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Back in the bat cave

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Back in the bat cave, laptop taking a million years to turn on and every Cd I want to listen to either in the possession of my brother or seriously scratched; I find myself thinking about the last few hours of my life.

Somehow, be it luck of the gods or Sylvester’s brain malfunctioning I managed to survive my first detention of three, hell I even enjoyed it. And that’s fucked up. All my nails are chipped and broken, my hair is gross with sweat and my knees are killing me from hours of cleaning the dreaded boy’s toilets, today truly confirmed my beliefs of staying away from the germ riddled death traps.

Seriously even after hours of labour and scrubbing the walls are still a yellowy green and bugs still crawl from the taps. However even the scary cockroach infested toilets failed to dampen my pro detention spirit since I had the best company and mini helper; Frank.

I’m crushing harder than a teen girl on her first boyfriend I think I may even like him more than Billie Jo (Armstrong) and that is saying something.

I need to gossip with someone now but the last time I tried telling Ray about one of my crushes he threw his cupcake in the bin violently and stormed away, he has no problem with me being gay but apparently he doesn’t want to hear about my sex life, I can’t think why.

Instead I do something very scary and possibly life threatening but hey I’ve escaped death’s clammy grip once today already who’s to say I can’t do it again? So I get off my bed with my fists balled and a look of determination on my face I can do this. I stride across my room and pick up the chunky Motorola from my drawing littered desk flipping it open I ignore the three texts from Ray asking if I’m still alive and click straight onto my contacts list. I scroll down and hit the green call button. It rings three times and I hold my breath nails still digging into my free hand then there’s the snap of her voice

“Hello?” Jasey sounds pissed, but then she always sounds pissed I’m pretty sure that’s just the way her voice is

“Hey it’s me” My voice comes out the complete opposite all happy and chirpy it makes me jump a little

“Gerard, how the hell did you get my number?”

“Mikey’s phone, hey can you come over so we can talk boys?” My voice is painfully hopeful and I can practically hear her frown down the phone I hold my breath in wait for her reply, which comes at an agonising speed.

“Gerard are you high?”






“Then what’s going on?” Confusion riddles her nasally voice and I can’t help but agree that this whole conversation is both out of the blue and completely ridiculous but Jasey is the only girl I know that isn’t in love with me so she’s my only bet on crush gossip.

“I’m in love” I let the words escape from my mouth like Knives in Scott Pilgrim.

“Gerard are you confessing to me?” Jasey’s voice is fearful a new emotion for her, I take it as my queue to laugh manically

“Hahahahahahaha no you wish, I’m talking punk bad boy in tight jeans love” My voice does that annoying melty thing at the end as my thoughts drift to Frank again; his chocolate eyes swirled red and green, thick lashes and olive skin, strong jawbone and slight stubble, pout lips and sexy lip ring “Kiss me”


“Uh nothing, are you coming over?”

“Hahaha no.”

And with that there is a click on the other end of the line and she hangs up, fantastic. Mind you what did I really expect?

I retire back to my bed, my computer still hasn’t turned on, typical. I rap myself up entirely in my duvet and just think for a while. About the way Frank smiled at me and held eye contact for that extra second, and how our hands brushed as we reached for the scrubbing brushes, how his croaky voice said my name and how his hands moved violently thrashing about whenever he tried to explain something.

I smile to myself for a few seconds before realising that that’s fucking weird and replace the grin with a blank look. Today could have been so perfect if it wasn’t for his stupid ass hoe. I bet she only likes him cause he’s perfect, talk about shallow.

Why oh why does he have to have a girlfriend? It’s probably a sign from god saying ‘Gerard keep the fuck away from Yoda, I took far too long creating such a fantastic human being for you to come along and break him’

She had dyed hair and piercings that’s practically the definition of cool. And what do I have? A fear of needles and greasy black hair is what. But maybe if I did have a piercing…

The idea strikes like a crash of powerful lightening and I wonder how on earth I hadn’t thought of it before. I scrabble off of my bed knocking my laptop onto the floor with a clatter in the process, I jump over a few stray socks and the old unused blue guitar lying neatly in the middle of my floor then gracefully land in front of my pin board.

I scan the small collection of my memories for a moment my eye’s resting on the photo I had taken with Alex James, he is a beautiful human being. I ground myself so that I can carry on with my latest task; now is not the time to be dreaming about sexy bassists.

I carefully remove one of the pins wedged into the cork and hold my breath as I bring it up to my ear. It’s okay it’s not a needle, it’s a pin. I will be like a punk and Frank will love me forever. In three two one.

“Gerard what the fuck?” I spin around to see my sceptic, analysing little brother standing awkwardly in the doorway

“Mikey! You forgive me?” I drop the pin and start running melodramatically towards my darling kid brother pulling his skinny butt into my arms. Not his butt literally I don’t really go for the whole incest deal.

“Yeah, yeah whatever that guy from yesterday is downstairs” Guy from yesterday? Oh pink dancing llamas

“Oh my god Frank you MikeyI’ll neverletyoudownagaingottago” I say at 100 mph before rushing out of my room at speed leaving to blink and the space where I once stood.

Hey guys so sorry this is just sort of a filler chapter there will be four more now (I think) and I'll work on the next as soon as I get four reviews so if you want to see more you know the drill!
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