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Run For Your Life

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Running away. Relationships and Ruthless drinking sessions.

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Hola Kiddos!

Franks POV

"You-You you're gay?" Bob gulps. "Frank?" He says after a few silent moments.
I take off, running as fast as i can away from him, away from the fact i've just ruined my bond with one of the only people who willingly gave me their time of day. I run towards the west direction planning on heading back to Dayle's.

After a good half an hour of pelting it down endless roads a familiar Mercedes stops at my side. "Frank! Frankie!" A familiar gruff voice bellows. Much to my relief and my horror is my uncle Daniel. "Get in Lad! It's about to hail!" He cursed and muttered an entire alphabet of obscenities before i ran to the passengers side, the rain i only just noticed having drenched me head to toe. "Take you to your Moms?" Daniel asks me. My mother being his niece so he's not technically my Uncle, although we call all the woman and men in the family Uncle and Aunt. Well, they all do, because thy're so tight knit and i've not long been back from living with my pathetic excuse of a father for years. I don't really fit with any family. I guess that's why i'm so attatched to Dayle.

You see, my Mom usd to date Dayle. They only lasted a few months but in that time Dayle kept his patience, gave me a chance not many do, although i was a complete and utter bastard to him for the first three months. I'd mess up his place on purpose, leave my shit everywhere, never lifted a finger, was rude to him, used profanities in front of his little neices and nephews when they came to visit earning him a good talking to when their parents took them home later on in the day. It changed though. Because Dayle never snapped at me. He did have words with me on a few occasions when i'd pushed it too far, but he didn't give up on me, even my own mother had pretty much done that, long ago too. No, it came to my attention when he and my mother broke up. I went and lived with her and her Dad and Uncle for a little bit of course but one night i lost it with her. I left that place and planned on sleeping in a bus shelter, given it was raining and i had not a penny to my name, but he stumbled across me on his way back from the pub and let me stay with him, and as they say, the rest is history.

"Dayles please." I say cranking up the Scuzz FM.
"Turn that noise off Frankie. For Heavens sakes!" Daniel scolded before turning the little knob almost to the complete silence, i sighed in defeat and fristration. The bassline of Nirvana mildly still beating through the car. I loved this car. The prized possession may i add. It was just a shame it wasn't a keeper. My uncles brother in law was in Paris and the second he was home he'd be making a detour to Belleville to retrieve his baby.

I on the othr hand was thinking of making a detour elsewhere and never coming back either. Now i'd lost my best friend, what was there to stay in this abyss for?
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