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Chapter 3

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Don't think anything bad about daddy...

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"I want to sleep." said the girl to the Doctor once she had reentered the room that she had thirty seconds before left in a huff.

"Yes, well, I suppose we could arange something for you-"

"Oh, come on Doctor!" Alba stomped her foot like a small child, the Doctor might have laughed if faced with another circumstance,"dad sayed the TARDIS has millions of rooms and extra bedrooms were easy to come by!"

"Woh, woh, woh. Alba, I hardly know you and it is hardly evening on the planet where I have landed the TARDIS, why don't we talk a bit more?" The Doctor chuckled in spite of himself as the girl sat on the lumpy couch as far from him as she could.

"Now, let's start with your name?"

"I already told you" Alba said in a voice seeping with frustration,"my name is-"

"I was asking about where your name comes from..."

Alba smiled shyley at the Doctor,"Um, my parents named me after a book they liked from this universe, it is a real name though, Alba is Scottish, it means white ya' know. It's easy to reamember 'cause it sounds like albino."

"What about Skuld for a middle name?" The Doctor listened for Alba's answer intently.

"It's kinda silly really..."

"Go on," said the Doctor,"Silly sounds brilliant."

"Well," Alba relented,"It's an Old Norse name meaning future; that which ought to be; and debt. Mythologically, Skuld is one of the three Norns, aka the goddess of destiny. The other two are Urðr, which means fate and that which happened and Verðandi who's name means present and that which is."

"Awe" the Doctor murmured as if he were dissapointed.

"Why do you say that?" Alba demanded

"It's just, you said it was silly, that wasn't silly in the least...but, it was still brilliant" The Doctor added quickly and encouragingly.

Alba huffed, displeased with this man who she had been longing and dreaming to meet for so many years and found now to be almost as bothersome as Alba thought quickly shaking her head never think anything bad about daddy. She missed her father. "I'm going to bed now." she announced

The Doctor replied by saying,"down the hall, take a right, left, straight, up the stairs, left, left, left, left, right, and you are there."

Alba nodded at the man with the bow tie 'round his neck and left him alone in the room once again.
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