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The Doctor has no idea who this girl standing with a napsack in his TARDIS is claiming to be his daughter. Why does everyone seem to think they can just burst into his TARDIS? Takes place during th...

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Alba Skuld Smith stood at the edge of two realities. The pasty girl took one last look at the one where she was born and shuddered as she heard the screeching whistle of yet another bomb falling from the sky. The interior of the cottage where she and her parents had lived until she was four shook dangerously. She took a deep breath, and was about to leave when she saw the weapon closet. She hadn't known about it before and, even if she had, she hardly remembered anything from when she was four, let alone a closet in a tiny cottage in Norway. She took a breath and slowly let it out, she had been told by her father to never carry a gun under any circumstance as it was not her hand that should be the one to choose the fate of any being. She took a step, a gun would help, even just a simple hand gun to use for self defence. She really didn't have to use it, just hold it to show to her enemies, if she were to make any in the alternate reality, that she, Alba, was armed and ready...ish. So she took a hand gun and she brought as much amo as she could fit in the empty parts of her napsack. She took one step, and then another, and then another, each step taken was another step closer to a brave new world.
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