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Reid is sent to Ukraine to stop a trafficking scene. When he gets there, he meets another American Agent- a 15-year old girl. She's already working on the case, so they become partners. He's only 2...

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I sat in Erin's office, curious. She doesn't call me in unless it's important.
"Reid, you're being taken away from the BAU. But before you interrupt, let me explain. We need someone like you in Ukraine to help one of our agents stop a trafficking business." she explained. I was stunned.
"When do I leave?"
After saying good-bye to everyone, I went home to pack. Who's the agent I'd be helping? Why Ukraine? I thought to myself. After pushing the thoughts I couldn't answer out of my head, I left for the airport.

The plane felt empty, even with the security around me. One of the men handed me a bunch of papers. I nodded a thanks and read them over. The first page had a picture of a brown haired girl and blue eyes. Her description said "Charlotte Malone, 15, New Hampshire Agent. Working with- Dr. Spencer Reid in Ukraine". So, this was the girl I was working with? I sighed and sat the papers down, a bit mad. Did they think I was stupid?


If I have to sit here another hour longer, I'm going to shoot myself with this gun. Three hours have passed by and I haven't seen anyone come in or out. Gosh, Ukraine is really boring. "Screw the boss, i'm leaving" I muttered to myself. I so I army crawled back to my jeep and drove away quietly back to base.

I showed my ID card to the security guy to let me in. You'd think after the past two weeks he would remember me. I walked into my office, and took four ibuprofen.
"Char! Get into my office, now!" he yelled. I sighed and walked in.
"In a couple of hours, your new temporary partner is going to be here. His name is Dr. Spencer Reid. He's 24, and from Quantico. Be nice, don't bite his head off, and let him help you. I don't want these guys taking you." Mr. Sanchez, my boss, replied. I looked at him for a while before saying anything.
"I make no promises, and you don't have to worry about me every case. I really do appreciate the concern, but they won't take me. I'm not what they want, I suppose." I told him, walking away. So a new guy, flying here to help a fifteen year old. This should be one interesting case.
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