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I'm Taking Back The Life You Stole,. This Hole You Put Me In, Wasn't Deep Enough

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Skeleton Crew, hair dye and a whole lot of awkward.

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Gerard’s POV
I was woken up by someone screaming. It was terrifying to listen to. I got up and started changing, and I recognised it as Meg. I paused. Should I go?
“Help him!” she yelled, and suddenly the screaming stopped.
“She’ll be fine,” I muttered to myself, and climbed back into bed. After an hour or two, I decided I wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon. I got up, pulled on my jacket and headed outside. I knew exactly what I needed. A change. I found the nearest supermarket and went straight to the hair care section. I browsed the aisle, not really knowing what I was looking for, and I came across the dyes. I smiled and found the brightest colour I could find. I bought it and wandered back to the hotel.
“Would you have the guts to say, I don’t love you. Like I did, yesterday.”
I stopped. That was my song. I turned around and found the person singing it. I stood and watched her sing. She was good. At the end of the song, I approached her.
“Hey, you’re really good,” I smiled.
“Hi. Um, thanks. I’m Hannah.” She said, and she held out her hand.
“Gerard,” I replied, shaking her hand.
“I know,” she giggled.
“Right. So, then, since you know My Chem, you’d have to know about Skeleton Crew…?”
Her eyes widened, then she nodded.
“Well, I’m sure Frank would love to see you. You’re good.” I said, and handed her a business card. “Call when you’re ready, okay?”
“T-T-Thank y-y-you!” she managed to stutter, and I nodded and headed back. Frank’s always looking for people with talent for Skeleton Crew, he was keen on getting that business up and running for good. He will be pleased.

Kirrah’s POV
We all left Meg’s room, but I needed to talk to her.
“Frank, I’m going back to make sure Meg’s okay. I’ll be back in a bit.” I said to him, and he nodded. I walked back into Meg’s room to find her staring at the roof.
“Hey,” I whispered, and she looked at me.
“Do you… remember the dream?” I asked, not sure if she wanted to go into details or not.
“Yes. It was awful. And it felt so real.” She shuddered, then continued. “We were on the plane… I just told G-Gerard that we… that we couldn’t be together and he got really mad…” Tears started rolling down her cheeks, so I got up and comforted her.
“You don’t have to tell me” I whispered.
“N-No, it’s okay.” She took a deep breath. “He pulled out a knife and he… he…”
“I know. I understand.” I said, hugging her closer. I didn’t want her to go into it, she crying really hard now.
“I should have helped him!! But I didn’t know how!!” she cried. “What if he does it Kirrah! What if he.. he… gets really drunk or… or..”
“Meg, calm down. He’s sleeping at the moment, we’ll check on him in the morning okay. You need sleep.”
She nodded and I gave her one last hug before going into my own room, exhausted.

Ray’s POV
I woke up, groaning. I did not sleep well. The couch I was on was just plain uncomfortable, and I was worried me would freak out again. Sighing, I decided to check on her. I got up and wandered down the hall. I passed Gerard’s room and decided I should probably check on him too, considering he wasn’t in Meg’s room when the whole nightmare fiasco happened. And I know he would’ve heard it because everyone in the damn hotel did. I knocked on the door, and heard someone groan. Obviously he didn’t sleep well either. Or maybe he’s just lazy. The door opened to a man with bright red hair. I stood there, mouth hanging open. I was not expecting THAT.
“Oh hey man,” mumbled Gerard, “Why are you looking at me like that?”
I had no words, so I pointed to his hair.
“Oh right, yeah. I dyed my hair.”
“No shit.”
He laughed. “So… Why are you here exactly?”
“Just checking up on you. And, uhh, was just wondering if you heard…”
“Meg screaming? Yeah. I heard it.”
I stared at him, shocked at the lack of care in his voice.
“You wanna at least pretend you care when you see her next?” I asked
“I do care! It’s just… things are a bit weird between us right now, and I didn’t want to go see her last night in case anything was brought up. Oh, did you find out who needed help?”
“I don’t know,” I said, “But I have a pretty good idea…”

Meg’s POV
I woke up with a pounding headache. I had at least 3 more nightmares after everyone left, but at least I didn’t wake the whole hotel up. I got up, got dressed and went to find the nearest coffee shop. I found a Starbucks and walked in. at least the queue was short, there was only one man there. Who, by the way, had the coolest hair ever! It was bright red and the same style as Gerard’s. or maybe I was just seeing it like that cause I miss him. Already.
“Your name?” asked the lady serving.
“Gerard,” replied the man, and I froze.
“Shit…” I muttered under my breath. He turned around, probably to find a table, and his eyes found mine.
“M-Meg. Hey…” he said.
“Umm.. hi. Cool hair…” I said, and cringed at how awkward it was.
“Oh, yeah. Did it last night…”
“Oh cool…”
“Gerard?” called the lady, and he grabbed his coffee.
“Well I’ll see you later,” he said, walking away. I sighed and went to order my coffee.

Gerard’s POV
‘That was unnecessary and awkward,’ I thought to myself as I walked back to Frank’s room. I knocked on the door and Kirrah answered.
“Hey G—Woah! Your hair!” she exclaimed
“Yeah I know, is Frank here?”
“Yeah, come in.”
I wandered to the bedroom where Frank was brushing his teeth. Probably for the second time.
“Hey clean freak, how many times have you brushed your teeth this morning?” I joked.
“Shut it Gee, it’s only the first time.” He looked at me. “Woah you’re h—“
“Yeah, it’s red. I know.”
“It’s awesome dude!”
“Thanks,” I smiled. “So the reason I came here was just to let you know that you might have a client ringing up soon.”
“For Skeleton Crew?” I said, he probably forgot already.
“Oh right, it just sounded weird when you said client. Customer would be better. But that still sounds weird…” he rambled. I rolled my eyes.
“Anyway, I’ll see you tonight for the show.”
“Okay, thanks!”
“No problem,” I said, leaving the room.

Hey guys!!! It's a new chapter!!!!!
Oh wow, it's been ages! i apologise for taking FOREVER with this, it's just i was in melbourne for a month and i've been having some issues with family and friends :/
anyway, i havent written in forever so sorry if the chapter was shit :(
lots of love
- kirrah xx
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