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chapter eighteen

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I capture his chapped, bruised lips with mine and kiss him with so much passion and love it makes my knees turn to jelly.

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Frank`s pov
After finding out that both of our mothers had taken our new relationship well, much better than I had ever expected, things were really starting to seem much brighter than they had been in a long while. Gerard was an amazing person, then again I had always known that, even as a young child. He was so considerate and didn`t try to push me into anything I didn`t want to do or wasn`t ready for. The crimson haired boy truly was the best thing that had ever happened to me.
“Hey Freak Iero!” A tall and scarily skinny girl shouts in her high pitched, mocking voice. “Where`s your creepy little boyfriend?!” I sigh, keeping my head raised high like Gerard had told me and keep on walking straight past the mousy haired, mini skirt wearing girl.
While our Mothers may be accepting, it didn`t mean that everyone at school was. Bob and Ray were fine with it of course, pleased for us. The sandy aired, lip ring wearing boy shouting gleefully how he had known that we liked each other from the second he saw us together.
“Hey.” Gerard runs up behind me, his dirty white laces trailing on the concrete ground behind him. He places one pale black finger nailed hand on my shoulder, stopping me in my tracks.
“Happy Birthday Frankie.” Ignoring the jeering, mocking chants of the other students he swiftly plants a chaste, gentle kiss to my surprised but most defiantly willing lips.
“What was that for?” I question my boyfriend, completely perplexed. It wasn`t my birthday for another two weeks, October the thirty first, he knew that. It was an easy enough date to remember, being Halloween and all.
“Can`t I kiss my darling boyfriend?” he giggles, his adorable high pitched, almost little girlish laugh that always brings a smile to my face, no matter what mood I was in.
“Gee, my birthday isn`t for weeks, you know that.”
“Well I know,” he says as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. “But I have a little early present for you and I don`t think that it will keep till Ieroween.” He tells me, using the old name he used as a child for my birthday.
Registering what he had said, I begin jumping round the taller boy like a little puppy, eager to find out what my present was, a little surprised and more than a tiny bit grateful that Gerard had bothered to get me something.
“Ah ah.” He giggles, tapping two long, pale fingers to the side of his nose. “It`s a secret.”
“Oh gee!” I wail childishly, causing those who hadn’t been staring (or glaring) at us before to do so now.
“I`ll tell you later Frankie when they`ve arrived.”
I stick out my pierced lower lip, pouting slightly as I wonder what it could be. Finally, unable to think I give in, “You promise?”
Gerard laughs once and ruffles my already wild hair. “I promise.”

I wait impatiently for Gerard to arrive, sitting right by the living room window, never once taking my eyes off of the garden path the red-haired boy was due to walk down any minute. I tap my foot agitatedly, ignoring my mother when she tells me to stop it.
“I am sure he will be here soon Frank.” I nod once, still not looking away, a sinking feeling in my lower gut as the clock on the mantelpiece strikes four. There was still no sign of the Misfits loving Gerard. I watch as a small group of brightly dressed, noisy children run past the house, their anxious parents trailing along behind them wearily. Quarter past four and still no sign of the crimson haired, pale skinned boy.
My phone suddenly rings, startling me as I hastily reach for my back pocket to retrieve the irritating device.
“Hey Frankie I am so, so sorry I am late.” I let out a deep breath I hadn’t even been aware I had been holding as I hear the all too familiar voice on the other end.
“I got detention and then turns out Mom had put the gift somewhere and I had to search the entire house for them!” he explains and I hear the frustration in his voice.
“I`m on my way, see you in about five minutes, kay?” I nod, stupid considering he wouldn`t see it.
“Bye Frankie. Love you.” I smile a sickening love sick grin at his honest words.
“Love you too Gee.”

A sharp knock on the door startle me and I rush to answer it, tripping over a pair of my mom1`s old high heeled work shoes in my hurry to see Gerard.
“Gee!” I squeal happily and launch myself into his arms, frantically kissing him like I hadn`t seen him for years, clinging to the taller boy like a limpet. It had only been a few hours since I had seen him at school, but it felt like an entire eternity without him by my side.
“Did you bring my present?” I ask, pouting again as he prises me off of him reluctantly, upon hearing my mother’s approaching footsteps.
“yeah.” He suddenly turns shy as he reaches into his back to retrieve a small crisp white envelope.
“Here.” I carefully take it from his pale hand and open it, my eyes growing wide as I see what was inside.
“Concert tickets!?” I scream, launching my tiny body at him again. “We`re going to see Green Day?!”
He nods, biting on his pale pink lip shyly. “I didn`t know what to get you and then I thought well …I thought that you might like these.” He mumbles shyly, scratching the back of his pale neck awkwardly.
“I love them. thank you so much.” I capture his chapped, bruised lips with mine and kiss him with so much passion and love it makes my knees turn to jelly.
“I`m glad you like them. I was worried that you wouldn`t.”
I shake my head slowly, eyes wide with disbelief and gently peck him on his flushed cheek. “How did I ever deserve someone as amazing as you?”
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