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Chapter 1

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Sequel to 'Bad Things Happen for a Reason (I Hope).' Inora and Hatori are finally happy but for how long?

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(A/N): Hey! Here it is!!! Part two! I’m sooooo happy, I hope you are too. For all of those who don’t know THIS IS A SEQUEL!!! I would highly suggest reading the first one first. Cuz you know… it was first. Lol. That one was called ‘Bad Things Happen for a Reason (I Hope)’ I know, I know. Reeeaaally long title. And I also know that this title is a little uninspired. But whatever. It get’s the point across. Well I hope you like this one as much, if not more than the last one! Btw I have written a few more stories since that one so it should at least be written better… yay! ;)

“Hatori, stop hogging Inora,” Shigure whined from the other room. “I invited her as my friend, not as your wife.”
“But she is my wife,” Hatori called back, his eyes twinkling at me.
“Yeah seriously, when you said ‘come to the lake house’ we kinda thought of it as a romantic trip,” I called and Hatori hugged me closer to him. We were cuddled up on the couch in the living room of the Sohma lake house. Hatori and I had only been married a few months, Shigure shouldn’t expect too much from us. But still…
“He does have a point though you know,” I said to Hatori. “We can be together at night, but we should be with them during the day.” I stood and fanned myself with my hand, it’s too hot out to be cuddled up anyway. Hatori sighed and sat up.
“I’d rather be with you then those two,” he mumbled.
“Awe, you’re so sweet,” I said and bent to give him a quick kiss before going into the room with Shigure and Ayame.
“Well it’s about time,” Aya said with a smile. “I thought you two were working on children in there.”
“Ugh, as if,” I groaned. “I would be a horrible mom.” I plopped down at the table with them while they laughed.
“Don’t say that,” Hatori said softly from behind me. “You would be amazing.” He sat next to me and brushed my hair back.
“He is right you know,” Gure said after he finished laughing. I rolled my eyes at him and searched for a subject to get us away from my motherhood.
“Who wants to go swimming?” I asked.
“Me!” Gure and Aya said together. I looked at Hatori who was staring at the wall deep in thought.
“Hatori you cannot tell me that you don’t like swimming,” I said. I had noticed that even though the curse was lifted, all of the people who had been cursed still had their funny quirks. Kyo still hated rain, Aya still couldn’t handle the cold, and Hatori still went nuts when I smelled like the ocean. Thank god.
“Yeah, I’ll go,” he said sounding distracted.
“Inora I couldn’t help but notice the swimming suit you brought,” Aya said.
“Yeah… what about it?” I asked.
“It doesn’t do you justice,” Gure said. “Aya and I bought you this.” He held up a gift bag for me.
“And can I assume that because the bag is so tiny that this suit is way more reveling?” I asked.
“Yes you may,” Aya said with a giggle. I stuck my hand in the bag and was unsurprised to pull out a string bikini. It was my favorite shade of purple. I stared at it for a second before Hatori tried to help.
“She doesn’t need to be barely dressed to be beautiful. Her bathing suit is just fine,” he said. He was the only person in Japan that knew why I would want to wear the one piece I had brought instead of showing off my body. I thought for another second then just shrugged and left to put it on, putting a hand on Hatori’s shoulder when he tried to protest again. It was about time Aya and Gure knew, and this was a good of time and way as any.
I walked back into the room in my new swimming suit to a round of applause from Aya and Gure. Hatori stared at me with an odd mixture of desire and nervousness. I tried to give him a look that said that it was ok and he seemed to understand.
“Thanks guys, this is really cute,” I said.
“Cute? You look stunning,” Aya gushed.
“Yes, perfect I’d say,” Gure said.
“Well thank you. Anyway, I’m going to head out, you guys can catch up when you’re ready,” I said and walked past them and opened the door that led to the path to the beach. As soon as I had my back to them I heard the gasp I had been expecting.
“Hatori can explain,” I said over my shoulder before taking off down the path. I got to the water but I suddenly wasn’t in the mood to swim. I knew that right now Hatori was telling them all the details of my past. Well of the accident anyway. I twisted my arm around so I could run my fingers over the scars that were on my lower back. I went and sat on a rock near the water, and I turned my back away from the path so they wouldn’t see it again first thing.
