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High School Will Break You

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Cameron's the new girl at Palo Verde. Secret shoutout in there for Obssessive-Fangirl:3 Not really secret... BUT WHATEVER:D

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It was hard being the new girl, especially when you don’t know anyone. Cameron was no exception. She had moved 6 times in the previous year, mostly because of her dad’s work. It was her first day at Palo Verde high school, but everyone else was already halfway through the semester. She forced herself to wake up earlier than normal just so she could straighten her hair and do her makeup extra perfect.
Today she had that she was going to wear her Misfits hoodie with her red skinny jeans, black fingerless gloves, and a black beanie hat. She looked herself over in her mirror before leaving home so she knew she didn’t look half bad.
Everyone seemed to stare at her as she made her way through the front doors of the large school. There was one group of boys that caught her eye though. One had chestnut hair in sort of a Mohawk type hairdo and beautiful honey eyes. One was shorter than him and had black or brown hair; it was hard to tell from so far away. The next one had amazing hips and longish hair. The last one was wearing flip-flops.
She made her way to her designated locker and began to put things in. She hadn’t noticed the boys followed her to her locker. When she got to her locker she put her Nirvana backpack on one of the hooks and started to unload it and put books, folders, etc. at the bottom. The older boys were soon next to her locker.
“So,” The black-haired boy said, running his hands through his hair. “How’s your day going, beautiful?” Cameron raised an eyebrow but had an un-amused look on her face. She grabbed her books and closed her locker, making sure to slam it shut, and began walking to class. They boy was quickly next to her again and the others followed. “I’m Brendon.” He smiled. She stopped and turned so she was facing him.
“I don’t care.” She said with the same un-amused look still plastered across her face, some of her crimson red hair falling in her face. The other boys were stifling a laugh as they watched their best friend get shot down by the new girl.
“Aw come on gorgeous.” He walked forward until she was up against a locker raising his arm above her head and resting it behind her. He gently grabbed her chin, and she narrowed her big grey eyes at him. “Don’t be like that princess.” He leaned in so his face was only inches from hers.
“Don’t touch me!” She tried to push him away, but he wouldn’t move. “Seriously get the fuck away.” She tried to say louder.
“Oh, feisty.” He smiled. “I like that.” She rolled her eyes. She tried to push him again, but he wouldn’t budge.
“Whatever dude, leave.” She said through gritted teeth.
“Brendon, get away from her.” Someone down the hall said. A girl about 16 years old, Bec, began walking towards them, hazel eyes narrowed and fixated on Brendon. The boys started to scatter; they knew not to mess with Bec. It’s not that she was a scary person; it’s just that she was tough and didn’t take shit from anyone. Everyone at the school looked up to her and went to her with their problems. Everyone trusted her, but she wasn’t exactly a trusting person; she barely let anyone into her life.
“Oh hey, Bec; this is… uhm… what’s your name?” He asked pointing at Cameron.
“Cameron.” She held onto her books tighter.
“Brendon, leave. Now.” Bec said.
“See you later ladies.” Brendon said running his fingers through his hair again and winking before walking off down the hall to join his hysterically laughing friends.
“Sorry about him.” The girl with brown hair said.
“You’re sorry? You shouldn’t be sorry for dumb, cocky, arrogant asses like him and his dim-witted friends.” She pointed behind herself to the boy who was almost out of view.
“It’s fine. I’m used to protecting the new girls from him anyways. I’m Bec by the way.” She held out her hand.
“Cameron.” She smiled and shook her hand.
“Those guys aren’t really all that bad. They’re actually kind of nice when you get to know them. The one with the Mohawk thingy going on with his hair is Ryan; he doesn’t talk much and won’t let anyone in on his life, just to let you know. Spencer’s the one with the girl hips, which we always tease him about, but it’s all in good fun; he knows we love him. Jon’s the one wearing flip-flops; don’t ask why, he just gets upset. And well, you’ve already met Brendon.” She explained.
“Thanks, but I should probably be getting to class.”
“What’s your next class?” Bec asked looking at Cameron’s books.
“Biology, room 203, Mr. Harrison.” Cameron said looking down the hall, noticing everyone else was gone.
“Me too.” Bec smiled.
“Ok well let’s go before we’re late.” Cameron replied smiling. They got to class just before the bell rang and sat down next to each other. Cameron noticed that Brendon, Ryan, Jon, and Spencer all were in her class.
“Good morning students.” Mr. Harrison said.
“Good morning Mr. Harrison.” Everyone said in unison.
“Ok I’m going to take attendance.” He grabbed his clipboard and a pen.
“Pete Wentz.”
“Here.” A boy two seats over from her said.
“Gerard Way.”
“Here.” The boy in front of her raised his hand.
“Mikey Way.”
“Here.” A boy with glasses says.
“Rebekah Sharp.”
“Here.” Bec said.
“Frank Iero.”
“Here.” A small boy raised his hand and smiled.
“Brendon Urie.”
“Right here, behind these gorgeous ladies right here.” Brendon said pointing to Cameron and Bec. They both looked at each other and rolled their eyes.
“Jon Walker.”
“Here.” The boy in flip-flops said.
“Spencer Smith.”
“Ryan Ross.”
“Here.” He said.
