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I Will Destroy The Mess That This Website Has Become

by TheIntrovert 26 reviews

You've never seen this username before. Soon, you won't be able to forget it.

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I have no name, no face nor any claims of grandeur. I merely exist. The most wondrous thing is that the audience who shall read my stories will know nothing of the author, therefore will be unable to judge the authenticity of the written pieces I create based on my likes, dislikes, social status and various other accommodating factors. You're completely lost without a palette of colours to judge me from, aren't you?

Not quite. You grasp that I have a fairly... whimsical way of providing a message to the masses. Upon reading the words I've written so far, you're able to realise that I'm British, from the way I have spelt various words up until this point.

Or do you? Am I merely throwing you off by deliberately leaving a select number of words in a British format? Now you feel vaguely annoyed. You're trying ever so hard to analyse me now. You dislike the arrogant tone that your mind automatically formulates while reading this. Ah, yes. Notice that internal voice now? That's your head providing a personality to some words on a writing website.

The thought of those little cogs whirring inside your head amuses me.

You've also noticed that I have the delightful tendency to ramble.

Though maybe not. Maybe you're one of the select few who are intrigued by my sudden appearance. Who knows? I most certainly don't.

So yes, using this concept of shielding the traits of the author from the reader, I'm hoping to inject a little mystery into the mundane word-soup this website has become.

As the saying goes....

Watch this space.
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