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A Hazard to Myself

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Frank returns back to the city :)

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Hey kiddos! Next chappie lovelies! You look beautiful today! ;) xxx

Franks POV
"No, i wanted to go to Dayles, the turn is right back there." I point out to a still fuming Daniel. "Sorry lad, your Mom wants to see you." He said matter of factly. The down side to Uncle Dan was the fact that my Mom, his older sister was one of his top priorities. I got that. They practically brought eachother up and had to fend for themselves and eachother when things got too much at school, hell their dad wasn't the best when it came to parenting. Mine wasn't perfect but he hadn't done too bad in the time we had lived together.
"Dan, i want to go to Dayles." I said with a pause before each word letting him know i meant business. "Hard shit, we're here now." He said as the metal gates slowly opened. My Moms boyfriend had let her move in to his palace. His ridiculously overpriced haven of pointlessness. And no it's not jealousy, i actually find it a pile of shit.

I dash to make a break for the wall but before i can hop over it and flee, Dan has me by the scruff of the neck and is dragging me to the front door. "Aww hey my love, come in, dinners almost ready." She beams at me wiping her hands on her striped apron. "You can stay if you like Dan. There's plenty to go round." She smiled now folding her arms across her chest.
"Ah thanks Lyn, but i better get back home. The kids and I have a slight date planned." He jokingly pretended to shoot himself in the brains. I would if i had to spend more than an hour with those brats of his. "Aww well, it's just me and you then kid." She smiled nudging me playfully. I raise an eyebrow at the only just shorter than me frame from the tiled doorstep. "Ben's out golfing with a mate until later on in the night. You can stay over if you want, you'll be asleep by the time he gets back. You look knackered sweetheart." She says in her sickly sweet tone, brushing the back of her soft hands across my rough, unshaven cheeks. "No Thanks, Dayle and I have plans." I say, lying through my teeth, my best talent.
"Well i saw him earlier as it goes. And he's off out into town with his mates for a stag party. So, you are staying for dinner and it's only one night for the first time in a blue moon. Now get in, shoes off, you know the rules." She says ushering me inside as she flashes a smile at Dan and shuts the door quickly.

"Now, we're having Vegetarian Lasagne and chips. Should be ready in a little bit." She says closing the oven door.
I say nothing. Just sit and stare at my beaten converse.
"Er... Hello i am here Frank. You can respond you know." She says sarcastically earning an eye roll and a exasperated sigh from me. I could tell she was losing her patience with me, i could tell i was pushing her. Everything was going just as i wanted it too. Get kicked out for pissing her off and head right back to Dayles. I was delighted with the way it was going until some evil descendant of Satan knocked on the door.
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