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So What's The Deal...

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kind of a filler chapter...

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“Did we really just spend three whole postman-scaring milkman-screwing hours in maths?” I ask, stretching as Gee and I saunter down the corridor toward the lunch hall.

“I did.” She smirked. Jesus, that’s hot. No Jesus, obviously, Gee’s smirk. She raised an eyebrow, “You spent most of it with your head buried in that notebook and blasting whatever music it was into your ears. It’ll make you deaf you know.” She waggles a finger at me, making me scoff and tuck my fringe behind my ear.

“No one that owns a smashing pumpkins bag can say that.”

“Just because I enjoy the musical creations of the punk world, it does not mean that I am idiotic enough to ruin my hearing, get drunk, or take drugs.” She emphasized the last two as I pulled a can of Kronenberg out of my bag and a bag of skunk. I shrug and take a swing, putting the skunk back in my bag.

“It’s hard to give up once you’re hooked.” I take another sip, enjoying the feeling of the bitter, fizzy liquid sloshing around my mouth and flowing down my slightly dry throat.

“I could help you if you like…” Gee bites her lip as I finish the can, crush it between my fingers and throw it out of a window.

“Nah, I’m good. Thanks for the offer.” I ruffle her fluffy hair and get current of electricity forming in my wrist.

“That was the window into the library…” She whispers, chewing her lip. I could tell that she was trying to suppress a smile.

“Oh I do feel so terrible now. I shall have to wash my whole body and say the Lord’s Prayer a million times.” I roll my eyes and she laughs at my sarcasm. What a beautiful laugh.


“So…what’s the deal here?” I look around at the long, wooden tables filled with students big to small, fat to skinny, but all looking like the same boring photocopy of a ‘person’.

“What do you mean?” Gee asks from across the table, picking at her pizza like a finicky anorexic mouse.

“Like, with all the cliques and stuff. Who’s who?” I look down at my own plate and cringe…meat pizza? Ugh, no.

“Um…well the popular kids sit over there.” She gnaws her lip in thought as she nods to a table full of rather plastic looking catholic girls, at the head of the table was Barbie from this morning. I nod. She rips off a little more of the pizza between her fingers and nibbles on it.

“Those are the drama kids.” She swallows. “The art kids are in that corner, the math’s geeks in the middle, first years are there and the religious nuts are there.” She points to each clique, and whilst they all still look pretty much the same, every single one of them, though each clique was doing it’s own individual thing.

“What does that make you then?” I push my plate down our empty table in disgust.

“I’m the misfit.” She gave a sad half smile and looked down at her food.

“Correction…we are the Misfit’s. As in, plural and shit.” I drum my fingers against the table, and check my phone.

Wanna meet up sometime gorgeous? Xxx

I scoff and lock my phone, not bothering to reply to the text.

“Who was that?” Gee asks quietly, nibbling her nails which are already chewed down to the quick.

“Just on old fuck buddy. No one important.” I shrug, running a hand through my hair and stretching my back out.



“GEE!” I yell, struggling into my tightest pair of skinny jeans. It turns out, that me and Gee are dorm buddies. As in, we share a room. Here I was thinking I’d be in a dorm with about twelve beds that stink of piss. Actually, there are two girls to a room, and each room has it’s own bathroom.

This made my sex-crazed brain cells do cartwheels around my head when I found out.

“What?” She asks, wandering out of the bathroom in just a tomwel, having just had a shower. “Uh, going somewhere?”

“If I can get these jeans past my thighs, yes.” I growl, trying to yank them further…hold the phone a minute…

“Um, they’re mine?” Says Gee, taking the towel from around her waist and bending over to dry her hair. I stop trying to put the jeans on, and just stare, watching the way her fingers massage her scalp through the material, the water sliding down her bare back and the way her breasts move as she ruffles her hair dry. She stands up and skirks at me, blushing.

“Hnnnnmshneudkmsnssagggggmmmmmmmm.” I fall backwards. Wow.

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