Maybe I should have waited. Now that I really think about it I probably should have told them before they had to see it. It wasn’t exactly pretty. And I could have waited another few weeks until Kyo, Tohru and Yuki came back for a visit. I have known them all for about a year and a half now and they still didn’t know exactly what I had been through. Only Hatori knew. Ah Hatori. It’s still astonishing that he is all mine.
(3rd person)
She didn’t know how long she was sitting there before she finally heard voices coming down the path. She was glad to hear that they sounded cheerful. She didn’t think she could handle it if Shigure and Ayame got all serious on her. She made her way over to where the path came out of the trees but came up short when she saw them.
“Well look at what we’ve got here,” she beamed at them. “It’s a bunch of 28 year olds. It must be my lucky day!” She always teased them about being ‘old men’ because they looked and, for the most part, acted way older than they were. But now they were in t-shirts and swim trunks, they honestly looked like they could be in college right now.
“And your suit actually makes it look like Ha’ri’s not robbing the cradle,” Shigure laughed.
“Shut up! I do not look that young,” she glared at him. She knew he was just teasing though. He smiled back for a moment before his face fell sadly; he looked at her with those sad eyes for a moment before simply coming up to hug her. She glanced to Hatori for an answer but Shigure simply let her go a second or so later.
“Had to be done. Now, why aren’t we swimming?” Shigure asked.
“Oh I hope the water isn’t too cold,” Ayame sang following Shigure towards the water. He paused when he reached her and threw his arms around her for a second as well before running to where Shigure was already testing the water. She watched them for a moment before she felt Hatori’s arms wrap around her waist.
“You said I could explain, so I did. It took them a few minutes to even be able to talk again. They had no idea,” He whispered in her ear.
“Thanks for telling them, but I didn’t know they would act so…different,” she said.
“They really care about you, you know,” he said gently. She sighed watching her friend’s wimp out around the water.
“Well come on, are we gonna stand around or are we gonna swim? It’s been so long since the last time I went swimming,” She said cheerfully. She grabbed his hand and dragged him towards the water. The first time she came down here she had noticed that the rocks that jutted out into the lake from the shore would be perfect to dive off of. The water was so clear that you could easily tell it was deep enough. She dropped his hand and ran for those rocks, she didn’t even hesitate as she sprung from the end and dove into the depths. She let herself float back to the surface.
“Well that felt good,” she said and laughed, easily treading water. Hatori wasn’t about to let her have all the fun. He couldn’t remember the last time he was able to swim, but it had definitely been too long. He would never admit it, but Inora had been right, he loved swimming to no end. Being a seahorse for most of your life would do that to you. He ran out like she had and sprang off the end, as soon as he hit the water he felt like he was on some sort of drug. His head came back to the surface to applause.
“Inora looked prettier in her dive,” Shigure called over to us.
“Well that is a huge load of bull,” she called back.
“He said you looked prettier, not that your dive was prettier,” Ayame laughed. Hatori simply rolled his eyes at his friends. He didn’t know what they were talking about, her dive was spectacular. In fact he noticed now how easily she kept her head above water without even seeming to try. She looked very pretty in the water, maybe that was just the leftover seahorse in him. However, he couldn’t help but wonder if she would make love to him in water sometime. He should look into buying a pool. While he was daydreaming, something he rarely did, Inora took her chance to dunk his head under the water.
“Hey,” he sputtered and splashed her face, causing her to squeal softly and giggle. Shigure and Ayame watched from the shore, they had decided that the water was too cold for them.
“Who could have ever guessed that that girl had been through something like that?” Shigure asked Ayame. He couldn’t deny that he felt a little guilty, he had sort of dated Inora before Hatori. He couldn’t believe that such a key part of her past was just being reviled to him now.
“Indeed, it is tragic… but maybe having something like that in her past is what makes her so perfect for Ha’ri,” Ayame said with a soft smile.
“Maybe your right…” Shigure agreed. They all stayed at the water until the temperature started to drop ever so slightly. They walked back to the house in high spirits, and lots of laughter. Inora had originally been worried about intruding, Shigure liked to go on about how epic their trio was in high school, but now she felt like she fit right in. Not that all of them hadn’t hung out before, they had just never gone on a vacation like this.
As the evening wore on it was very clear to Shigure and Ayame that Hatori and Inora were trying very hard to keep their hands off of each other. Shigure guessed that Hatori was turned on from swimming, and that Inora could sense it somehow. He found it sweet that they were trying but he didn’t really want them to. He was fine as long as he got to spend a little bit of time with them every day. He was about to say something when Hatori had obviously had enough.
