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chapter nineteen

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Frank`s pov
It was all one big blur of loud ear shattering noise, brightly coloured flashing lights and Gerard`s incredibly soft, gentle lips. Green Day were amazing, though it wasn`t like I had been expecting anything less from them, not that I had ever seen them live before. They seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely, really putting on a really fantastic show. The crowd was huge, far too big to be able to see the start or the end of it, and loud. It was so fucking loud. People everywhere were screaming at the top of their excited, young lungs, singing along to all of the memorised words, putting their all into it, jumping around madly.
I wasn`t going to lie, when I first saw just how many people were here I felt a little nervous, as I wasn`t a great big fan of large crowds, especially large crowds of excited, wild strangers. But Gerard was next to me the whole time, holing my hand tightly almost as though he was afraid I would have been carried away from him by the crowd if he dared to let go for even a moment. He even was brave enough to kiss me, right on the lips in the middle of the set, not even bothering to care if people saw us and made cruel, dim-witted comments. And for once, I didn`t care what anyone else thought either.
I was with the person I loved, the guy who meant the most to me in the world, having the time of my young life at the most amazing concert ever. It was almost like time had frozen still as soon as our lips connected, nothing else mattered.
Some people, mainly young teenage girls squealed when they saw us, and a couple of others went “awww”. One or two guys even wolf whistled jokingly, making the pale skin on our faces redden a little. Up on the stage the band had begun to play the last song of the night, much to the disappointment of everyone, and Gerard and I finally pull away from each other, keeping our hands still intertwined.
“We want to thank you guys so fucking much for coming here tonight!” The dark haired front man screams happily, a sound which is echoed by everyone else in the stadium. “We had a fucking amazing time and we hope you did too!”
The crowd erupts into even more screaming, and I see Gerard wincing a little at the high pitched noise.
I giggle and gently lean in to peck his pale cheek. “Thank you so much Gee.” I tell him, snuggling into his warm chest as we begin to leave, taking our time manoeuvring the crowd which was still on a concert high.
“You enjoyed yourself then?”
“No, I had a fucking terrible time.” I joke, and his face falls, though he knows I am only messing with him. “The band was shit, the crowd was fucking irritating and the company…well don`t even get me stated on the guy I went with!” he giggles, and pretending to be annoyed with me he turns his back, sulking childishly.
I bite back a laugh and wrap my little arms around his tiny waist, and kiss the back of his Lilly white neck gently.
“I love you Gee. So much.”
He turns back around, and pulls me tight against his tall body that was dressed entire in all too tight black leather. I swear he looked so damn gorgeous it was taking all of the little self control I had left not to jump him right there and then.
“So the company wasn`t all that bad then?” He teases, and I shake my head.
“It couldn`t have been better.” I pause, wanting to tease my boyfriend even more. It wasn`t my fault, Gerard looked so damn adorable when he was faking to be angry.
“Well it could have been,” I begin teasingly, “But somehow I don`t think that Jared Leto knows of my pathetic little existence.” I sigh dramatically and follow him down the large corridor leading to the brightly lit exit.
“Jared Leto?!” Gerard exclaims, scrunching his face up slightly “Really?!”
I nod once, blushing. “What? He`s hot.” I mumble and he laughs.
“I suppose.” Gerard allows, “But Pete Wentz and Jacoby Shaddix are hotter.”
I purse my lips, considering. It was true, they both were drop dead gorgeous, but I knew one guy who was better looking than all of them.
“True, but I know one guy who is hotter than all of them put together.” I tell Gerard smugly, locking my arm through his.
“Who?” he asks confused, eyes narrowed with deep concentration. “Brendon Urie? Ollie Sykes? Billie Joe Armstrong? Ian Watkins?”
“No, no, no and no.”
He frowns. “Okay, I give up, who?”
“I don`t know!”
“I`ll give you a hint. He`s in this room.”
Gerard looks around, before grinning down at me triumphantly. “I got it!” He exclaims happily. “You!”
I blush a deep red, and shake my head slowly, flattered and shocked that he believed it was me.
“Thanks but erm…no.” I mumble, feeling shy as I tell him the answer. “You.”
“Me?!” I nod, blushing even more.
“Oh well em…thanks…”Gerard mumbles sheepishly. “But you’re wrong. I ain`t nothing special, but you…just wow….”
Letting it drop, knowing that we would both never agree we continue the walk back to the car. Gerard`s Mom had kindly leant us her own, saving Gerard money from having to rent one.
As we walk we jokingly point out hot people from the crowd, laughing at each other`s selections, occasionally faking jealously.
“What about him?” I ask, pointing to a dark brown haired boy, probably a little younger than us. He was tall and skinny, dressed simply in an Anthrax shirt that looked rather worse for wear due to age and a pair of bright red skinny jeans and plain black converse with half undone laces. He had pretty hazel eyes that reminded me so much of Gerard`s, and a pale complexion. He was stood leaning against an old beat up looking car, belonging to a girl who I presumed was his girlfriend who was stood next to him.
“H-Him?” Gerard asks in a shaky voice, pointing with one trembling hand to where the boy stood, taking a long, contented drag on a cigarette…
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