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“I don`t know but it sounded important.”

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There was a hesitant knock on the Misfits cabin door. Surprised the raven haired boy looks up from under his canopy of tangled hair, but says nothing. Maybe if he stayed silent whoever was at the door would go away. Gerard didn`t know who it was, but he was fairly certain that it wasn`t one of his cabin mates because they should still be in lessons. Besides, if it was one of the girls they would have just waltzed right in.
“Gerard Way.” a familiar, authoritative yet somehow still friendly voice calls from the other side of the dark, poster covered door. “I know that you are in here, I saw you rush in.”
The black haired, ghostly pale young woman pushes open the door slowly and enters the untidy, spacious cabin. She was dressed exclusively in black, just like she always was, and had on the usual hefty amount of black eyeliner around her sapphire blue, sparkling eyes.
“Gerard, will you please tell me what it wrong?” the camp owner sits down on the edge of the only occupied, unmade bed, smiling gently at Gerard. She didn`t want to seem nosy, especially as she knew that the young man didn`t like her very much or even want to be here. However, Apollonia couldn`t have one of the campers upset. She wanted for everyone to feel at home here and appreciated, for she knew how it felt to be unwanted.
“I want to go home.” Gerard admits in a small voice, pulling the dark bed covers up to his chest, holding them slightly in his pale fists, almost like a young child and it`s security blanket.
“Then why did you come here?”Apple asks, the corners of her red painted lips curving downwards a little to form a slight frown. She understood partially why her cousin, Frank didn`t want to be here, but why didn`t Gerard, this incredibly talented artist and singer? He didn`t appear to be shy, while he seemed to avoid people at all costs, she didn`t get the feeling that it was due to shyness. It was almost as though he had a deep loathing for spending time near other people. Apple understood this feeling well. Growing up with hr homophobic parents there had been lots of times when she had tried to desperately distance herself from the world, fearing people`s reactions. She wondered if Gerard was hiding himself away for some similar reason.
“My Mom thought it`d be good for me, to mix with other kids my own age. Make new friends and all that shit.” He sneers bitterly not meaning to be so cold and harsh towards the young woman, but not really seeing why he should have to make an effort to get on with her. She did, after all own this hell he had been sentenced to for the summer.
Changing the subject slightly, the pale skinned, black haired girl asks about his lessons.
Gerard pales, and he glares bitterly down at the bed sheets angrily, remembering the smug, pried look on the cocky midget`s face as he taunted him.
“That good?” Apple laughs, trying to lighten the mood, but failing terribly.
“That good.” He mumbles and turns away from her, not wanting to say anything to get Frank in trouble, knowing it would only give the wild haired boy even more reason to hate him.
Sighing deeply, realising that she was not going to get any more out of Gerard, Apollonia gets to her feet and flashes him a small smiles before walking away, closing the wooden door behind her, leaving Gerard to his angry, confused thoughts.

Frank sauntered out of the large building, just after carelessly dismissing the young, eager to learn campers. That had been one of the worst hours spent here so far he thinks to himself, casually reaching inside the back pocket of his incredibly tight jeans, just barely managing to pull out his favourite lighter and a single cigarette. He puts the toxic cancer stick to his lips and calmly exhales the poisoned smoke, relaxing already.
He strolls effortlessly past the large crowds of chatting young people, most of whom were excitedly telling their new fund friends about their first lessons here at Aftermath. He quickly scans the brightly coloured mass of campers, feeling slightly pissed off when he doesn`t spot his band mates’ familiar faces somewhere in it. it wasn`t as though the young rocker had wanted them to wait for him, in fact he would have told them to fuck off and leave him alone if they had, but he had rather quite expected them to want to know how his first and only lesson had went.
Shrugging it off, trying to convince himself that it didn`t bother him, Frank makes his way back to Apple`s cabin, the crowd of teenagers parting instantly for him, partly out of awe but mostly out of fear that he would go off on one again if they didn`t get out of his way.
“How was your vocal lesson then?”
Frank shrugs, uncaring. Truthfully it hadn`t been all that bad, the kids had all been very talented and actually paid attention, something which he had always been expediting, seeing as he was just one of those people it was damn near impossible to ignore. But Frank being Frank, there was no way in hell he was going to tell Apple that. He knew that she still thought of him as that innocent, wide eyed little child, and he most certainly was not. Things had changed dramatically since he had last seen his favourite, heavily tattooed cousin and it was down to him to show her just how much.
“It was shit.” He states emotionlessly, but Apollonia is almost sure that she can see what appears to be a tiny flicker of joy in his dull, chocolate eyes, just for a moment. A brief, fleeting moment, but it was there.
“Well I`m sorry to hear that Frank.” She said, removing her black leather jacket to reveal her favourite Godfather tank top, placing it down on the couch. She didn`t sound very sorry at all.
“But as I told you we are short staffed this year, and I am afraid that I need your help, whether you like it or not.”
His eyes narrowed dangerously, but she ignores it. “You have a free hour now and then you are due to help Asher with teaching guitar lessons at two.”
Frank crosses his pale, heavily tattooed arms, glaring up at Apple. “No.” she has to bite back a giggle, knowing that it would only anger him further, but he looked so funny stood like that, glaring with crossed arms, like an annoyed child when it didn`t get its own way. Apple even half expected him to stomp his converse clad foot in a minute.
“Yes. Like I said you have this hour off use it however you wish but I must inform you that Benji, Asher and Ross want to speak with you.”
“About what?” Frank grits his snow white, perfectly straight teeth.
Apollonia shrugs. “I don`t know but it sounded important.”
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