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Movie Night, again


Aww, more movies

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Gerard looked through the DVDs. He saw Freddy Krueger, Halloween, Friday the 13th, and other classics. He popped in /The Exorcist/, smiling.
As Regan was possessed, she puked pea soup. Gerard grimaced. Seeing that had made him a bit nauseaous. Frank walked in.
"Whatcha watching?"
"The Exorcist"
"Dude, since when did that movie make you sick?"
"'M not sick!"
"Then, why are you shaking like a leaf?"
"Dunno," He shrugged. He felt the room blur.
"Gerard? Are...are you--Oh, God! Gerard!" Frank panicked. Gerard was digging his nails into the carpet, shaking. His body felt like it was on fire. His head was spinning, and he felt like he was burning up. He groaned as the living room swayed. Frank noticed Gerard's face was flushed, and his eyes were glassy.
"Oh craaaaap, this hurts!"
Frank grabbed Gerard's hand, as Gerard coughed, and convaulsed. Well, he was shaking more than convousling. Frank looked at his best friend.
"I....I'm fine."
"No, Gee. You're not."
"Frank...I'm fine."
Gerard coughed, and started breathing erraticly. Frank tried to calm him.
"Breathe, Gee. Breathe."
As Gerard calmed down, Frank looked at him. He was sweating, and his face was flushed.
Frank took him to the bedroom, and lied him down. Gerard looked at him.
"Thanks Frank..."
"You're welcome Gerard."

*Soooooooooooooooooooooo, I have been super busy with school, plus I have exams next week. >.> yay. But I thought I;d squeeze in an update
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