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Official-Killjoys Story.

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Part one of one.

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Isabella-Lee Way stood by the side of her window in her bedroom, looking outside, searching the dark backyard for her boyfriend, Frank Iero. He was supposed to be half an hour ago, and hadn't rang her or txt saying her was going to be late. Where was he? Had he been caught by her brothers?

Isabella lived in New Jersey with her mom and 2 older brothers Gerard and Mikey Way. Both of them were in a band called My Chemical Romance, which they had just started about 3 months ago, and so far the band was doing pretty well. They had been approached by various record companies already. Isabella's boyfriend, Frank had just recently joined the band as their second guitarist.

Frank and Isabella had been dating for 7 months, they were incredibly happy, and spent as much time with each other as they possibly could. Only problem was, they had decided to hide it from Isabella's brothers until the time was right. And then eventually, they liked hiding it from everybody. But now, a massive problem was about to happen in their relationship. Isabella had just taken a pregnancy test, and it was positive. That's why she'd called Frank straight after and told him to come to her house, she needed to tell him straight away.
Isabella wiped a tear that fell down her cheek as she moved and sat on the edge of her bed, her heart pounding in her chest as she worried about where Frank was. What were they going to do? They were going to have to tell her brothers, and both of their parents. She knew that Gerard and Mikey were going to be annoyed at her hiding her relationship from them, but to find out that she was pregnant as well; they were going to kill her, and do worse to Frank.

"Bella?" She quickly turned her eyes to her window and found Frank crawling through it.

"Where've you been?" She hissed, standing up and wiping her face.

"My mom wanted to know where I was going... Sugar, what's wrong?" He asked, his hands coming up and brushing the tears from her face.

"We've fucked up Frank" Isabella cried and she grabbed his misfit's t-shirt.

Frank frowned and then ran a hand through Isabella's long purple hair, sighing to his self.

"What's happened?" He asked, wanting to know how he was going to help his girlfriend.

"I'm pregnant" Isabelle told him after a short period of silence. '4 weeks"

Frank dropped his hands from Isabella's hair and cheeks and looked silently at her, Isabella couldn't read his face.

"I'm so sorry Frank. I thought we were been careful" Isabella told him, more tears falling down her cheeks.

"Don't say you're sorry Bella.. It’s not your fault, or mine. We were safe, it’s just something that’s happened" Frank told her, sitting on the side of the bed.

"We're going to have to tell people.." She whispered to him, as she sat next to him on the bed. "We can wait a little while if you want?" She asked him, turning and taking his hand in hers and squeezing it gently.

"We'll only make it worse. You'll be further along then, and they'll be more pissed off" Frank explained to her, and Isabella nodded, feeling a nervous twitch in her stomach.

"I'm scared..." She laughed slightly, and pushed a strand of her long purple hair behind her ear.

"Don't be. We love each other, that's all that matters.. We'll raise this baby well" He calmly explained to her, and Isabella couldn't believe her luck at how calmly Frank was taking all of this.

"You're reacting very well..." She quietly told him, smiling.

"I'm happy about this. We love each other, and the baby is going to be raised by two people who love it and each other very much" Frank sweetly explained, and after he began softly biting his lip ring.

"What about the band?" Isabella softly asked him, her hand still holding his tightly.

"We're doing really well. The album has just sold 20,000 copies. And we're expected to sell more, and make a music video" He excitedly explained, and Isabella smiled widely to him and then frowned.

"And you'll be touring even more than you already do" She sadly said, and Frank frowned and then placed a hand under her chin, causing her to look at him.

"If you want me here, I'll leave them. I'll be with you..." He whispered to her, but Isabella could see in his eyes that there was hesitation in what he was saying.

“I don’t want you to leave the band Frank” Isabella told him, reaching up and running a hand through his short dark hair.

“We can do this, I promise you Bella” Frank whispered, and then gently brought his lips to hers in a sweet kiss.

