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Chapter 2

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this one is longer.c: a bit of a time lapse; but nothing too important. enjoy!

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Two weeks after the offical meeting, Reid and Charlotte seem to be getting along pretty well. Now, Reid must act like a head of another traffiking place in the world, with Charlotte as the co-leader. Not very uncommon. They've found out that the men are hidden in the countryside of Chernobyl. No major feeling have come upon the two, yet. Now, for the meeting of the gang members.
Charlotte's POV

I tied up my ponytail, praying this would work. Reid in his suit, me in normal clothing. I took a deep breath and looked at him. His nervousness made him look like a startled possum. I hugged him, hoping he would calm down. I knocked on the door, putting my poker face on.

Reid's POV
"Password." a grumbled voice demanded.
"Sg567FH3." I replied. He opened the door, nodding his head at us. He looked at Charlotte weirdly, but who wouldn't in this place. I searched for McCullin's office, which was in the complete end of the building. We walked in, heads up.

"Who are you, and who is this?" McCullin asked, purring the last part of the sentence.
"I'm Micheal Gurth and this is Kelly Holl. We're the bosses you talked to earlier. Now, how may we help you?" I asked flatly. He looked at me like I was nuts.
"Here are some of the files that you need to take care of. Kelly, I've hired you to try and get more people." he replied.
"Are you dumb? Gurth and I are partners. Wherever he goes, I go." Charlotte replied instantly.

"Fine. Screw up, you're mine. Or deal's off." McCullin said.
Before I could say anything, Charlotte intervened. "Deal. Good luck." she said, walking out.
I followed her, not saying anything to the car. My whole head thought? OH.SHIT. When we got to the car, I looked at her.

"Calm down. I've never lost a case when i've been undercover, promise. Pleae, i'll have everything to protect me." she replied.
"Okay. One flaw, we're leaving this case. You and I are flying back to America. You're going into protective custody until we know they're all dead and you're safe." I said matter of factly.

"Lets build that bridge when we get there. So what all do the files say?"
"They're files on victims, which we already know. Lets look at them back at the office."

We didn't speak to each other for the rest of the drive, both lost in thought. I don't think I have feelings for her, but I can't lose a fifteen year-old. Especially not to these people. The agency needs her..

Charlotte's POV

"So basically nothing new except where these women were taken from, dead or alive. This is just magnificant." I spat, trying to connect everything on the board. Everyone was quiet, trying to find something new that we missed. Nothing. I walked out, furious. My life is basically on the line, and we're doing zilch to help these people.

Muahah! That's all you're getting for now. Is Reid in denial? Is Charlotte? Will she be safe? Keep reading, and favorite!:D
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