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Chapter 1

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Charlotte & Reid finally meet. Oh, the wonders.. it's short, but i'm tired. Okay, byee.c:

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I let out a slight sigh as I got out of the car. This airport is a disaster. I had to memorize Reid's picture so hopefully he'd be easy to find. I searched a for a few minutes until I spotted him in the food court. I walked over to him, trying to be professional. When I saw him, I couldn't do it. He has the most gorgeous brown eyes I've ever seen. His hair was amazing and he was just adorable.

"Are you Dr. Reid?" I asked a bit flatly.
"Yeah, and you are Charlotte. Nice to meet you." he replied, holding out his hand. I shook it, fake smiling. He may be hot, but they still think I need an older person's protection. We walked to the car in silence. When we got to the base, I finally said something.

"Welcome to Ukraine, home of the traffickers, nice people, and people like us." I told him.
"Oh, thanks. You're serious?" he replied.
"Basically. But hey, you'll warm up to it eventually. On this case, we'll have to be faking as a lot of things. Like I said- very diverse place." I explained as we took the elevator up the building. We chatted about the rest of the case until we scurried into the conference room.

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