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You Can't Make Your Own Decisions, But You Can Make Your Own Mistakes

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Frank and Bob's road running adventure turns sour...

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Franks POV
"60 freaking miles per hour!" Bob exclaims giggling at my wreckless driving. What did he expect, we don't do things by halves, a joyride is a joyride and joyrides are fun. Fun means fast, furious and fucking wreckless.

We had already skipped through several junctions, avoided three police cars and almost crashed into every tree we passed but we were going for it today. We were nevr slowing down, not stopping, just driving onwards and forwards. We were on a long and winding country lane now, trees of all species lining the grassy banks, shadowing the road like a protective sheet of armour. The neatly trimmed hedges skyscraper high darkening the secluded spot just outside of BelleVille. It was all so mindblowing, so exciting and new and all of a sudden, out of nowhere. The car stopped in the middle of the road.

"What the fuck?" Bob said simply.
"I don't know do i?" I say still mildly agitated from earlier.
"Well, you know about this shit? Get out and have a look would ya?" Bob says rolling down the window and striking up a cigarette. He was right there, I did know my stuff when it came to cars. That was my only hope these days. Apart from music, but i was shit at that.

I scrambled out of the drivers seat and dashed to the front of the car, ripping the bonnet open. "Aw Fuck!" I yell aloud, not caring whoever may hear me.
" What is it?" Bob asks joining me at my side.
" The engines clapped out." He looks at me baffled. " You know kaput, fucked over, finished." I continue as steam rises out of the many pipes attatched to the large black machine.
" Oh man!" He says putting his hands on his head and running them through his hair.

And i don't know what i'm doing but i'm advancing towards him. Our faces merely millimetres apart and my lips attatch to his softly. As i pull away, Bob's horrified, disgusted expression meets my ashamed and terrified eyes.

What have i done?
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