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Chapter 2

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Tea and Custard

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"Do you eat?" The Doctor asked the girl who was sitting awkwardly in a lumpy old sofa with her napsack still on her back. She looked back at him as if she was extremely confused at his question and stumbled over an almost inaudible 'yeah'. The Doctor sighed and looked at the tea pot which was about to whistle, he had made enough for two but, had not even asked the girl if she even drank tea. The Doctor decided to just assume she did and handed her a cuppa and a small bowl of custard which was the only thing in his kitchen that he thought for sure every child liked. She mumbled her thanks and began to sip her tea slowly, not even touching the custard. The Doctor sighed and began to ask the questions that had been on his mind.

"What is your full name?"

"Alba Skuld Smith"

"Of course," the Doctor smiled sadly,"and how old are you Alba?"

"I'm fifteen."

"Where do you live?"

"I live in Mounds, Oklahoma, miles from the nearest shopping mall, out on the open helps out an old lady who lives their and she gives us a place to stay. It is far away from granddad and grandmom and Uncle Tony. But, it's okay, I don't remember them anyway so it doesn't really matter me. I don't even remember living anywhere else and I've never really have any memory of having a mom so I don't miss not having one. Miss Huddle and dad are the ones who I remember growing up around, they are my family in my mind."

"Oh," the Doctor got ready to ask the biggest question of them all,"Alba?"

"Yes Doctor"

"Why are you here?"

Alba looked at the Doctor sadly, "In my universe my family is dead, I never thought to see my grandparents or uncle as I have never known them but, you, you are my father, in a wierd way, in this universe!" She said enthusiastically, "you have a time travelling spaceship, just like dad's, except your's is all grown. And you have adventures." Alba sighed wistfuly,"the most wonderful adventures." She put down her teacup and stood up staring at something in the distance that the Doctor could not, for the life of him, see."you save people and we can do it togethor, you and I, the way it should be-"

"Alba." the Doctor interupted the girl's revalry,"Why is your family dead."

"Mom died of cancer when I was four-"


"It really doesn't matter how's only a story after all." she looked pale in the face and began to pull on one of her ears out of frustration.

"But," the Doctor reminded her,"Stories are meant to be shared."

"Some stories are better locked away inside the depths of our minds, isn't that right...Doctor?" she asked icily and tore out of the room leaving an untouched pull of custard and a cold cup of tea set in front of the Doctor.
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