“And that’s my limit,” Hatori said standing up suddenly. Inora looked up at him curiously from her spot on the couch. He didn’t bother to explain; he ducked his head down and grabbed her waist. In a second he was standing upright again with Inora slung over his right shoulder, roaring in laughter.
“My legs aren’t broken you know,” she was able to gasp. Hatori just shrugged, causing her to laugh harder, and made his way out of the room. Shigure and Ayame laughed as they watched them disappear down the hallway and into their room.
“Do you think they really haven’t talked about it?” Ayame suddenly asked Shigure.
“Hmm? Talk about what?” he asked distractedly.
“Having children. They acted like the conversation had never come up,” Ayame said.
“I’m sure it has, but don’t worry Inora didn’t really mean that. She probably just wants to experience life before she’s weighed down by kids. She is still quite young after all,” Shigure said.
“It does seem to be that we all keep forgetting how old she is,” Ayame muttered.
“Have you seen her around Momiji when he’s having one of his bad dream spells? She has a better maternal instinct than half the women in our family,” Shigure chuckled a little darkly, thinking of Momiji’s mom in particular.
“Most definitely,” Ayame said. They both froze, and couldn’t help but giggle a little as they heard Inora’s laughter turn into moans. Loud moans.
“Way to go Ha’ri,” Shigure chuckled.
“Shigure?” Ayame asked softly.
“I was just wondering… how is it that you can still be such good friends with Inora after you two… dated?” Ayame asked. He knew he was being liberal with the term ‘dated.’
“Ah yes. Inora and I never really felt any real feelings for each other, other than friendship of course. You know how I feel about Akito, that wasn’t going to change. And for her, Hatori caught her attention well before she could even begin to develop feelings,” Shigure explained.
“But didn’t you two… you know. Isn’t there even a little bit of awkwardness there?” Ayame was so curious, he had been wondering for a long time now.
“Oh no… well… sort of,” Shigure searched for an explanation.
“Hatori,” they clearly heard Inora moan from down the hall causing them to giggle again.
“We never had sex,” Shigure finally said after catching his breath. “We did… other things, but she always kept us away from that. And I certainly never got her to make those noises.” They were quiet for a time after that. They would never admit it but they were getting some serious guilty pleasure out of listening to Inora’s moans. Suddenly there was a long string of them, silence, and then they heard Inora swear loudly in English. Shigure rolled his eyes, he thought she would quit doing that eventually but she seemed to really like the sound of American cuss words. A few seconds later Hatori emerged from the room, holding up his pants with his shirt undone.
“I’m sorry! Do you need help?” Inora appeared guiltily in to doorway behind him wrapped in a bed sheet. Ayame and Shigure gave each other a curious glance before looking back at the odd scene.
“Don’t worry, I’m fine,” Hatori said gently before he bent and whispered something in her ear that made her smile in spite of herself. She backed into the room again and Hatori came down the hall. He regarded the two on the couch for a moment before disappearing into the kitchen. He came back a second later with his medical bag. He walked slowly over and dropped it in between Shigure and Ayame.
“Can you two act like adults for a minute?” Hatori asked.
“Probably not. Depends on what it is,” Shigure said with a grin. Hatori sighed and sat on the coffee table in front of them with his back towards them. They watched curiously as he slid his shirt of his shoulders. Right below his shoulder blades there were four red marks on each side of his back. They stared at it for a moment before realizing what they were. And once they did they both slapped their hands over their mouths in an effort to muffle their laughter. Hatori sighed but other than that waited patiently for them to control themselves.
“Wow Ha’ri, I didn’t know you were into the rough stuff,” Shigure giggled.
“She didn’t mean to. Her nails just dug in a little deeper then she thought,” Hatori explained, he sounded like he was explaining something to a three year old. “Could you just hurry up and clean them?”
“Are you in a rush?” Ayame asked.
“Yes,” Hatori said simply.
“Ha’ri you dirty old man,” Shigure gushed.
“Actually it would appear that Inora is the dirty one tonight,” Ayame said.
“Would you two just shut up?” Hatori sighed. Shigure finally took pity on him and began to clean his…wounds.
“Done,” Shigure finally announced. Without a word Hatori disappeared down the hallway again. Shigure and Ayame didn’t hear from them the rest of the night. Well… they didn’t see them anyway.
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