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Balding Pervert.

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Being as subtle as I possibly can, I watch her, taking in every move of her thin figure. Chin length, messy raven hair fell over her hazel eyes, and her Smashing Pumpkin’s bag was falling to pieces. The school uniform was worn properly on her, but she made it look good, almost as if it was tailored especially for her instead of purchased at the bright white school office.

I take a seat in the class, not caring as to whether it’s mine or not. I sit just behind her, and watch intently as she nibbles on her blood red nails, her teeth small. I get a better look at her face, she’s pale, but not in a dead way, more like in a completely beautiful way. Her eyes glinted in the horrid artificial light of the dingy classroom, which was decorated as boringly as the bible itself in my opinion. She turned round to look at me and her eyes widened.

“Hey, I’m Frankie. What’s your name, sugar?” I purred, leaning forwards toward her. She blinked. Once. Twice. Just like a deer in the headlights – blink, blink.

“I’m Gee. Um, are you new?” She rests her elbow on the back of the grey plastic chair and carried on nail nibbling. Such a bad habit, but so darn cute when some people do it.

“Does a bear shit in the woods?.” I laughed, smiling at her, tapping my tattooed fingers lightly against the table and shaking my fringe out of my eyes again.

“Oh…do you have a timetable? I mean, I could show you around and help you out if you like.” Gee mumbles, shaking her head so that her fringe flops in her face and hides her blush as she finds a sudden interest in the floor.

“ Nah, I don’t have a timetable. I’m in set 9x1 if that helps though.” I tell her, slight hope building that we will be in the same classes. Even if we’re not I’ll just go to her classes anyway. She intrigues me, and when I’m interested, I’m hooked. For good, until I get what I want.

“We’ll have the same classes then.” She smiled, turning round to listen to the teacher mutter on boringly and take registration. I don’t know if she’s interested in me or not, and I know already I’m moving quickly. But hey, life’s short.

“Sweet.” I whisper to myself as I wire up for sound and allow The Ruts to flow into my ears, completely ignoring the rest of the messed up world and this stupid religious school to be blocked from my mind. Just allowing the sweet, pure punk music to cloud my mind.

I’m drawn out of my tunes by a sharp prod in the ribs, as I blink my eyes open Gee’s face comes into view and she’s leaning over the desk, giggling in a way that can only be described as bloody adorable.

“C’mon Frankenstein, we have math class.” She giggles and I groan, stomping my feet a little as I jump up out of my chair and shrug my bag onto my shoulder.

“Well isn’t that fantastic.” I roll my eyes and follow her. As we walk I allow my eyes to drift over her, she’ thin, and her boobs are small. But small is good, anything over a D or DD cup really makes me want to throw up rather violently. At the end of the day it’s just chest fat, and they’re only there for feeding babies, and I have no interest in babies. Or fat people. So when girls say they want big boobs, they’re really saying they want to be fatter, therefore having chest fat. I really don’t get it. Her legs are long and thin and she has a kind of ‘emo’ look about her. Her eyes are smoky and her skirt is just above her knee with pleats and buckles. Her boots are black Doc Martens with purple laces and her lush legs are covered in black fishnets I’m sure I’d love to remove with my teeth. Her jumper is baggy, but her blazer looks like it would be fitted if she did it up.

“Oi! Frankie!” I snap out of my messed up day dream and look around, my eyes catching where the voice came from- Gee.

“Um, sorry. Got a little side tracked.” I mumbled and she smirked, raising a perfect dark eyebrow and crinkling her snowy forehead.

“With my legs and my tits…are you queer?” She asks, hugging her books closer to her body and nibbling on her lower lip. Oh please don’t let her be homophobic.

“Yeah. I’m a lesbian. You?” I mutter, walking into the class and slumping down beside her.
“I’m straight.” She said, and the teacher began talking. Though once she’d finished speaking I could of sworn I heard her say ‘I think’.

That class is so mind-numbingly boring I can hardly believe the old haggard smelly teacher managed to stay awake himself! And the way he looks at the orange girls in front row, jeez, what a creeper! So instead of repeating Pythagoras theorem, which is easy anyway, I doodle in my notepad, coming up with snippets of lyrics, guitar riffs and one damn sweet chord progression. A sharp jolt of electricity runs through my arm and I curse, jumping slightly.

“Sorry.” I hear from the angelic voice besides me. Gee, of course, she’d poked me.

“S’okay… hey, you fancy hanging round after school?” I ask and she giggled, shaking her head, her disheveled hair falling over her flawless cheeks and hiding those enchanting eyes. “What?” My thin, dark eyebrows crease in confusion. Why is she laughing? Is the thought of hanging round with me too much for her or something?

“Nothing…it’s just, well, this is a boarding school. We’ll probably be together anyway! It is now my mission to look after you, my new friend.” She smiles, keeping her voice low so old pervy at the front doesn’t hear. I chuckle lightly, shaking my head at myself and leaning back, stretching, not caring that my shirt is riding up to show my stomach.

“Miss Iero!” Oh here we go. I roll my eyes and slump in my chair, turning my head to give the teacher evils.

“What?” I mutter, cracking my knuckles and putting my feet on the desk.

“Are you even listening to me?” His eyes narrow in annoyance and I glare straight back, wishing that my eyes could burn straight through his wrinkled, balding skull.

“Am I black?” I snort, raising my eyebrows and crossing my legs, still glaring at him, not blinking.

“No…” Stumped you there baldy! “ Just shut up, sit properly and be quiet!” he yells and I laugh, finally blinking and carrying on with my riffs, ignoring the rest of the stupid world.

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