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I don`t even know who I am anymore

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Grumbling, uttering curses that would have shocked his parents (or maybe not) Frank saunters out of Apple`s large cluttered cabin, swaying his tiny little hips dramatically. He wondered what it was that his long suffering, concerned band mates wanted as he slowly made his way over to the cabin they were staying in. he doubted that it was to congratulate him on teaching his first vocal lesson. As he nears the slightly smaller, brightly lit cabin, Frank stops. Despite trying not to show it, the young musician was frightened. What if they wanted him gone? What if they had finally had enough of his wild partying antics and his foul, “I`m better than you,” attitude? The three young musicians were all he really had, apart from his parents whom he hadn`t contacted since he had dropped out of high school.
Taking a deep breath to try to calm himself, pushing the unwelcome, hopefully stupid thoughts to the back of his troubled mind, Frank knocks on the wooden door sharply with one leather clad hand.
“Come in!” he lets out a deep breath he hadn`t known he was holding as he hears Benji`s familiar voice.
When he enters, Frank finds that the three of them sitting around the medium sized television, but no one seemed to be paying much attention to the crappy reality show that was playing.
“Frank.” Ross sighs as he looks up from his seat at the black and red haired front man, his blue eyes clouded over with some nameless emotion. Maybe sorrow, regret? Frank didn`t know.
“We had a band meeting earlier, when you were teaching.” Asher tells his sometimes friend in a dull, trying to be dethatched tone, that came out broken and hurt.
His friends words are like a sharp, jagged knife through Frank`s black, bleeding heart. Without him? Did he really mean that little to them that they had discussed the band without his presence or even his knowledge?
“Y-you...had a band meeting without me?” Frank`s voice is no more than a broken whisper, full of hurt and betrayal.
Benji gets to her feet. “We can`t do this anymore Frankie. None of us can just stand by and watch you hurt yourself like this. The drugs, the booze it will ruin you.” she tries to edge closer to him and put a hand on his strong, leather clad shoulder but he shrugs it away.
“And your asshole behaviour will ruin the band.”
Frank narrows his chocolate red ringed eyes dangerously, even though some small part of him knew that they were right.
“So what are you guys saying?” He demands, crossing his arms rightly across his thin, well toned torso, cocking one perfectly sculpted, dark eyebrow.
All three young performers sigh sadly. “Frank, what we are saying is that we all care about you, we love you. We have been friends since we were kids.” Asher begins, walking over to him slowly.
“And it is because of this that we cannot stand by any longer and watch you hurt yourself, and those around you.”
Benji nods, soft strands of dyed hair falling into her face. “It is killing us to see you act like this Frank, it really is.”
“But we won`t do it anymore.” Ross says firmly, an expressionless mask upon his handsome young face.
All three shake their heads, feeling awful for doing this, but knowing that they had no choice. If Frank kept going the way he was, he wouldn`t live to see thirty, and the band they had worked so hard to succeed in, would crumble down to the ground. Their lifelong friendship would soon lay in shattered little pieces on the dirty ground. Frank`s choices and actions were pulling them all apart, destroying each and every one of the,
“Frank, ether you clean up your act…or…or we go.”
His heavily made up eyes widen with shock and his stomach sinks as his entire body fill with guilt.
“I-I can`t you guys.” Frank rapidly blinks back the salty hot, stinging tears, refusing to be weak and let them fall. “I...I can`t be anything else but who I am.”
“But Frankie…” Benji practically pleads with the singer. “This isn`t you.”

Sometime later, what seemed like years after the midnight haired camp owner had left the Misfits cabin, Gerard hears the light footsteps and excited, happy chatter that indicated him cabin mates were on their way back. Sighing he sits up on his bed, and hastily opens his sketch book to an unfinished picture of a gothic, haunting woods he had begun a few days before leaving.
The dark haired, skinny jean wearing, Aqua was the first in the door. She grins at Gerard before making her way over to her unmade bed, jumping onto it, kicking off her deep purple converse.
“Why are you back before us?” Skylar asks collapsing down onto Aqua`s bed, who pushes her friend lightly on the shoulder grumbling a bit.
The raven haired teen doesn`t answer, on fact he doesn`t even look up from his drawing.
“That`s really good from over here.” Aven tells him, perching on the very edge of his bed. “Considering it`s upside down and all.” She giggles, and in spite of not really liking people to see his work, Gerard grins too. He didn`t know why, but he did rather like his cabins mates.
“Do you want something to eat?” Linnea asks, holding up a quickly made sandwich and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps.
His belly rumbles, and he realises that he hadn’t eaten since breakfast. “Erm yeah.” Gerard mumbles a little shyly and the four teenagers laugh cheerily.
Skylar throws a chocolate bar over to him from her seat on Aqua`s bed, before walking over to his, dragging the other girl with her.
The cabin mates eat happily, all sitting on Gerard`s bed, sharing the food equally.
“So there’s a party down by the lake later this evening, after dinner.” Aven begins, after Linnea had finished talking about how much she was looking forward to her first guitar lesson.
“Yeah?” Aqua says through a mouthful of chocolate.
“It starts at about nine. I was talking to this other girl in Art, Chloe and she says it is supposed to be really good. There is apparently going to be music, and a camp fire and we even get the chance to perform and everything!” she gushes excitedly.
“That sounds cool. We have to go.” The other girls all nod in agreement.
“And don`t think you are going to get out of it!” Skylar tells Gerard sharply. “Whether you like it or not you are here now and we are going to make sure you enjoy yourself this summer!”
Gerard nods once, unconvinced. He knew that as long as Frank Iero was here this summer was going to be utter hell…
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