edith, Emma and I. It was awkward because Bob was the only one with out a partner. 
"augh, I'm going to smoke a cigarette while you people swallow each others tongues."
Bob stepped out and we all continued kissing. 


We were half way through our 10th box of pizza. Everyone was so full. Edith and I were the only ones left eating the rest of the food. We finished watching Terminator 2 so we all decided to watch Beauty and the Beast. It's a child's movie, but it's my favorite. 
It's was 9:30pm. Ray and Christa decided to go home, Mickey went to drop off Jade at home, Emma knocked out on my couch with Gee. The only ones left that we're really into the movie was Edith and Bob. They were sitting in front of the TV screen like children. I was sitting on the kitchen table nibbling on some chips that were left. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie but right now I couldn't watch it. I was too busy thinking. What will I do after high school? It never came to mind until my mother told me if I don't go to college, I will be moving to Colorado with my grandmother. Supposedly, she will teach me discipline and what not. My mom thinks I'm immature. I don't have a problem going, but what about Emma? I love her so much I don't want to leave her. She's everything I've ever wanted. 
I was interrupted by a scream. 
"what's going on?!" I said walking to the leaving room. 
"the beast turns into a prince!" Eddie said. 
"and he ends up with the beauty!" Bob says within tears. 
"oh you guys, haven't you seen this movie?"
"when I was like 10!" Eddie said getting up. 
"I have to head home. Tell Gee I said I love him." She was ready to walk out the door when Gee woke up 
"sugar! Where are you going?" he said getting up quickly rubbing his eyes. 
"home. You were sleeping so I didn't want to bother you."
"well I'm up now. I'll take you home. See you later Frank." Gee and Eddie walked out the door hand in hand. 
"I have to go too. I'll see you later." Bob got up and grabbed his coat. 
"I'll give you a lift, let me just wake Emma up." 
I kissed her cheek lightly and poked her cheek. 
"wake up princess."
She opened her eyes and smiled at me. 
"what time is it?" she asked. 
"almost 10. Want me to take you home?"
"sure, let me just grab my stuff."
She got off the couch and grabbed her bag. 
"I wish I had someone to treat like that!" Bob said walking out the door. 
"thank you for today Frank" Emma said to me. 
"No, thank you! For punching Victoria!"
"ha! That was cool. I can't believe I did it."
"I can't believe you did it either. I have a strong girlfriend."
"I have a midget boyfriend." 
Emma laughed. I made a sad face that always worked on her. 
"I'm kidding Frank, you know I love you."
Emma kissed me lightly on my cheek and we both walked out the door, one of my arms around her shoulder and one of her arms around my waist. 
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