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Sticks and Stones

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Sad Mikey/Ray oneshot. Rated R for language.

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Mikey's POV

The cuts on my arms are one thing, but my pain is another.

See, people think there isn't a difference between hurting yourself and people hurting you, but there is. At least hurting yourself you know the risks you take. But when people hurt you, they just do it, unaware of what they might cause.

Currently, I'm standing on a fucking ledge. One wrong move and I'm plummeting 200ft to my death.

I make another cut on my arm, adding to the stripes of shame I wear every single day without anyone noticing. Not like they would care.

Gerard is too busy either being drunk or being hungover to even care about anyone but himself. My father and mother are too concerned about Gerard to even notice me, and when they DO notice me, they say "Oh, Mikey, hi."

Thats it. No friends or anything. The only thing I had that was even close to my friend was Grandma Elena, but she passed away 6 months ago.

Besides, no one at school would even care about the scrawny emo kid that sits in the back. Frank and Ray care about Gerard too much. They wouldnt expect the quiet and shy Mikey to even consider doing anyhting like this.

"Mikey!" A familiar voice shouts.

I look behind me to see an out of breath Ray Toro, his 'fro flying all over the place.

"Mikey, we've been looking for you! Get off of there, you might fall of and die!"

"Maybe I want to die."

He stares down at me in bewilderment.

"Why do you want to die?"

Ray's POV

"Not like you'd even care. Go back home and worry about Gerard like everyone else. I bet no one will even notice I'm gone."

"But we need you — I need you!" I tell him.

"What would you need me for, I'm just a waste of space that's just using up oxygen."

"Listen to yourself, Mikey! Your actually believing the jocks?"

"I have to believe them. They're telling the truth. What else can I believe in?"

"That I l—" before I could even finish, he's already plummeting 200 ft to his death.

"Love you..." I finish, but he's already dead.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me?

Fucking liars.

Hi guys this is my first fic here. Yayyy! Hope you liked it... Please rate and review, or you could just like it and be silent and leave me hanging! Well, thanks for reading this if you even took the time to read this note!

— Me, unicorn!
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