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Ian feels unloved.

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Dallon sat on the couch flipping through channels on the TV when Ian slouched in. He sat down and sighed audibly. When Dallon didn't react he sighed once more. Again, he didn't react. Ian leaned over into Dallon's lap and sighed in his face.

He smirked. "Is something wrong Ian?" he asked, sarcasm laced in his voice.

"Dallon, why don't I have mad game with the bitches."

Dallon burst out laughing, but when he saw Ian's face never strayed from its serious expression he quieted down and coughed awkwardly. "Where did this come from?"

"Well I was just thinking...everyone loves Brendon and Spencer and then you've got a wife so it doesn't really matter if they love you. I'm like the odd man out here, no one loves me."

"That's not true."

"Really, 'cause I don't hear anyone screaming, 'Ohmygod, Ian FUCK ME!' at any shows or anywhere for that matter," Ian said.

Dallon laughed. "Your fans just aren't as vocal about it."

"Or they're nonexistent," Ian grumbled.

Dallon laughed again. "C'mon." He lead Ian over to the computer and brought up a website. He clicked through a few things then stood up and gestured for Ian to sit down, "Now just read this, all of it."

Ian took a seat and began reading, Brendon opened his eyes and looked over to the naked boy laying next to him. Ian's jaw dropped, "What are you having me read!?"

Dallon laughed, "Keep reading."

He reluctantly turned back to the computer screen, Spencer paused at his entrance, 'Are you sure Bren?' He asked. 'Oh god yes!'

"Seriously, what the fuck is this!?"

Dallon laughed, "That my friend, is fanfiction."

"Our fans actually write this?" Ian was horrified, how could anyone write something like this!?

"Yep, but it's mainly about Brendon and Spencer. So aren't you just the slightest bit happy that your fans aren't like this?" He gestured to the computer screen.

Ian nodded, his mouth still agape. "But my question is why do you have this bookmarked?"

So I hope you liked it! I love reviews, and they would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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