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Hollow Point Smile

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(This Chapter contains a lot of mature content! Please be warned there is some animal violence in it. Also theres some hot nasty boy sex I've written worse but it hasn't been in as creepy of a context so enjoy.! (Also I'm 15 so I'm not a creeper!!!)


I closed my eyes thinking about the boy Scarecrow would be killing. We liked the same type so I didn't doubt the boy would be beautiful but then something awful struck me, I didn't find anyone as beautiful as Gerard. I found my hands shaking as I replied to his final message, I had found the word I was looking for: Victim.

The video feed to my computer clicked on showing a little seelie boy with black hair, screaming, from 3 different angles. His arms were cuffed over his head, so that his back arched off of the bed as the scream tore out of his throat. A black classic blindfold was tied around his face. I felt my heart drop into my stomach, the resemblance to Gerard this boy had was uncanny. I swallowed.
"Can you hear me ghoully?" A voice sounds from my speakers, even though I know it comes from my surround but I jump anyway. The voice is familiar and smooth like chocolate. Ray Toro appears on my screen. I swear I almost shit myself when I first recognized him. Ray and I had been close friends in middle school before his dad forced him to move to Austrailia. Wow Belleville Junior high sure has a knack for turning out predators, must be something in the water. Or maybe something's wrong with us.
I don't bring to Ray's knowledge that I recognize him. Not yet. I want, no , need him to butcher this boy. Not my boy , not Gerard. But I can pretend can't I? I need Ray to eat him alive, to do all of the things to this boy that I can't do to my charcoal haired dreamboy. I feel a temporary shock of flesh stinging jealousy. But it evaporates just as fast as it came.

I've missed Ray for a long time. In many ways he was the catalyst to my sexual cravings. My first fuck, belonged to him. When guys our age would be stealing their dad's playboys. We were torching buildings and killing any thing we could get our hands on. I remember the first time Ray told me, or more of showed me, one of his many secrets.

He pulled me through the brush far past where the fence separated our yards end.
"Its just up ahead, past this tree"
"C'mon Ray, just tell me what it is!" I felt his fingers tighten on my wrist.
"No, you'll see." He slipped me a nervous smile. Before continuing on, pulling me behind him.
We came to a place right before the brush came to a tiny nest-like clearing surrounded by live oak and shrouded by curtains of vines. Like a forest cave. Ray spun around so fast I walked right into him, taking my chin in his spidery fingers he bent down and kissed me.
"Ray! What the fuck!" I pushed him back I was about to yell at him but interrupted me.
"I know, I just wanted to do that, just in case you never want to see me again"
"Why...?" I stood in front of him awkwardly.
"I want you to see something" He spun around. Walking into the clearing.

I followed him pushing back the low hanging branches and vines fighting my way inside. My eyes scanned over the space focusing on Ray. And then focusing on what I later would realize was a cat. It was cut open. Its fur had fallen out of the places where a careful incision had been cut in its soft belly. I gasped. Recognizing the victim and touching the fading wound on my arm.
"Malice?" I knew the answer. Malice was our nickname for my late neighbor Alice's cat. Only Alice could love Malice. And Alice had died a few weeks ago.
"I- she-when I saw what she did to your arm I- I needed to and she hurt you so I thought you would be happy" I stared at the cat in morbid fascination, I didn't know how, but some way, my hand became extended in front of me and I wasn't reaching out to stroke the cats fur. Instead I found my fingertips dusting over the gash smearing its blood all over my fingers. I was like sticky oil, the texture. And then my fingers were in it half way to the knuckles and I could feel the warmth inside of it. I turned searching for Ray. I felt lightheaded and terrified and so high. There was a tightening in my pants. I bit my lip, I should be terrified that these neural paths could even come close to touching. 'Hi I'm Frank and dead cats make me hard' no ,it was something different, deeper. I stood, and immediately a wave of dizziness came over me. And all I could think is DEAR SWEET SATANGODJESUSBUDDA DON'T LET ME FALL INTO THAT MESS OF CAT. And then I opened my eyes Ray must have caught me or something. He was leaning over me with a hesitant expression. Again not out of my own volition my hand was out in front of me, I touched Ray's face and blood smeared onto his cheek. That made me desperately aware of how fucking hard I was. He must have read it in my eyes because he pushed my hand away pinning it to the hard patch of dirt I was laying on. I tried to get up but his lips crushed mine and I couldn't tell if I was fighting his mouth or kissing him back. We rolled around and pulled each other close. Scratches and punches were thrown as we ground our hips together, a hot mixture of moans and growls. Ray finally got the upper hand, sitting on my hips, grinding his cock against mine. He held my wrist pinned at either side of my head. We were there frozen, and I thought maybe he was waiting for my permission to continue on, or perhaps the opposite. For once I couldn't tell what he was thinking. I couldn't see through those normally innocent eyes. This was different, there was nothing innocent about any of this, sitting on my length only jeans separating us, Malice's blood smeared on his face. His gaze was hard and his full curves lips set.
"Do it" I said, out of breath wanting to just get on with it. I didn't have any romantic feelings for Ray but I needed him to touch me.
"No, I'm not asking your permission," He bent in lower pitching his weight forward. Hips grinding, my hands scraped across the dirt and over my head, he put his mouth to my ear. I could feel the predator in him fighting its way out.
"This isn't something, that just happened Frankie, I want to do it with you not to you. So tell me"-His tone was almost angry now that animal was close to the surface.
"that your like me, you know it." He pulled back to look into my eyes, just barely. So that his face was just an inch from mine
I bit my lip ring. Smirking.

