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Jekyll and Hyde


Insanity is contagious

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Gerard groaned,as the room spun.
He moaned, as the feeling of the bedroom swirling engulfed him.
She came in, with tea, and some pill.
He sucked down both.
Then, he started cackling.
"Gee....are you OK?"
"I'm friggen fiiiiinnnnneeeeee! Wahahaha!" He laughed maniacly.
She put a hand on his forehead, "Gerard! You're burning up!"
"No, I'm just sexy."
He laughed again.
"Hospital, mister.../now/"
He looked at her, tears in his eyes. "YOu're sending me to the funny farm?!"
"No, I'm taking you to the hospital, to see what they can do about your fever, and sickness."
He groaned.
As they pulled up to the hospital, Gerard looked quite pale.
Gerard shrugged.
the nurse came in with all of the blood test stuff. Gerard felt the room swirl, as the needle hit his vein.
)@@)@)@ 10 minutes later
Gerard looked at her wearily.....and fainted.

**ohayocons over :( but was it fun...yep. so heres an update. oh and i
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