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Chapter 38

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Some plans are made.

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Bit of a pointless shorty, but what can I say?

>Frank's POV<

I was lying awake in bed, Gerard practically on top of me. The bruises had risen up on his skin now, and the usual white canvas was a mess of blotchy purple and black. Thankfully, he didn't have any major cuts - just one in his mouth where he bit himself by accident and a small one of his eyebrow. He wasn't sure how he had got that one.

It was about eleven, and we were both pretty shattered - our quiet conversation was punctuated with yawns. Gerard's head was resting on my stomach and I was playing with his hair, whilst he traced the tattoos on my hips with a soft finger.

"You didn't do anything stupid, did you?" He murmured. We were talking about the guys who beat him up, and he seemed determined to make sure that I didn't retaliate. I was getting kinda annoyed actually - we both know that I beat the living shit outta them.

"Honey, everything I do is stupid." I replied. I really didn't know why he was still pushing this.

"Including dating me?" Gerard changed tack at the speed of light. I just rolled my eyes - what on Earth brought this on?

"Yep - it's fucking retarded," I joked, making sure my voice had enough laughter in it so he could tell I wasn't being serious. I mean - what else was I supposed to do?

"Hey!" He sat up, glaring at me, but he was grinning too, so I knew he'd caught on to the fact that I was joking.

"I mean seriously, what am I doing?" I asked - smirking at Gerard. "You're like this really stupid, walking talking vampire!"

"Hey!" He said again, in mock outrage.

"No," I sat up. "That's what a horse eats."

Gerard shoved me, and I tumbled off the bed, taking the duvet and one of the pillows with me. "Take that back!" He laughed at me.

"What? That a horse eats hay?" I asked innocently from where I lay in a heap on the floor. Then I reached up and tugged my boyfriend's top, causing him to fall on top of me.

"Owww!" He protested, but it probably hurt him more than it did me.

"Awww - poor baby." I crooned, and he hit my chest.

"I'm not a vampire!" Gerard pouted, and I laughed, before grabbing his top again and pulling him down so our lips met. I rolled on top of him, careful to stay gentle, so I didn't stop his already bruised body even futher. The kiss was rough and heated though, and by the time we drew back, both of us were out of breathe.

I stared down at my boyfriend for a few seconds, just admiring his high cheekbones, pale skin and dark, beautiful ebony hair. Then the moment was kinda ruined by him yawning.

"Tired are we?" I asked, pressing our lips softly together again.

"Yeah, sorry." Gerard replied, smiling up at me.

"'K, let's sleep." I started to get up, only to have him pull me down again.

"I can't be bothered to get into bed." He whined. "Can we just sleep on the floor?"

I laughed. "Sure." Hey, what the hell - I'd done it before, and it actually wasn't as uncomfortable as it sounded. "Hang on." I straightened up again, and grabbed some more pillows and blankets, pooling them on the floor. I cut the light, and laid down next to Gerard again. We wrapped the covers around ourselves and fell asleep pretty quickly.


The next morning was a lonely one. Gerard had been given the day off school, and I didn't want to wake him up. I felt slightly stiff after sleeping on the floor, and felt stupid for not insisting that we moved back into bed. Christ knows that my boyfriend's body was battered enough without sleeping on a wooden floor. The shower I had eased out all the aches though, and I hoped that it would work the same for Gerard.

I got into school a little earlier than usual, and told all of my concerned gang that he was fine - just a little shaken up. That wasn't entirely true though; the kid was still black and blue. When the bell rung, I went to home room as usual, chatting to Ollie and Adrian as we went. About five minutes in, a surprise came though.

"Ok class." The blonde teacher who looked after our class for the half hour before lessons started stood at the front, clapping his hands to get our attention. "I want you all to line up outside, we have an assembally in the gym."

I glanced at the two other boys - it wasn't often that the school gathered together as one, usually only after some sporting event... or if something really bad had happened. Ollie shrugged at me, looking a little worried. I guessed that he'd come to the same conclusion I had; that the guys from yesterday had ratted us out, and we were all about to be expelled.

The class made their way to the gym, chatting happily and debating what the assembally would be about. Me, Ollie and Adrian hung back a bit, somewhat reluctant to know. Adrian hadn't even been involved in the fight after school, but was still nervous for his friends.

When we got into the gym, I immediately spotted Phin, and the guys who were in homeroom with her. I glanced at the teacher who had lead us in, but he wasn't paying attention to us, so me and the two boys made a bee-line for the group. They were huddled in on themselves - all with guilty expressions on their faces. This wasn't good - even if the assembally wasn't about our fight, they'd still draw attention to us.

