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Short chapter alert!

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Yanno, this story is going to be following a plot line... No its not because I never wrote one. It'll have a theme!

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Gerard's POV

I stare at the mirror, in a rage. The bitch just stole my eyeliner! 

"Oh no, you fucking di-in't!" I says, full sass on display, blatantly ignoring the fact that I'm talking to a mirror in a bathroom full of people...oops. 

I'm getting weird looks. I glare at the stupid humans who look at me like I'm insane. I'm not fucking insane, got it? Or do you need me to beat it into your brain as soon as I get my eyeliner back?!

I sigh, once again focused on the mirror. why, oh why did it have to steal MY eyeliner? I'm sure it comes across many other people with perfectly acceptable eyeliner, thank you very much! 

... Or is it a compliment? 

I shake my head, determined to get back my eyeliner. NO ONE steals my eyeliner and gets away with it. I put my hand over the mirror, and push it forward. My hand goes through the reflexion as if there's nothing there.

I gasp. I should have expected that but I kind of... Didn't.
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