"Fuck me, Ray Toro. Your my best friend, were something different, you should be the first to know I'm gay"
His lips crashed into mine, lusty and warm. And I moaned and bucked my hips into his. He fumbled with my zipper dragging my pant down just enough for my hard member to spring skywards. He took me in his his and I moaned at the contact.
"Ray!" I gasped
"Have you done this before?" He asked, when my response wasn't immediate he pressed his thumb against the oozing tip of my member.
"I fingered Casey James last year! After the sixth grade graduation dance. You know that!" I gasped, my voice climbing in that needy pitch.
" So shes never gotten you off?" His hands grazed underneath my shirt and caught on my chest, everywhere he touched me was like a hot iron being pressed against my skin.
"ngh no!" I could barely contain myself.
"This is your first time?" I made a tortured animal sound which I'm sure he loved.
"Awesome" he purred lifting himself up enough to pull my jeans down past my knees. He reached into his pocket and produced a gleaming razor. My hips bucked upwards, wanting needing him to cut me. He pressed the cool metal to my skin and drew a line from my naval downwards, stopping an inch short of my erection. Crimson dots appeared where the dull sting of the blade had just been, forming lines and then beginning to bleed. I had never felt anything more incredible! I moaned,loud enough to be a scream, maybe it was. It should have been. Ray Smiled, taking two fingers and pulling them across the stream of blood so that it collected on his fingers. I knew what he was going to do. His hand reached around to my entrance and he- surprisingly gentle- pushed one spider long finger in.
I think I screamed then. Or something like that, my sound was trying to leave my mouth but air was being pulled in desperately. It was like being filled, with hot sticky fire, like napalm spices pressing against my spot, he worked himself around and continued to add his digits. He continued to play with my hole as he bent down kissing my tip, he flicked at it in little pants before he pressed forward dragging his tongue from the base of my shaft, to the tip and back down the other side, up to my naval clean-sealing the already closing slice. Like his mouth had just successfully scaled mount Iero, he picked up his head perfect predator teeth smiling at me.
I don't really remember much from that point to when he slid into me. The wet slish clap as he collided into my spot. I scream-gasped-moan thinged again . Alabaster hot sticky cum shot in an arch over my small thirteen year old frame. Spurts of it wracked my body in heavy convulsing tide-rhythm spasms. And I felt Ray go off inside of me in reaction. We both screamed our orgasms out before he cllapsed beside of me. That began spree of killing and blood-sex that didn't end until Ray moved three years later after freshie year. I made my first kill two days afterward. I took the Greyhound to Monroe and stabbed some woman in a park. Then I went home and cried, when I called Ray his dad answered and told me never to call again.

I tucked this new crunchy piece of information into my brain pocket. Passing over the dull shock and the warm thuds of memories. I'll talk to him after the show, it'll be fun reminiscing, jovially speaking of our past kills.

"Ghoully?" he asked, which jolted me into the current time zone.
I hear you. I typed.
"What do you think of him"
He's beautiful, its almost scary, he reminds me of my boy.
"Awww, do I have to go light on him then?"
No. tear him open and eat everything.
Ray smirked, saluting the camera.
"Gaze into my killing jar, comrade"

(Yeah, I did Prolong the ending. Would anyone be interested in a sequel about Mikey? It would only be a few chaps probably. Also. I'll be uploading a finished Waycest after I'm done with this one.)
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