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Honey, back off okay?

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Gerards end to a scary encounter. As one encounter closes another encounter happens :)

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Gerards POV
"OH KAY!" I boom running under her arched arm and desperately running to the door.
"Gerard! Get back here!" The woman calls, her face smeared in lipstick, yelling at me the way she yelled at my students. I stop dead in my tracks.
"Don't you like me? Am i not thin or pretty enough?" She begins, fiesty and mad as ever.
"No, no it's nothing like that. I mean, fuck, you're hot!" I exclaim, not really meaning it. I just don't want to offend the poor woman, i mean she got rejected by me. I couldn't exactly say "Yeah, you're a whore" because that would be pouring salt into her already ocean deep wounds.
"What's the prob then?" She demands.
" umph.ah.."I stand there opening and closing my mouth like a dying goldfish.
"Oh i understand." She says and i think to myself, yay she knows i don't swing that way! She'll leave me alone now! "You want me to chase you! To beg you and plead! To get to my knees and follow you home! Have me waiting at your car." She purrs actually dropping to her bony knees.
"Um.. actually no." I say trying desperately to intervene.
"Honey, you will get all of those things and more if i get my way. And i always get my way." She purrs, looking into my eyes deeply before planting a chaste kiss on my lips and turning away giggling, putting her cardigan back on. I give an exasperated sigh and i stand there completely dumbfounded, what in god's actual fuck just happened here?

Franks POV
Fucking kids. I'm making my way to the heads office to tell him my great progress. That the kids won't listen to me and will not be coming to see him in his office. Yes, it's taken me forty minutes to get fucking nowhere. Just brilliant. What a remarkable member of staff i am. Just as i sweep around the corner i collide with a taller, (obvious really, every fucker is taller than me), stronger figure. I fall flat on the floor, my ass burning against my annoyingly sleek trousers. No jeans, in this fine fucking school. Or nazi camp, which ever you prefer. "Holy shi---sugar! Sorry man!" The voice panics pulling me up by my wrist. I dust myself off about to lay into him for being such an ignorant prick, but then, i look at his face.
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