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OMFG She updated this story she said she was quitting

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Miracles do happen, it turns out. A pretty shot chapter that helps set things up XD

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Gerard's Point Of View

I look at the giant mall looming over the parking lot that is the Mall of America. I understand why it was named that, looking at the huge mother fucking boss that it is. Four stories. A movie theatre, over 600 stores, complete with a theme park and a mini golf course. Not to mention the hall of mirrors, or that they're still adding onto the giant... Thing. For lack of a better word.

(And then the mall exploded and they died. End of story. JK, JK.)

"Wow..." Frankie mutters as we step into the squarular monstrosity. I squeeze his hand, fearing this petri dish of human consumerism as well.

"This place is scary." I say, shivering to myself. Not because of the cold if you didn't pick that up.

Frankie nods. "Yeah..."

Miley shrugs. "You guys are wimps." 

"Are NOT!" I protest, breaking into a pout. Frankie chuckles, even though the comment was directed at him too. 

"What was it you wanted to get, Mikes?" Frank asks, bringing us back to the task at hand. Oh God, I hope I don't get lost in this giant motherfucker. With my luck it will happen. Multiple times.

"Gerard, why don't we meet at the entrance to Underwater World if you get lost?" Frank suggests, reading my mind. Fucker. Oh yes, the mall is also equipped with an aquarium. Lovely.

"Are you doubting my staying-with-the-group abilities?" I ask, pretending to be hurt.

"Yes. Now let's go find shit for Mikey." Frank says bluntly.

I nod, saluting. "Whatever you say, cap'n!"

Frank looks at me like I'm crazy. "Are... Are you okay?"

I smile. A very fucking creepy smile, granted, but still a smile. "I'm perfect, sugar." I say, pecking a kiss on his lips.

"Gerard! What I someone sees?!" Frankie hisses.

"What if I see?!" Mikey moans, rubbing his eyes in an attempt to wash away that last image. Not going to work, buddy.

I chuckle softly. "Minnesota is the gayest state."

Frank raises his eyebrows. "Must be because you moved here."

I frown. "You're on the receiving end of my gay-ness. Dont complain or you won't get it like you want it tonight." I smile evilly, teasing him.

"Would you guys SHUT the FUCK Up!?" Mikey yells, disturbing many shoppers, mentally and literally.

"Geez, and you think we're bad." I mock him, shaking my head.

"Let's go." Mikey huffs, pulling Frank and I deeper I to the beast.

~Time Lapse~

By the time we're eating lunch (why not? It tastes good), I am proud to say that I am a BOSS of a vampire that only got lost--wait for it, wait for it-- twice. It must be a record. The angels aren't singing, they're in shock. 

"I'm going to the bathroom." I decide, standing up. Never heard of a vampire going potty? Well, that's good because they really don't have to. I just wan to redo my eyeliner (what else would I do in a bathroom? [insert authors dirty thoughts here]).

I walk into the not too full white red and blue tiled washroom, leaning over a sink to get "up close and personal" with the mirror.

I go over the dark smudges of eye-enhancement with a fresh layer, making my eyes pop in a way I know Frankie likes. I smile at myself in the mirror (vampires are a mirror's best friend), and I accidentally toss the eyeliner stick into the mirror when I attempt to put on the lid.

Only it doesn't bounce off the mirror. It goes straight through.

You know, I was going to leave this story... Oh the things I do in the middle of the night. I need to look over the plot, and you shouldn't expect updates weekly. Maybe every 2/4 weeks... Cause I'm still a lazy fuck who has other stories to work on as well.

Oh yeah, I tried to recreate my old writing style. I think I write differently (might just be me) than I used to, so sorry if this is alet-down DX

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