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Coffee and Kisses

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Gerard is trying to be pursued.

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Hey lovelies! I would really liek to have your opinion and borrow your minds if thats okay please? So i don't want to rush this story and i was wondering when would you guys like Frank and Gerard to actually meet one another? Any time is fine for me :) xx

Gerards POV
I storm into the luckily empty staff room muttering a string of curse words before tearing my ruined and stained shirt off, revealing my pale slightly paint splattered torso. I shiver, fuck it's cold in here. I bend down searching for a switch to turn the radiator on so i can lean against it and take a breather that i can assure you i need. I had the best of intentions with those kids and they've made me fucking livid at each and every one of them. Miss Danvers, is the deputy heads name. Sure she can make them act a quarter decent for her but she's fucking terrifying. Not to mention the way she looked at me up and down, completely sizing me up. That or checking me out? I don't know but whichever one it was i wish she would stop it. Now,please?

Anyways, this was a terrible first day. A bitchy receptionist that resembled an oversized oompa loompa, a class of kids that resembled wild boars and a woman that looked like she wanted to eat me. Hannibal lector resembalnce for certain. And i bet she eats the scraps. Mabe that's why i'm so scared, bad memories of watching Silence of the Lambs and paranoia of extra whitenened sharp teeth.

Speak of the devil, she sweeps into the room, her reapplied red lipstick almost gleaming in the fluorescent lighting. "Mr Way, i'm sorry about those retchid children." SHe says approaching me like i'm a baby hyena. I look like one right now actually, my hair stuck up in all directions. She was scaring me again, and i hated the way she said children. With a hiss. They were just misunderstood, fucking needing whipping into shape for sure but they were misunderstood, some the works of art hung upon the walls were magnificent, and i had to admit the mastermind behind the plan of painting me silly was rather creative and imaginative in their very own right. "It's fine, i guess i'll try again next time, get to know them better." I smile looking for an escape route as she was now centimetres away from me. Her blonde hair slung lazily over her shoulder and one too many buttons undone on her almost see through white blouse. Ah, that was why she was wearing a cardigan and a blazer before. But now she's....

Oh god. No. No fucking way. Our faces are inches apart and the hard surface is pressing into my back. Her lips connect to mine and begin working furiously as i just stand there completely horrified and unsure of what to do next.
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