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Rodrick's first word...well, sorta


Awwwww, Rodrick~ and Gee's so happy...but he's sick!

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Gerard woke up the next morning with a massive headache. Lindsey looked at him.
"You're pale, sweetheart."
'I'm always pale, hun."
"Daddy! Mommy!!"
Gerard sat up, feeling dizzy.
"What's up, B?" Gerard asked.
"Rodrick's trying to talk!"
Gerard's heart skipped.
Rodrick's trying to "talk* Gerard thought happily, as a feeling of dizziness overcame him.
"Mommy, is Daddy ok?"
"I dunno, hun."
"I'm fine." Gerard said, shakily standing up.
He ambled to Rodrick's room.
"What's up dude?" Gerard said, smiling.
Gerard felt tears in his eyes.
"Yeah, its me, Rodrick."
He reached for Gerard."Dada!"
Gerard bent over his crib, and picked him up.
He carried Rodrick to Lindsey and Bandit, beaming.
"Guess who said their first word today?"
"I know! Rodrick!" Bandit squealed.
"And score one for B!" Gerard laughed, as he handed Rodrick to Lindsey.
Gerard grinned at his family.
The grin quicly faded though, as the sour taste of out of season strawberies, and out of season rasberries filled his mouth. He felt the creeping sensation of his stomach contents rising up.
He collapsed on his hands and knees, on the carpet, and vomited.
Lindsey gasped, 'Gee! Oh, I knew you were sick!"
Dammit all! Gerard screamed in his mind. He threw up, again.
Bandit looked at him, "Daddy! You're gonna die!!"
"I'm not gonna die...I'm just sick."
"Dada!" Rodrick started crying. Lindsey tried to calm him, as Gerard heaved.
"Gerard! Hunny!" She gasped.
Rodrick was crying, and Bandit was trying to make funny faces to get him to stop crying.
Gerard looked down at his shirt, it was covered in puke, and so were part of his skinny jeans. He took off his shirt, and went to the bathroom to change.
After he emerged, he was wearing a The Smiths t-shirt, and red skinnies. He smiled.
"Whats up?"
'I think its time to dye my hair again."
Lindsey looked at him, "Gerard, the hair dye fumes might make you sick!"'
"Nah, I've dyed my hair loads of times."
He went to the sink, and grabbed the bleach. He put some on his fire red hair, and scrubbed like mad.
He finished getting the color out, whilst he ended up staining the sink with hair dye. He looked at himself, and frowned.
"What's wrong>"
'My hair's orange"
Lindsey laughed. "You look like a Japanese cartoon character!"
"I do not!"
"Uh, yeah. You do"
"Prove it."
Lindsey grabbed Gerard's iPhone, and went to google, and typed in "Orange haired anime characters."
"Look," she grinned.
"'re right." Gerard said defeated.
He laughed and dried off his hair. Dizziness started to overcome him, and he swayed as he fell on the bed.
"Lindsey....the room's spinning."
"Your eyes are all shaky."
"I dunno what's I getting old?"
"I just think its a balence problem."
"I don't wanna go to the hospital, again."
"I know."
Gerard smiled at her, then fell asleep.
xo Jules
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