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The next few seconds passed at an agonizing speed. Frank looking like the cat who got the cream; coy half smile on his pink lips hair hanging in curls over his eyes. Then there was me still desperately trying to catch my long lost breath, face plastered with hair and burnt pie, and of course there was my Grandma in the doorway all permned and smelling of lavender and cookies. After what feels like a thousand years the elderly woman finally replies

“H-hello Gerard” she sounds shocked.

I wonder why fucktard.

“How are you?” I ask arms still pinned above my head, Frank smiling wickedly like the bad ass that he is. I think I have pie in my eye.

“Should-should I give you guys a minute?” The seemingly timid woman asks awkwardly and I’m about to tell her that yes that would be nice when there’s a loud shriek from behind the already startled OAP.

Even Frank jumps as my brother suddenly leaps on set eyes wide and furious behind his thick-rimmed glasses. I swear I can almost see little drops of pure hatred dripping from his hazel eyes.

“The pie!” He cries hands flailing in the air his voice exasperated and cracking slightly.
He looks between us disgustedly before his eyes settle on my blushing form and narrow, “You”

Frank decides this would be a good time to get off of me and swings elegantly onto the ground wicked smile still printed on his bowed lips, tongue playing with his lip ring seductively.

But now is no time to be exiting the little monkeys in my pants for there is a very angry and very demonic teenaged boy making is merry way towards me. There should be a limit on times I can encounter death in one day.

Mikey’s very close now, so close in fact that I can actually feel the acidic vapour escaping all his pores. And I can’t even think of a pun or film reference about dying on the kitchen table, though there probably is an innuendo in it somewhere.

“You couldn’t just let it be could you? Couldn’t just let the poor thing rest in goddamn peace!”

This time he’s really blown a fuse


So an hour later I’m sitting with an ice patch and a sprained ankle in A and E startled Grandma on one side, an amused Frank on the other. Mikey has disappeared off to the vending machine still struggling to be near me.

Though despite all his rage and pent up aggression my darling little brother was not the one to actually inflict today’s injuries. No I had managed that all by my self, after Mikey took one final step too close for comfort I had attempted to roll off of the Kitchen Island to safety not realising that off the kitchen counter in fact was not safety but a drop onto an open cupboard. Needless to say it was not the most comfortable landings I have experienced in my time.

Though it was no way near as bad as the time I fell down into the orchestra pit whilst trying to give a thrilling performance as Peter Pan.

My grandma and Frank are getting on though, on the plus side, hell they’re even on first name terms. I can’t decide if this is cool or not but at least my life isn’t complete carnage. For now.

My ankle however is a completely different story, after multiple X rays the quacks have decided that I need minor surgery. My argument about me not really needing that leg all that much was ignored and now we’re just waiting for a room.


What feels like 5 million hours later we are given a room, thankfully it’s a private one thanks to our awesome insurance and me being a regular customer. Mikey and my Gran are off talking to my mom on the phone. I just stare up at the white wash ceiling.

I really hate hospitals, hate them from the bleached white walls to the sterilising hand wash that makes your nails taste funny and un-chewable, the scrubs are a crime against fashion and none of my doctors are JD. Normally I would be complaining, screaming and protesting to anything my nurse suggests but I’m trying to look cool for Frank, who like my knight in shining armour not only carried me to my Gran’s car but then stuck with me like a faithful little pit bull with a lip ring and Mohawk.

However it’s fucking hard to keep a cool and collect attitude when a short balding woman is trying to put needles in your arm. “Get away get away get away!” I screech flailing wildly as her and two other nurses try to still my frantic limbs.

Frank still has the drop dead smile on his lips but I can see some sympathy in his bottomless eyes “Dude, calm down, just look at me” he coos stroking my one calm hand.

I try and focus my hesitant eyes letting out a shaky breath, nurse sideburns seems to thank the heavens for my finally resting arms and I try not to think about what she’s doing next but “Ow! Ow, ow, ow!” I yell closing my eyes and banging my head against the pillows.

I feel one of Frank’s soft hands against my face and look up to meet his hazel nut eyes “Gerard they haven’t done anything yet, you’re fine” He tells me tucking a piece of my ebony hair behind my ear. My blood decides this is a good time to rush to my face turning me a rather attractive shade of crimson.

Why must my body work against me like this?

“I know” I tell him “but I wanted to be practiced and ready for when they do” He laughs like I’m joking and continues to stare into my eyes while I melt into the hospital bed.

It turns out when they do actually out the death pin into my arm it doesn’t hurt all that much though the thought still makes me feel sick. I’m tiered now though as baldy said I would be, I go into surgery soon and I can barely keep my eyes open long enough to be worried.

Frank is still faithful by my side though; he’s climbed onto the bed, his feet kicked up so that he tucks nicely into me. I can’t quite believe I’ve only known the scruffy punk boy for two or so days but more than that I can’t get over him liking me. And not just in a aw-that’s-a-nice-flower kind of way, no he actually likes me in a I’m-going-to-ravage-you-on-the-kitchen-island sort of way. I giggle to myself and poke his side “You like me” I tell him fluttering my eyelashes as I do.

Frank just laughs then pulls one of his bare tanned arms around me squeezing a little as he does. “You’re so dopey” He says looking fondly at my lazy face.

I probably am completely stoned but that doesn’t matter right now because I’m tucked up in bed with Frank Iero and life doesn’t get much better than that. Not that I can stay happy for long because all too soon my doctor arrives and tells me it’s time. Frank kisses my nose and I’m gassed to sleep.

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