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'Trapped in this tiny space suffocated with a million wasted wishes......' PLEASE READ?!

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A/N: Hey guys…I have no idea where this came from- I don’t usually write poetry cause I don’t think it’s my strong point, but this just kinda flowed out…no idea if it’s any good or not, so I’d really appreciate it if you R&R to let me know what you think (: thanks (:

Dreaming emptily out at encrypted world,
I sit alone, watching,
A choking, spluttering world of stagnant greyness,
Guttered under a thousand unheard sighs,
An army of weary footsteps,
Wending the same old routes.
A world of tainted tears,
Rolling, bleak and bitter, down the glass,
Caked with the grime and grey from the gutter,
Shrouding the murky air of reality,
Trapping me in this tiny space suffocated with a million wasted wishes,
Where I can watch the stained world with gritty eyes,
And watch all the hopes and dreams trodden away,
Lost forever, in the mush of the grime and gutters.
Trodden to mouldering sludge by heartlessly hammered feet,
Uncaring, thoughtless feet of soured souls,
That drain all colour from the world,
Leaving it hollow and bitter and trapped in unending sighs,
Exhausted to fatigue from endless fake smiles,
Devoid of truth, yet corrupted by it.

So I paint this grey world of shattered dreams and loss,
With the bittersweet chords of raw and tortured souls.

Every note and chord and scream,
Is the air I can’t breathe,
Every note and chord and scream,
Is the heart that won’t beat,
Every note and chord and scream,
Is the soul that won’t seethe.
Every note and chord and scream,
Colours the world that’s unseen.

Every hint of unspoilt melody feeds the hollow husk inside,
Leaching into this ghosted soul,
From wires and leads and lines,
Feeding the unfilled silence within,
Writhing through the unheard silent out,
The whispers,
The murmurs,
Whispers and murmurs of twisted shadows that become screams,
Screams that never stop.
Deafening and drowning and disenchanting,
Ears too defeated too hear,
Now too raw and wrecked to face the silence.

Because silence screams the truth.

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