"What d'you think?" Bob asked, the second I sat down. I knew what she was on about - they were obviously wondering the same thing I was - were we in trouble or not?

"Surely they wouldn't have dobbed us in." Jared said. "That's just not they way they roll."

"They better not have said anything!" Phin hissed. "My parents are coming over next week for Chirstmas, and they're gonna be fuckin' pissed off if the first thing they hear is tha' I've been expelled for figh'ing!"

"Aw shit!" Lissa said sympathetically. "That'd suck for you!"

"Look - let's just see what happens. It might not be 'bout us at all!" Ollie put in.

"Yeah," I nodded in agreeance. "It could be about Gee getting beat up."

"Let's hope so." Amy muttered, before turning to the front.

We spent the next few minutes in silence, waiting for the rest of the school to file in. There was a few more seconds' talking, then the principle walked to the front and center of the hall to address us. I could practically feel the tension being emmitted by the rest of my gang. I didn't blame them. I was fucking nervous too. Infact, I felt as through I'd be seeing my breakfast again sometime soon.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he began. Oh why all the niceties - couldn't he just get on with it? "Yesterday, a diabolic act of violence took place on the school grounds."

"Shit." I heard Lee, whisper and I glanced around to see about half of the gang looking slightly green. It was funny really. We'd dome loads of shit before, and had never been too worried about the consequences. But then, I guess non of the stuff we'd done before equated to practically knocking out five other kids on school ground. Didn't people get criminal records and shit for stuff like that? I felt my stomach plunge at the thought.

"One of the pupils at our school was severely beaten, in what is believed to be a homophobic attack." I breathed a sigh of relief and heard others do the same around me. This was about what happened to Gerard. "We would like to urge anyone who has any clue who did this to come forward and report them. You may remain anonymous if you do so." The man stopped there and glanced around the hall, as if expecting someone to jump up and shout "He did it!" Obviously, nobody did.

"However, it should also be made clear that any attacks, whether they be triggered by homophibia or not, verbal or physical, will not be accepted in this school. Those who carried out this offence will be seriously punished, though to a lesser extent if they come forward." There was another pause, another stare. "Thank you - that will be all."

"Thank God," someone breathed - I didn't catch who it was. I agrred with them completely though.

"Yeah, I was sure we where in the shit then." Lissa sighed, giving a shakey laugh.

"Do you think they'll ever figure out who did it?" Phin asked.

"No idea." Bob replied, "But you sounded like a bad detective movie when you said that!"

Phin rolled her eyes and shoved the boy, not gentlely either. He pushed her back, and it quickly turned into a small war in the middle of a school gym. The rest of us just sat there laughing, feeling relieved that we hadn't gotten into trouble for our little act of revenge.


Lessons were boring. Boring, boring, boring. It was a relief to get back outside, and have an hour doing nothing but lazing around with my friends. But then, it had been noticebly colder outside during this last week - winter was drawing in rapidly and we were less than two weeks away from Christmas! It was amazing really - the past few months had literally flown by. I guessed it was because of Gerard. Fuck only knows how, but because of him, something was always going on - whether it be my determination to screw him over; the sudden happiness I felt with him; the jealousy I felt when his attention was on some one else; the love I suddenly found myself falling into; or the lust and passion I felt for him. It was weird - my life had suddenly become a complete whirlwind.

As I walked over to the trees, I noticed something odd about the group. It took me a few seconds to figure out, but I soon realised what was wrong - there were no girls there what so ever. I lookied round in confusion, to see that Amy, Lena, Lissa and Phin were huddled up in a small group, clearly discussing something serious. I wouldn't bet on it, because it is certainly not her style, but it looked as though Lena had been crying.

"What's going on with them?" I asked as I sat down with the the boys who were already outside.

"No idea." Bob shrugged, "They were like that when I came out."

"I asked Phin what was going on. She told me to bugger off." Andy shrugged. "It seemed pretty important though."

I glanced round at the others. Ollie and Adrian seemed unconcerned about what was going on with the girls, Bob and Andy were both peering over at their girlfriends occasionnally, and Jared was sprawled out, leaning his lithe body on the trunk of one of the trees. He was staring at the girls, a small frown on his face.

"What's up?" I asked, sitting back against a tree opposite him. The older boy just shook his head, so I shrugged, pulled out a cigarrettes and joined in Andy and Bob's conversation. I wasn't really concentrating on it though; I was thinking. Which is some deep shit for me. But I was wondering about Jared - and Lena.

Phin had interrogated the boy about him leaving the 'sex night' with their friend, and he admitted that they had slept together, but it was nothing. Right now, I was guessing that Lena had got a different impression and Jared was now in the shit.