“And you must be the new girl, Cameron Rae.” Mr. Harrison pointed to her. She nodded. “Ok why don’t you come up here and tell us a little bit about yourself.” She stood up and walked to the head of the class, gaining wolf whistles from Brendon. “Mr. Urie. That is completely inappropriate.” The rest of the class laughed and Brendon pulled a funny face.
“Ok so uhm… I’m Cameron Ryder Gabriella Aliss Chriss Sage-Marie Daniella Rae. Or Cammie, Cam, CeeCee, or Smiley Rae, but seriously don’t call me that. I’m 15 years old. I play guitar, piano, drums, violin, saxophone, accordion, flute, cello, harp, bass, and trumpet. I also sing and draw. Uhm, my favorite color is red. I write songs, short stories, and poems. I’ve moved to six different countries in the past year which means I’m probably going to be leaving here in a couple of months. I’m scared of the dark, corn mazes, clowns, high places, and spiders. I have ADHD. And I faint at the sight of blood. So that’s pretty much all there is too me.” Cameron sat back down and started drawing.
“That’s some name you got there.” The boy next to her said.
“Huh? Oh sorry. Yeah my parents couldn’t decide what they wanted to name me so yeah...” She faded out blushing.
“Cool. I’m Gerard.” He smiled and held out his hand.
“Cameron, but you already know that.” She smiled nervously back as her face got bright red. She wasn’t the best of flirts, but when she wasn’t trying to flirt she was pretty good at sending off the wrong signals though.
“She’s going to be mine.” Brendon told his best friend while staring at Cameron and Gerard talking and laughing. He knew it should be him making her smile, him making her laugh, not Gerard.
“Whatever dude, she’s way out of you league though.” Ryan said, writing down something in his notebook before look at Brendon’s distraught face.
“What do you mean ‘way out of my league’?” Brendon asked.
“Well, what I mean is: She doesn’t seem like you type. You’re more into those Barbie dolls over there.” Ryan pointed to the group of ‘popular’ girls in the corner, obnoxiously laughing. “And she seems to be into Gerard. I’d just give up if I were you.” Ryan whispered that last sentence.
“So Mikey’s your brother?” Cameron asked, looking from Mikey to Gerard.
“Yeah.” Gerard replied.
“That’s cool to be in the same class as you brother.” She stated.
“I guess. So, you got any siblings?” Gerard asked, fiddling with the strings of his hoodie.
“Six older brothers. Two moved out last year.” She said sheepishly.
“Six?!” Gerard asked, shocked.
“Yup.” She replied and nodded her head.
“Your mom needs a hobby.” He laughed.
“Tell me about it.” She smiled and rolled her eyes. “You know what I just noticed?” She asked. Gerard made some sort of a ‘hmm’ noise. “Bec and I are the only girls in the class.”
“Besides Ms. Popular and her clones.” Bec chimed in, making a head gesture over to the girl in the corner. Cameron, Bec, and Gerard all smiled and stared at the girls giving them dagger eyes. The whole class was abruptly stopped when two tall boys walked in. One was pale with auburn hair down to his shoulders and the other one was slightly shorter with short black hair and tan skin.
“Ah, Mr. Beckett, Mr. Saporta. Such a pleasure to have you join us.” Mr. Harrison said sarcastically.
“Please sir, the pleasure is all mine.” The taller one replied, taking a bow and gaining small chuckles from his class mates.
“Take your seats.” Mr. Harrison said, rolling his eyes.
“Yes sir!” The black-haired one said, putting his hand to his forehead as if he were standing at attention in the military,
“That’s William and Gabe. They’re best friends and also inseparable.” Bec leaned over and whispered to Cameron.
“I want her Ryan.” Brendon stated. “And I always get what I want.” He smiled mischievously. Ryan was not amused by Brendon. He knew too well that Brendon was nothing more than a perfect little Mormon boy who does no wrong, and yes, always gets what he wants. Ryan learned, or at least tried to, live with it. So maybe Ryan wasn’t perfect. Maybe he didn’t have a perfect mom or a perfect dad. Maybe he didn’t have a perfect life or a perfect house. Hell, maybe he didn’t even have perfect friends. It was something he went through every day, hearing how perfect everyone is and how they hated their parents for buying them a white iPhone instead of a black iPhone. Ryan knew he’d be lucky if he even got attention from his parents let alone gifts. Maybe he doesn’t get anything he wants. Maybe he doesn’t care.
“Good for you.” Ryan stated, looking at the ground. He was using his hair to cover his black eye his father had given him, and the many other bruises on his body from the other kids at school.
“Hey Ry, where’d you get that black-eye?” Brendon asked, pushing the hair out of Ryan’s face,
“It’s none of your business!” Ryan screamed, jumping up from his seat.
“Mr. Ross, Mr. Urie. Care to share what was so important as to why you had to interrupt my class?” My Harrison asked, narrowing his eyes at the two boys.
“We were just talking about how Ryan got his black eye. Tell ‘em, Ry.” Brendon said, hoping he had gotten it in a fight, and hoping that his friend had won. Sadly though Brendon was completely unaware of what went on within the Ross household that no one, well no one besides the son’s closest friend Spencer, knew about.
“Oh I-I uhm…” Ryan started, completely dumbfounded. He quickly looked at Spencer, tears brimmed his beautiful honey eyes.
“His dad did it, didn’t he?” Cameron asked Bec. Bec nodded and looked back to the board.
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