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Frank`s pov
I watch, helplessly looking on as my beautiful Gerard stares shocked, almost horrified at the brown haired boy who was stood a few metres away. His stunning hazel green eyes were locked on the other boy`s tall, skinny frame, unblinking. I saw fear in the pretty irises, fear of what I didn`t know, and pain, there was definitely a lot of pain in those eyes I had come to know so well. That was clear by the crystal, salty tears welling up, slipping silently down his pale cheeks, stopping on his open, pale pink lips. And yet there was also recognition present, a sort of sorrowful, surprised hazel green recognition.
“Gee?” I question softly, not wanting to startle my boyfriend. Nothing. he stays still, frozen like a statue in a state of shock.
“Gerard?” I place a hand on his shoulder, hoping to get some sort of reaction from him. I did, but not one I had expected.
“M…Mikes…Mikey…”He whispers in a broken voice that I had to strain to hear, despite being right next to him.
“Mikey?” I frown, my dark eyebrows furrowing together in momentarily confusion before it finally dawn on me.
“It`s him,” His lips shake and more glittering tears escape. “I-I can`t believe it,” Gerard mumbles, speaking more to himself than he was to me. “My little brother…”
From across the car park, Mikey seemed to have finally spotted us. His deep, intelligent eyes that were so similar to his older brother`s, narrow without confusions, before pooping right open as he recognises the face of his long lost brother.
The girl next to him, asks him something, most likely wanting to know who he was staring at, but he ignores it, and begins racing over to us, ignoring the shouts from cars trying to get home.
“M-Mikey…”Gerard begins, looking at the dark haired, pale, skinny boy with happily stunned hazel orbs. “It…it is you, isn`t it?” he asks hopefully, but I knew Gerard well enough to hear the sorrow in his voice.
Nodding happily, he launches himself into his brother pale, leather clad arms, sobbing hysterically into is warm chest.
“It’s me Gee, It`s really me!”
I stand there rather awkwardly, feeling a little out of place at their long awaited reunion, knowing that it was a special brotherly moment for the both of them, not wanting to intrude. Seeing them together, it was tricky to see that they were brothers, but when you gazed deeper, it was much clearer t see. The same angled jaw, the pale, creamy complexion and the intelligent eyes.
Gerard`s pov
I just couldn`t believe that it was really him. after all of these years, hoping to find him again, and we just meet randomly like this.
“I missed you so, so much Mikes.” I admit into his soft, dark hair. It suddenly dawned on my just how much I had missed my baby brother.
“So did I, Gee.”
We pull apart slowly, and I shuffle my feet awkwardly not sure what to say now.
“Erm…”I begin, scratching the back of my pale., Goose bump covered neck. “This is erm my boyfriend, Frank.”
His eyes widen. “Frank!? As in our Frankie?!” Mikey squeals excitedly. “I thought it was you!” He turns to face the shortest boy, who blushes slightly under his intense, joy filled gaze.
“Ya know, I always thought that there was something between you guys.”
We both giggle, and Mikey soon joins in. it felt amazing, t o be all together again, for the first time in years. Just standing here, talking, revelling in the familiar, happy warmth that came with friendship and brotherhood, it was as if nothing had ever changed. I glance out of the corner of my eye and see Mikey smiling widely as he giggled, his hair flopping forward into his face, immaculately styled just like it always was all those years ago. He had changed so much and yet it was almost though time had stayed still at the same time. I look at Frank, my beautiful, perfect boyfriend and the best friend a guy could ever have. Seeing his smile mad my scraped up knees weaken and my heart race, just like it always had done as children.
It was that day, at that very moment that I vowed to never let anything break the three of us apart again. we belonged together, me and my brother, we were blood, it was something you just couldn`t fight, and Frankie. The guy who had stolen my heart the very second I had laid eyes on him as a young, wide eyed, oblivious child.
It had been so long since I had allowed myself to think about the tragic, awful events of my past, so long that I had almost forgotten the good things about it. I also vowed on that day to never forget them, and to replace the bad memories with new, happy ones…
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