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Rushing downstairs I don’t have time to think about why and how Frank got my address only that he’s in my house. In my fucking house. I skid on my socks and gambowl (a/n for those of you who don’t know what that is I come from the midlands and it’s what we call a forward roll) into the living room landing in a splat at the feet of a sex god.

Somehow he has managed to change into even tighter jeans than the ones he wore to school and he’s now wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt ripped at the collar to show off his tanned chest I can’t help notice that the sleeves have been messily cropped off too revealing his ripped ovary obliterating arms.

I drag my tongue back into my mouth despite its protests then pull myself into sitting position still staring up at the beautiful sexual predator before me. “H-hi Frank” I beam up at him, probably beaming for the first time in my life it tugs on my cheeks painfully and I soon let it drop, it’s defiantly not for me.

“Hey Obi” He says with a wicked grin it takes me a while to realise it’s my turn to say something and we just sit in silence staring awkwardly at random spots of the living room.

“So you okay?” I ask rubbing the back of my head and messing up my already crazy hair, I’m no good at social interaction and would usually avoid it at all cost but the more I speak and ask questions the more Frank will speak in that rough gritty New Jersey accent.

“Yep” He replies nonchalantly, his voice deep, gravely “Broke up with Emma” He adds after a moment of looking at his chipped sharpie nails.

I let the words roll through my mind slowly giving the little buggers that run it time to proses the information. And after a few seconds the news has spread round my body and my eyes are like fucking sources or something because holy zebra shit is that a sign? “Y-you did?” I manage to form the two words with minor faults, shoulders rising a little and my eyes stupidly hopeful, peering up through my matted black hair.

“Yep” I gulp and continue to stare up through my ebony bangs unsure of where exactly to take the conversation; Frank apparently is a man of few words.

“You… erm… want some coffee?” I ask with a frown realising only now that I’m still perching on my toes in a crouch on the floor my face just at…

“Yeah sure” Frank thankfully interrupts that pleasant little thought and I hop up before I can think it again, Frank follows closely behind as I manage to stumble into the kitchen without breaking either of our legs.

As I make my way to the coffee cupboard I spot the blackened pie from the corner of my eye, it’s sitting sadly on the kitchen island as a sort of morbid centrepiece. I can’t help but feel sorry for the poor sod and I think Frank feels the same way as throws the sorry thing a sympathetic glance.

“Is that the”


“What happened?”

“I’d rather not talk about it”

Frank nods respectfully and I pull out two mugs successfully, this happens to be a big deal for me as usually I would have pulled down the entire shelf and so I smile happily at myself as I boil the kettle.

“You’re happy” Frank is suddenly very close, so close in fact that I can feel his hot musky breath on my ear.

I gulp before replying intelligently “um” I hear and feel Frank laugh behind me and all my hair stands on end, in a good way, then he’s looping his thumbs through my belt holes, chin resting on my shoulder. This isn’t very practical for coffee making “Um Frank?”

“Hmm?” He moves his thumbs from my belt loops and pushes them nimbly into my boxers, tracing my hips with hot sweeping motions, if he kept this up he was defiantly not getting coffee anytime soon. Frank’s lips are then pressed to my neck, his nose nuzzling the sensitive skin, I let out an involuntary moan my cheeks flushing lotus blossom pink as I do.

Frank laughs again turning me around as he hiccups out adorable giggles I would more expect from a small child in a blue dress than the ravishingly handsome punk boy currently attaching his puckered lips to my snowy neck.

Fuuuuuck. I let out another little moan as Frank’s teeth nip at my vampire flesh causing all my blood to evacuate to my head… well not all of it, some seems to have run down to other places.

Then Frank’s hands are everywhere, pressing down on my thighs, and running up my pale back before hoisting me up so that my legs wrap around his skinny waist and his bowed lips are hot and wet against my own hungry ones.

He carries me a few steps before plonking me down (not so delicately) on the kitchen island, I push my hands through his hair as his tongue explores my mouth, still letting out little gasps and groans. He pushes me back and my head smashes against the burnt pie, his eyes are wild and dangerous as he climbs onto the small kitchen island straddling me in those jeans.

Those jeans, fuck.

Frank leans back down smashing his lips once again to my bruised wanting ones and forcing my head further into the pie. I’m hard now and Frank knows it, grinding down as he pins my hands above my head. Frank Fucking Fuck. I moan loudly panting into Frank’s mouth his mouth. I was going to have fucking dreams about this for the rest of my life.

And then somehow over all our panting and (my) moaning I manage to hear a little awkward shuffle and tap on the kitchen door. Frank pulls himself partly off me though his legs still straddle my hips and I look round to see a small woman in a lavender dress suit standing timidly at the door. I go scarlet and forget to breathe for a few seconds as the white haired woman looks from me to Frank and then back to me again. “H-hi Grandma”

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