Both of them pulled away abruptly when they heard Isabella’s door open, and they glanced at the doorway, horrified that they were now facing Isabella’s older brother, Gerard.

“What the fuck is going on?!” Gerard shouted, moving to Isabella’s side quickly, pulling her up from the bed and away from Frank.

“Nothing!” Isabella shouted, pushing Gerard away from Frank, who was now trying to back him into the wall.

“Like fuck nothing was happening! You were both kissing! Thought you’d try and sleep with my sister?” Gerard shouted, and Isabella groaned when she heard her other brother’s voice in the room.

“They were doing what?” Mikey shouted, moving next to Gerard, both of them blocking Frank into a corner of the room.

“I swear, it’s nothing like that” Frank told them, holding his hands up in a pleading manner.

“You’ve got about 10 seconds to tell us what the fuck is going on Frank” Gerard sternly told him, and Isabella looked shocked, she’d never seen her brother look this fierce.

“I—We- Isabella an-“ Frank started to explain, helplessly looking to the floor and Isabella.

“I’m pregnant’ Isabella shouted, her eyes closed. ‘And Frank’s the father” She whispered the last part, afraid of what was going to happen. She opened her eyes as she heard a bone crunching noise, and she found Frank falling backwards into the wall holding his face as Mikey moved to hold Gerard back from hurting Frank even more.

“Gerard. No!” Isabella shouted, moving quickly to Frank’s side, and wincing when she saw his bleeding lip. ‘He’s bleeding!” She shouted tearfully.

“He deserves more than that for what he’s done to you!” Gerard shouted from Mikey’s grasp.

“Are you fucking stupid?!’ Isabella shouted back at him, moving so she was a few inches from his face. ‘Me and Frank are dating! We’ve been going out with each other for 7 months! And THIS is why we didn’t tell anybody!”

Mikey let go of Gerard and they both looked shocked at their younger sister.

“You- You’ve been going out with each other for 7 months?” Mikey asked a confused look on his face.

“Yes! For 7 months, and I’ve literally only just found out I am pregnant!” She answered them, moving herself so she could look at Frank’s lip, which was bleeding slower now.

“You’ve hid this from us for 7 months?” Mikey questioned, an eye brow raised.

“Yes, and this is exactly why! Look what you did to him Gerard! He’s supposed to be your best friend!” She told them, scowling at Gerard.

“We’ll excuse me, but I had just found out that he got my little sister pregnant” He answered her.

“We just found out ourselves, we’re shocked and confused, but we didn’t go around punching people!” Isabella shrieked at him.

“Fine, I’m sorry Frank…” Gerard mumbled, and Frank groaned an answered back.

“So, what are you going to do?” Mikey slowly asked them both, his eyes moving quickly from his sister to his best friend.

“We’re going to have this baby” Isabella answered whilst moving and allowing Frank to wrap an arm around her shoulder tightly.

Isabella’s two older brothers looked at each other and then sighed.

“Is this going to make you both happy?’ Gerard slowly asked, not quite believing what was happening. Both Frank and Isabella nodded. ‘Frank, we understand if you wanna leave My Chem”

“Fuck, no way man. I’m staying, no way am I giving up playing with my favourite band” Frank answered, then smiling widely before yelping as he stretched his cut in his lip.

“Well… Okay then. When you telling mom?” Mikey asked Isabella.

She began moving through her brothers and pulled Frank with her to the door of her bedroom.

“Come on we’ll get you cleaned up. Well, Mikey, may as well break the news now. Both of you come with, I might need you to restrain mom from me” She told them, a small smirk on her face.

“I actually think she’s going to be alright” Gerard told her, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and kissing her lightly on the side of the head.

“I hope you’re right” She mumbled.

“Come on mommy Bella, let’s take you to see Granny Donna” Mikey grinned, pulling her hand softly out of the room.

Isabella grinned to herself. However angry her mother got, at least her older brothers approved.
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