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The wedding of the century :)

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Hey kids! :) xx

Franks POV
"It looks better parted Frank." My mother combs it back to how it was before.
"I like to have the whole thing at the side Mom. Otherwise i look geeky and stupid. And my forehead looks massive." I complain with my mother who's spent the last hour panicking about me and putting rollers into her hair. Dad has been cleaning out his old Mustang to drive me in as well as typing white ribbons to the bonnet. "But Frank it's always at the side, you need to look different today, it's your wedding day. On my wedding day i had a beehive! Completely different to the usual ponytail or plaits i wore it in." She grins, but parts my hair as i like it anyways. Mothers and their thirst for weddings.

Gerards POV
"Mom, it's choking me!" I moan.
"Tough luck, you need to look smart. You think Franks going to walk in looking like he's slept in a hedge?" Mom quizzes me flattening my newly dyed and straightened hair, courtesy of none other than Micheal James Way. "It's a top button." I point out.
"Yes it is, and your going to go into the church with it fastened." She smiles kissing my cheek before turning to the mirror and adjusting her new bonnet she had been waiting to wear.
"Look at that boys. Chiffon. Pink chiffon, i've never felt such a queen in my life!" She exxagerated.
"Queen of awful style." Mikey muttered earning my Moms death glare which was scarily similar to my own.
"Queen of moaning actually." I add as she picks up her clutch bag and playfully beats me round the head with it.
"Mom, my hair!" I whine, putting my hands over it for protection.
"Aww honey, you must be queen of drama!" And her and Mikey die of laughter.
Never mess with little Way and Mama Way.

The church was decorated from top to toe. Chunky creme candles burned brightly lining every pew that masses of the townsfolk gathered on. Thy had got a church more than willing to offer the service in the end. The church where Elena Rush had finished her Holy Communion as a youngster all those years ago. She was baptised there too, not to mention married. The entire place smelled of compassion. Of burning incense and cleansing feelings. The darkness of the cemetery outside not overshadowing the church but adding to the inner harmony and peace the guests in waiting were feeling. Tranquility and nerves were hanging above in the air. Up with the angels and goddesses that were painted upon the ceiling.

Gerard way strolled down the aisle as Donna way dabbed at her eyes and flashed her camera countless times. A little whisper of " Calm Down Ma." Could be heard as Mikey Way joined his brothers side and checked yet again that he had picked up the ring. He patted his brother on the back as they waited anxiously for the arrival of Frank.

The harmonies of angelic voices began to fill the air as the organ player and orchestra began to play their personalised version of Jenelles song amazing. It was then that Linda Iero walked through the doors with the infamous Jennifer. Both dressed in red and clutching bouquets, approached the front and greeted Gerard and Mikey with a peck on both cheeks.

You're so amazing,
You shine like the stars.
You're so amazing,
The beauty you are.
You came blazing right into my heart,
You're so amazing, you are.

The chorus began to ring out as Frank Iero and his junior walked into the church. Frank steadied his son as he stumbled a little due to the weakness growing in his legs. Frank Jr. simply straightened himself up and regained his balance before continuing with his quest down to the front of the church. Arm in arm with his softly crying father all the while. His black suit and ivory shirt matching beautifully with the striped tie and bowler hat he always loved to wear. He had stumbled his way to now yet he made it and that was exactly why it really was, a walk to remember.
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