Lunch ended far too soon for my liking, and without the girls coming back over. None of us bothered to go over and ask what was going on - if Phin had told Andy to go away, none of us would be wanted.

The last three lessons were as boring and the first four, and I was relieved when the school day was over. I wanted to go straight home and just spend the rest of the night with Gerard. Whether that be talking, watching TV, or fucking. Preferabley the latter.

To my surprise though, Phin was leaning on my car, along with Lissa. "Hey," I asked when I got near. "What's up?"

"Wanna come round to mine?" Lissa asked. "Just the three of us - I'm really not in the mood for any more drama."

I got what she meant. It was the small, close group that we hung around in before coming here - well the group bar Jared. Life wasn't half as exciting then, or as crazy. I didn't miss it, but I could understand why it was sometimes nice to wind down.

We drove in our seperate cars to Lissa's, them piled up to her room, grabbing beers on the way. The three of us collapsed on the bed, Phin turning an old Green Day CD on. I grinned - it was like we'd suddenly got transported back in time three years. Apart from the fact that Jared wasn't here.

"Hey guys?" I sat up and looked at the two girls still lying down on the cream duvet. They both looked over at me - a pair of eyes so dark they were nearly black, and another bright green. "What was up today? I'm guessing it has something to do with Jared, him not being here and all."

Lissa turned her head to look at Phin who shrugged. Then they both looked back up at me. Sometimes I swear there's a telephatic connection between girls.

"Yeah..." Phin said then trailed off. "You know he and Lena fucked a few weeks back?"

"I thought it'd be something to do with that." I said. "Did she try and turn it into something it's not?"

"What is it with the assumption that she thought that?" Lissa smirked.

"Jared wanted to go out with her?" I half laughed.

"Apparently!" Phin grinned at me. "But that's not half of it."


"Well, he and Lena have been seeing eachother..." Lissa's words were careful now, and not as cheeky. "Don't you dare tell anyone about this, ok?" I shook my head. "Well, Lena found her mum's pregnancy testing kit. And... it came out positive."

My eyes bugged out of my skull and the girl's words. "Lena?! No way!"

"Apparently she thought it'd be fine because of periods and whatever, but..." Phin trailed off, looking sad. "Life's a bitch."

"Tell me about it," I sighed.

"Oh by the way Frank, have you heard from your parents at all?" She then shot at me.

I sighed, and collapsed back on Lissa's bed. Truefully, I hadn't though of them in ages - not for a good month. I missed them, of course I did, but I found it easier just to push it to the back of my head. And so far, it had stayed successfully buried there, causing me minimal pain. Of course, it was bound to be dragged up sooner or later.

"No," I blinked, trying to clear the tears that had suddenly welled up there.

"Sorry," Phin said, reaching over and squeezing my hand. I squeezed her's back to tell her I didn't mind, though I wished she hadn't brought it up.

"It's fine - whatever... Aren't your parents coming back soon though?"

"Yeah, that's kinda why I asked. I figured it being Christmas and all that you might be in luck."


"What are you guys doing over Christmas anyway?" Lissa cut in.

"No idea." I shrugged. "Thought I'd go to a party or something with you guys."

"Well I'm up for it!" The dark girl grinned. "Phin?"

She smiled sheepishly. "Sorry - with my parental units."

"Sucks for you!" I laughed, though secreatly, I envied her. Last Christmas had been so good, and although most kids my age would have found it dead boring, I loved my familly and the entire day had been great. Then I'd gone out with my mates on New Year's and barely a week after that, things had began to go pear shaped. I never dreamed that only a few months later I'd be kicked out though. The thought never even crossed my mind.

"So you're gonna be locked up for the next month then?" Lissa asked.

"Uhuh!" Phin grinned. I remember she and her parents being really close, and had never really understood why they were suddenly never home.

"Well, fancy going out on Saturday?"

"Oh Lissa - I thought you'd never ask!" Phin clutched her chest in false happiness and pretended to swoon. I laughed whilst the other girl just rolled her eyes.

"I mean the lot of us!" Lissa shoved her friend lightly.


"She's heartbroken now Liss," I teased, putting an arm roung Phin's shoulders.

The other girl just sighed and carried on as if nothing happened. "There's a foam party down one of the clubs - can't remember which - and it sounds pretty sweet."

"It's a metal club, right?" I asked.

"Of course!"

"Then I'm up it."

"Yeah, sounds quite cool." Phin agreed. "One last night of freedom!" She laughed. "Round up your men ladies!" I shoved her, and this time, it resulted in her falling off of the bed with a loud "Ow!"

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