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Closer to the edge

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The epilogue and final chapter :) I love Jared Leto today!

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Hey lovely kids! This is the finale to this story and i wanted to say a huge thankyou to those who have read this and reviewed as you've given me so much support! And i cannot help but thank Nicholas Sparks for writing amazing things that quite frankly are life changing and inspiring! Thanks again! :) xxxx

Three Years Later

Gerards POV
We had an autumn season of perfection. Months full of more love than some get to see in a lifetime. And then one day as he drifted from me, he went. Peacefully on the 13th December.

I drag my feet along the same pathway from those years ago. The best years i had in my life. I'm about to by met by my parents in law, how i've missed them since i've been away. Clutching my and Franks Scrapbook and the crucifix that belonged to him hung loosely around my neck as it always had ever since 29th September. The happiest and most blessed day of my life, the day i married him.

I ring the now replaced doorbell and am met by a slightly older looking Linda Iero, dressed in her jeans and checkered shirt. "Oh Gerard! Honey! We weren't expecting you at all! What a pleasant surprise!" She sings kissing both my cheeks and embracing me tightly, the way her son always did. "Frank, Gerard is here!" She calls into the living room and gesturing for me to come inside. Frank. That name that still makes my spine tingle and my hands shiver.

The three of us gather around the kitchen table, pouring cups of coffee and sharing a plate of home made brownies. Both of the Ieros look older i know see, both of them graying and a few faint lines beginning to appear on their faces. I notice now how much Frank looks like Linda, and how he and his father have the same crooked smile. "So sweetie, how have you been?" Linda asks grinning expectantly over at me. "I've been good thanks. I just got into medical school." I tell them. Ever since Frank i had decided i wanted to work with cancer patients and help them as much as i could, it was all for Frank and the sake of our love. Our Never Ending Love. "Your mother told us, we're so proud of you. I know how proud Frank would be too." Frank Sr. smiles taking a long gulp out of his coffee cup. A silence falling upon us, we always got choked up when it dawned that he wasn't around, celebrating with us as he should be. "Oh! I have something for you guys." I say handing over the scrapbook. "Frank and I made it before it was time. I'd love for you guys to keep it." I say knowing i would miss the book alot, yet they deserved it more than me. They needed to keep their son close still.
"Aww well, thankyou Gerard. That means so much to us." Frank Sr. said taking hold of a watery eyed Linda's hand as she glanced at the photographs and songs we had written together.

"Would you like to stay for dinner?" Linda laughed behind her tears taking a handful of Lavender Scented Tissues. She hated those things, yet Frank always loved them and i noticed a box of them was always placed in every room of this house when i came to visit. "I would love too." I say smiling at the people i had began to call Mom and Dad, i was their surrogate Son now. The Child they so dearly wanted all their lives. Not a patch on the one who was cruelly snatched away but still trying to do them proud. "I'll start it soon. You go up to Franks Room if you like." She smiled giving my hand a squeeze before standing and tucking the scrapbook neatly into her little box of Memories.

This room. This bright and perfect room. The same endless piles of magazines scattered across the unvaccumed carpet. The Red Bedding still messy and unmade, the pillow still smelling of Vanilla Essence conditioner. Hair straighteners still perched and plugged in on top of the chest of drawers. Every drawer still opened. Just the way he had left it. How i had lived three years without him, i didn't know. But what i did know was that Franks love was like the wind, i couldn't see it but i would always feel it.
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